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  1. The near shore wind turbines at Lackawanna and Hamburg are already being rebuilt. The Hamburg turbines are only five years old. Maintaining off shore turbines is a lot more expensive, a lot more!
  2. Ohio has cut its perch catch limit to ten perch daily. Have we seen any perch problems here in New York waters of Lake Erie?
  3. I remember when the big push was for more Lake Erie Access. Turned out the State of New York owned the property at the mouth of the Cattaraugus. Some how it leaked out that the property was leased to a connected operator. Well maybe the state owns Sturgeon Point and it is leased to the Town of Evans which cannot run a "two car funeral".
  4. Caught over forty sheephead in thirty foot off the Evans Bar using crabs. Largest was 28 inches. Five break offs, good fishing day, lots of action.
  5. Who owns the Sturgeon Point Property? The Town of Evans or New York State whose sign is at the entrance. If the State owns it progress will happen. The town supervisor is adding hoops and obstruction for progress, attend a meeting weeks away, get recognize to speak and your answer to come in the future. Does the town operate it to control the job hiring power?
  6. The North Shore Canadian Contest reported Thirty Ten Pound Walleyes were weighed in last week. Although we can not fish there, it might be more productive to try the Canadian line areas. With surface temperatures now in the 70's, the perch should be out in the deeper waters where a thermocline may already set up. We took over 45 large sheephead in a mad fishing day in thirty foot of water anchored up off the Evans Bar. Crabs were the bait, the smart move was to leave the cooler home. The largest sheephead was twenty eight inches long and a ten minute struggle to net it. A twenty one inch bass was released. 4:30 PM to 7:30PM were the time of day.
  7. They are nblooming along Old Lakeshore Road now. The best walleye fishing is started.
  8. That is eleven days earlier than last year. Will the docks be ready? Are they selling the sand?
  9. Surface water temperatures call for "West of Silver Creek, NY" when 70 degree plus surface temperatures are there. Thermoclines form out deep and the bait is there feeding on the plankton and other critters down there. You will find perch ten foot solid on the bottom and walleyes swimming above them. East winds cause a lot of temperature changes and things are best when the usual prevailing southwest winds are present. You will be fishing 65 to 80 foot of water there or even deeper.
  10. Now other cruise ships will sail to South Eastern communities like Ketchikan and Juneau from Seattle. Possibly from Anacortes, WA. Shorter runs.
  11. The Shadow and motor noise spook the fish under your boat away. That is why side planer trolling works.
  12. Last season the opening of the sand bar was around June 20th. It closed up by mid August. Just dredging the sand bar is like pXXXXXX up a drain pipe. A complete harbour construction project is needed. All the waterfront property extending past the Water Authority is not on the property tax rolls. There is plenty of land extending to a depth of 20 feet of water offshore to use for a harbor just as large as Buffalo's Small Boat Harbor. Also consider projects at Woodlawn Beach State Park where property tax loss is not rejected by elected municipal officials.
  13. Day or night trip? Stick baits, side planers or worm harness?
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