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  1. Woodlawn Beach State Park should be extended to open up to here for more Lake Erie waterfront access here in Erie County.
  2. Another benefit from the whitefish is they feed heavily on the gobie, another foreign invader. Its population seems to be under control most likely by the whitefish population.
  3. Whitefish in Lake Erie along with the blue pike as their fry and minnows were consumed by the uncontrolled mass of the foreign invader smelt. The blue pike was termed extinct in the late 1950's and sport fishing for blue pike ended. Whitefish recovered but sportfishing for them never happened or has returned. Commercial fishing for whitefish has demonstrated their present abundance. Sport fishing hook and line works if you understand the life of whitefish feeding and reproduction sites. The You Tube sites will give you years of advice from expert fishermen in other lake sites, search them by starting "whitefish jigs, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Simcoe. You must set up in deeper water on the mud bottom where whitefish feed on worms, michigan wigglers mayflies and zebra mussels. They are in the deeper silt and rock bottoms. As water temperatures drop in the fall they migrate to near shore for spawning and as summer returns they return deeper to cooler waters.
  4. Lake Erie Whitefish have been off your radar because no one shows you they are there. Commercial fishermen catch and sell over one million dollars C annually. You Tube has dozens of sites showing methods, lures, lakes and techniques you should learn. One site showed where 120 whitefish were taken in a day. Also cleaning, smoking, canning and freezing them. Start searching You Tube for "whitefish ice fishing", dozens of shows will entertain you.
  5. Come on now, walleye spawning in Lake Erie is not a problem. Using this reason is not a problem.
  6. At the mouth of Smokes Creek and the new Dona Street it is three miles to Seneca Shoal. Early spring walleye night trolling starts right here. Meyers Reef is a couple miles farther. Buffalo Harbor ramps are over loaded and boat traffic is heavy there on holidays and weekends. Southtowns residents will save several miles of round trip travel over land and water. The new Dona Street will be convenient to the launch area.
  7. After 125 years the public has been restricted from access to Lake Erie waterfront property. Bethlehem Steel shut down in 1982 and 39 years have passed without public access to Lake Erie shorelines. Governor Hochul whose father worked in the steel mills has finally started to end this restriction and we need to support this action. Before air conditioning my Grandmother pitched a tent on Woodlawn Beach for her family use to escape summer heat in the cooler lake breezes. Let us get behind to support this action.
  8. Governor Hochul announced a $69 million project to open up the property including opening the waterfront to public use. As a youth we snuck back there to fish off the beach for perch, catfish, sheephead and anything else in the deeper offshore waters. Let us hope it opens up a trailer boat launch ramp since the safe harbor ramps are gridlocked on holiday weekends. Other wise it is a longer drive to Chautauqua County State ramps and Sturgeon Point ramps for Southtowns residents. Boaters whether you use kayaks, sailboats, canoes, jet skis or recreational fishing boats get on board to see that this money is used now.
  9. A fellow employee of mine was shot and lost his left arm by a sixteen year old youth who was on his first hunt. It was at dawn and the fellow was fully clothed in blaze Orange from head to pants. Still this youngster was "trigger happy" and fired at the first movement he saw. All the "Hunter Educators" who claim to be safety educators are full of it when this happens.
  10. Fish processing businesses can be started up to clean, process and freeze fish catches as other states like Alaska permits. Perch and others can be legally sold. Todays youth can not handle anything except video game boxes. Our politicians use "job creation" as their favorite accomplishment.
  11. Commercial salmon trollers use 50 pound cannonballs and clip on handlines with bait and lures. When they raise the balls, they unclip the hand lines and flip the fish in the boat. Big Kings are clubbed with a baseball bat that has a gaff hook on it to lift the fish into the boat. Still you have fish limits here in NY.
  12. There are a lot of trigger happy hunters out when the season starts. It is not really safe no matter how much education they have.
  13. After Detroit this week gun safety should be gun access control.
  14. With our abundance of yellow perch and small walleyes the processing scaling and filet cutting is a long term process. I have brought in a three man limit catch of 150 perch and cleaned perch till 4:00 AM. this site shows how the Canadian commercial and hook and line anglers make things go faster. Right now perch filets are selling for $20.00 a pound. Do not waste your catch and ice it down immediately.
  15. Also farming fire protection and clearcut logging flood water dangers.
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