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On 7/27/2017 at 10:57 PM, RD9 said:

Most likely met most of you. My name is Ron avid Walleye fisherman and this afternoons bite was awesome. I'm in sales in the construction / gas and oil industry when I'm not fishing or parenting. Sometimes I mix the two together and take my customers fishing. 

Fishing has been good as it gets but tonight was special. Started fishing today about five and had a good steady pick out of Dunkirk. Lots of small Walleye. Clouds starting coming about 7 and a diver set back 200 gets crushed on a turn. Hand the pole to a 10 year old kid from Illinois and I'm sure it's a trout. After 15 minutes and some tightening of the drag. Dipsey appears with with the fish still out of site. Damn 12 ft leads. So I'm like walk her back and I see gold and I get anxiety like you wouldn't believe. Before I know it it's laying in the bottom of boat and I'm cursing like sailor. 10lbs 30.75 inches. 

Ten minutes later riggers goes with a custom painted Rasmussen spoon (if you're around Dunkirk you know).  Hand the rod too his twelve year old brother.  Big fish!!, we drop her 35 ft from boat.  Disappointment sets in for big brother. 

830 sunset is gourgeos and little brother is just pumped but his brother has the look of disappointment.  I hand him the rigger rod to flutter.  I'm sure it's going to go but nothing.  More disappointment.  As he is reeling it in I see the last rod in the water a dipsey I just kreeped out to 225 goes hard.  I grab it an instantly know it's a good one.  

I was right head shake after head shake.  Good thing I had four Busch lights left over from the sunset shootout on ice because I was so damn nervous for him. His dad had to have one too!! This one doesn't stay down mouth is open and is thrashing 50 ft behind boat.  Well we got him and he was a twin maybe a little skinnier then his brothers but the same length 30.75 maybe 31 even.  

What a night and both will go on there wall in Illinois.  As far as are secret setup watermelon big blade worm doesn't get any more old school then that.  

Pumped! we crushed a bunch more. Nothing like seeing a kid new to fishing catch a big fish.  I left my two boys home since this was a work thing in sense.  My youngest opens the cooler and says you needed those last weekend.  







Way to lay it down RD9.....Awesome

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On 7/27/2017 at 7:16 PM, Pequod1 said:

Got up, read the reports and decided to make the two hour trip to Dunkirk. We waited for the rain to pass and left late arriving at 10:30. Fort all excited because boats were on there way in with their limits.  Not to be. Someone turned off the switch. Trolled from 11;00 - 3:00 and landed 5 fish with two throwbacks. Way to many sheepies and a few silvers. Used wire dispel, riggers and lead core but could not get them going. Best picture was at 82' west of the harbor. Usually I am a day late, but three hours -Yikes.

Yes, the best day to fish is always "yesterday". Every time I go, I find out I should have went yesterday. 

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I'm not out but I don't think there is enough cold water to screw anything up. Plus Walleye don't mind a little cold water. Heck you catch em ice fishing. Temp for Walleye is overatted. 


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The walleye bite can shut down or turn on for many different reasons. I have seen a minor wind shift have an immediate negative impact.

Maybe like someone taking a nice warm shower and then it goes cold all of a sudden... that can change a person's mood real fast until it warms up again.

Same for fish probably, until they reaclimate they may not feel like eating.

And then there is barometric pressure.

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The Battle of the Points was celebrated yesterday at Point Breeze RV Park. The twelve boats from Sturgeon Point retained the trophy. With all the NE winds and six foot swells enough walleyes were taken to feed over one hundred participants and their families. The winning boats were fishing eighty two foot of water. We missed out by one pound while fishing sixty eight foot off Hanford Bay. All told we had a good "Pike Wind " blowing and good catches. Returning to port was a hassle with the waves and speed of six miles per hour were required to save the pounding from destroying your back.

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