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  1. you will be fine with a 300 copper approx 20 ft depth per 100ft of copper ofcourse depending on speed . i used my 300 copper today in 75-90 ft of water never hung up.
  2. way to go sounds like you did well compared to all the other reports.
  3. report 8-8-20 fished 90-107 fow didnt mark much of anything fished 9-1:00 little east then a little west 1steelhead 7 color one walleye 40 ft rigger hit spoon.all the reports said go to dunkirk but we couldnt find them its been a tuff year for me.we talked to a guy at the launch trolled from the catt to barcelona got 4 eyes fishing is just not like it was last year.still nice to get out but more action wouldnt hurt my feelings at all.
  4. Thats a shame why does greed and money have to wreck everything.
  5. Sounds like a good post and if its anything like last year it will be a great year.
  6. Tonys reel and downrigger repair orchard park ny 662-5692 hes great with electric motors too.
  7. Are these still available let me know thanks.
  8. new price 11 ft 6 in 2 piece rpx steelhead custom edition fixed reel seat mint cond buffalo south towns pick up or buyer pays shipping $325 msrp $545.99 my loss your gain
  9. Wille 6 ft dual planer board mast with new line. Swivl-Eze seat base. Patco collapsible planer boards. $200 Pickup or meet in Buffalo southtowns.
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