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  1. Walleyes at night in shallow water have produced with stick baits and long lines.
  2. Dunkirk and Barcelona deep waters are where tons of whitefish are harvested in mid summer warm waters. Perch fishermen should go out there. Anchoring needs triple the depth anchor line. Spot lock electric bow motors will hold you over the fish.
  3. Walleye spawning must be fishing, a two week wait for them to turn on n midwaters. Soon it will happen for side planers and stick baits or worm harnesses.
  4. Boats are in at the marina Docks. Shoreside storage has boats parked there. No trailers noticed in the parking lot.
  5. A competitive event for informing the public of the fishery resource available in the city of Buffalo after the improvement of the water quality there. From the lighthouse to Caz Park and I90 there are trout and bass available. With miles of water to be fished and a boat is not needed. I have seen the fish there and DEC could have a trap net study to inform the public. We have a great resource here, just no history or public incident to awaken the public.
  6. There are dozens of "You Tube" videos that last days, not just hours. "SEARCH" out whitefish, Lake Erie whitefish, history, commercial fishery, fish tugs, sport fishing, spear fishing, gill nets, trap nets, trawl nets and hook and line harvest. Basically whitefish are a Coldwater bottom feeder most of the year but they spawn in shallow rock bottoms in the late fall. After spawning they feed on other egg masses such as Lake Trout. In one year they and other cold waters fish disappeared. They disappeared in 1955 along with Ciscoes, Lake Trout, Blue Pike, etc. when another foreign invader in the cold waters appeared. It was the smelt, stocked in a Michigan lake to provide forage for the Lake Trout commercial fishery. These fish were not harvested out but their reproduction minnows were consumed by the hordes of smelt that appeared in all of the Great Lakes. In the mid 1960's Canadian Commercial fishermen converted to trawlers that harvested the smelt that were air freighted to Asian markets. Then Coho salmon that were easily produced to the Great Lakes and Chinook, King, Salmon. trout were stocked with this combined control methods that began to return the Perch, Walleye and Bass and new salmon and trout fishery to the hook and line sport fishing in in our Great Lakes that a few years earlier were considered "Dead Lakes." So in warm summer fishing go out to 60 to 90 foot of water using whitefish jigs available. You Tube has videos of the hook and line sport fishing methods and lures that you need to harvest these fine eating whitefish and also cleaning and cooking shows.
  7. 44 degree F waters mean the perch and walleye are moving to warm near shore waters for spawning and feeding on emerald shiners.
  8. Webers Bait in Evans had a Red light on in his window last night.
  9. Keeping plenty of bait around holds the perch schools near your boat. Groups of boats produce better catches than single boats fishing alone. If you see a boat catching perch, hang nearby and all boats will produce together.
  10. Dave's Bait store was closed due to illness after decades of serving the public. Sturgeon Point Marina had all the docks installed yesterday. No trailers in the lot, the channel may not be open yet.
  11. Perch catches of up to "boxed out" limits are coming in from 58 foot of water East and West of the Catt Creek area. Look for boats catching perch and fish nearby. A lot of bait in the area holds the migrating schools nearby..
  12. Nearby Buffalo waters are productive till the lakes water temperature rises above 72 degrees F. After the Fourth of July the best fishing is west of Sturgeon Point and farther to Silver Creek. Deep waters between Sturgeon Point and Point Abino are easily reached faster in your boat than by automobile. unless you are a bass contest angler Then near shore waters are good almost all year.
  13. At the end of Old Lakeshore Road and Catt Rez gasoline road. An old dirt muddy road with a lot of pot holes. They have a ramp and dock sites for sale. Also abandoned camp cabins are available for summer use with your own docks. Turn left at Evangola Park road to the Old Lakeshore Road a mile or so. Snyder Beach has summer homes for sale.. Mrs. Snow whose home is at the dock will serve you. Point Breeze RV Park has camp sites with units available. The Point Breeze RV Park boat ramp dock was being repaired yesterday. It should be ready for Park boaters shortly, not open for public use due to public delays in launching and parking sites.
  14. The Hidden Harbor Ramp was open and the lot was 80 per cent full. A sign said 10$ launch fee and envelopes was seen. The windows at Daves were cleared clean. Good schools of emeralds were at the marinas below the Black Rock Lock. Dip your own.
  15. The top boat perch catch last weekend was 420 perch from one boat. Dave's Bait Store and Weber's Bait stores in the town of Evans appeared to be closed as I drove in last afternoon. Probably caused by the failure of The Sturgeon Point Marina operational loss. Switching over to plastics seemed to work in the Finger Lakes this last winter.
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