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  1. Perch success is the ability to attract and keep under your boat a school of perch. If your screen shows them, anchor up the wind and current to hold your boat over the school on the screen. If you see a boat catching perch, move over nearby. If he feels you are crowding him, tell him to leave if he wants. He is fortunate as the more bait nearby holds a perch school in the area. When setting your perch lines, the more hooks, 15 hooks per line is legal, and minnows will keep the perch nearby and if you have two other anglers set up this results in a school of perch of about over near ninety minnows with their odors attracting more perch to your area. The most productive hook is your bottom hook near you weight. The minnow in the mud is more productive since the perch do not have to expend more energy to catch the fleeing minnows. I have taken coolers of perch this way. This time of year with falling surface water temperatures the perch schools will be inside 65 foot of water with 55 foot a good searching place. Lake Erie is like a river with bottom currents flowing and east winds will have the current flowing southwest. Jim Drozdowski Sr.
  2. On my visit to Talkeetna, Alaska we were treated to a nice meal. Halibut tacos, made with fish instead of hamburger. Absolutely delicious, so google up the halibut taco recipes where you can use walleye or yellow perch instead of frying them in grease.
  3. When you pick out Center Road on the hillside, it runs rom shoreside to the Ridge Top, you are in a good area to start
  4. Google up the Anchorage Daily News for the story of the record run of sockeye Red Salmon in the Bristol Bay. The Fish scientists are baffled.
  5. Due west from Point Breeze is as close to "Center Road fishing than NW from the Catt.
  6. Four boats went out yesterday nd all boxed out on walleyes quickly.
  7. Not marking fish could mean the fish are suspended and they flee from the boat as it passes over them.
  8. Correction, PacBac cooler, Icast product of the year.
  9. It contains a cleaning board, vacuum sealer and has won fishing new award.
  10. Depleted dissolved oxygen at greater depths cause fish to suspend above them. The oxygen is consumed by organics decaying. Plankton, dead fish and dead zebra mussels contribute to this condition. Ninety foot of water with 77 degree surface waters usually are the dead zone in Lake Erie.
  11. Snap weights instead of leadcore speed up your fishin time.
  12. After last weeks lightning show, really how could those towers survive? Soon the water spout season will resume and will the towers survive those winds?
  13. The lack of smelt in the lake is causing walleyes to feed upon perch that hold close to the bottom. Bottom bouncing is becoming more effective than lead core lines and side planers that target suspended walleyes.
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