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  1. Sturgeon Point Marina is a sand trap requiring expensive annual dredging. Compare it to the Crystal Beach Marina across the lake in Ontario. Plenty of parking with quick and easy launching.
  2. Smaller walleyes and perch are the better desired size for restaurant sales. Servings of filets hanging over the ends of serving platters are a waste of fish to owners of restaurants. Choose taking of smaller walleyes and perch as a better use of our resource instead of cooncentrating on larger or heavier sized fish. Ontario commercial fishermen target 8 to 10 inch perch for harvest since the smaller filets are best processed for public sales. Wake up and get the braggered sized fish out of your catch.
  3. As the Lake Erie surface waters temperatures increase, the better fishing moves to the west and deeper waters. By the Fourth of July, the better fishing moves west of Sturgeon Point. Trailer boaters pay to the state sales taxes, registration fees, fuel taxes and assorted sport fishing sales taxes. Yet our elected officials are ignorant of our needs and use the revenues generated by trailer boaters and others without a good response to our needs all along the lakeshore. There is no one best site for the year and we need establish more sites, not just dump money in the same old established sites.
  4. Irving, NY, East of the Cattaraugus Creek.
  5. Congratulations to Mark Mohr for returning honesty to money fishing contests. Whenever there is money involved, WATCH OUT!
  7. Perch are school fish and if you see a boat catching perch fish near him. Set your anchor to not foul him but down from him, Set your three lines with from three to five snelled hooks baited with Lake Erie minnows With the odor and numbers below your boat a whole school of perch will hold there till the bait disappears. The bottom currents will bring the school to your boat. Three anglers set up three rods and you will have a school of perch there. This was the the ticket to catch "blue Pike" years ago. It works with Atlantic and Pacific head boats for halibut and haddock. Perch will remain as long as plenty of bait is below your boat. 55 foot of water in March is well but when the surface water reaches 70+ degrees then 65 foot is better for perch. There are "dead oxygen" zones out deep there with rotting plankton and biologics . Always ice your catch in the summer, not in the warm water of an alleged live well. They will be good for a year then with clear eyes and bright red gills.
  8. When the young kid college oceanographer talked about the futility of operations of The Sturgeon Point Marina "Old Timers" who seem to run this ship for years ignored him. We need new access points liks Woodlawn Beach State Park, Evangola State Park and Buffalo Beach Park that are more accessible to City Residents. the grid locked small boat ramps that are to far for late and mid summer fishing grounds in the colder deep waters we have in mid summer. The Gloria Mae fish tug pulled his nets from here on the Fourth of July and spent the rest of the summer off Dunkirk and farther west west. That is where the action is after the fourth of July.
  9. The bottom water temperature under the is ice is 38 degrees and a lot of walleyes are caught there.
  10. I am now 80 years old and fished blue pike with my DAD 70 years ago. Over the years and attended hundreds of fishermen meetings on fishing access places on LAKE ERIE and recall a meeting years ago on the Sturgeon Point Marina access site. A fellow stood up and identified himself as an oceanographer. That is the study of water currents, tides and shoreline storm laden waters. He identified the Sturgeon Point site as a storm water disaster site and said the point on the lake is the worst place to put a marina. Of course all the "Old TImers" ignored him and today we have to deal with the mess we have there. FiXING THE BREAKWALL IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. The sand and storms will return resulting in dredging costs and breakwater repairs will return. The money spent will be better invested in a new Marina in other sites.
  11. Turbulent sediment loaded storm waters will always fill an area on a Point of the lake with sediments in the calmer water inside the marina. Fixing the breakwater is like peeing up a drain pipe, a waste of time and money. The Ontario Crystal Beach Marina is an effective construction that could be located at Woodlawn Beach State Park. Closer to the local population users.
  12. The State of New York has the numbers of trailer boats yet is unresponsive to the situations. New Lake Erie State operated boat launches could have been installed at the new Dona street road on Smoke Creek in Lackawanna. Woodlawn Beach State Park was used for years and blocked off to boating access. Eighteen Mile Creek had a Marina years ago and abandoned by state inaction. Buffalo Beach Park in Angola should have a ramp but now no action by local officials. Evangola State Park had plans for a marina and they are piled up in the office somewhere. Cattaraugus Creek can not handle weekend crowds and the NS and CSX trains now are miles long with heavy delays. Again long distance round drive trips for vehicles and their boats ruin weekend family use trips. The sales taxes and registration fees are used elsewhere in the state. Lake Erie is the greatest food fish producing water in the world and properly unused by local and visiting users. Dunkirk and Barcelona are two to three hour round trips for municipal residents. Come on Albany, get moving on this most productive use of local water resources.
  13. Early season Lake Erie fishing is easy if you simplify and target yellow Perch The Cattaraugus Creek area has several boat ramps and parking lots. The yellow perch limit is fifty perch daily per angler. Spring fishing has the perch in less than 55 foot of water and near shore. Tackle is a spinning rod, up to three rods per person light line with three snelled hooks and a sinker. Rods used are three per person and emerald shiners for bait on each hook. If you see a boat catching stop nearby. The more bait in the area holds traveling schools of perch around plentiful bait nearby. Three persons on board yields 27 minnows under your boat that will hold a school of perch under your boat that you can anchor up or spot lock with an expensive electric gps connection on your boat. With a 150 daily limit of perch, the yield of 300 filets that will feed a famiiy of four a year. Always have coolers of ice to preserve your fresh caught fish. Live wells turn warm as soup and your fish spoil. Your children will not be bored watching trolling hours going by. Good luck and do not become bamboozled by the large walleyes caught nearby. Be happy with the yellow perch.
  14. Perch success is the ability to attract and keep under your boat a school of perch. If your screen shows them, anchor up the wind and current to hold your boat over the school on the screen. If you see a boat catching perch, move over nearby. If he feels you are crowding him, tell him to leave if he wants. He is fortunate as the more bait nearby holds a perch school in the area. When setting your perch lines, the more hooks, 15 hooks per line is legal, and minnows will keep the perch nearby and if you have two other anglers set up this results in a school of perch of about over near ninety minnows with their odors attracting more perch to your area. The most productive hook is your bottom hook near you weight. The minnow in the mud is more productive since the perch do not have to expend more energy to catch the fleeing minnows. I have taken coolers of perch this way. This time of year with falling surface water temperatures the perch schools will be inside 65 foot of water with 55 foot a good searching place. Lake Erie is like a river with bottom currents flowing and east winds will have the current flowing southwest. Jim Drozdowski Sr.
  15. On my visit to Talkeetna, Alaska we were treated to a nice meal. Halibut tacos, made with fish instead of hamburger. Absolutely delicious, so google up the halibut taco recipes where you can use walleye or yellow perch instead of frying them in grease.
  16. When you pick out Center Road on the hillside, it runs rom shoreside to the Ridge Top, you are in a good area to start
  17. Google up the Anchorage Daily News for the story of the record run of sockeye Red Salmon in the Bristol Bay. The Fish scientists are baffled.
  18. Due west from Point Breeze is as close to "Center Road fishing than NW from the Catt.
  19. Four boats went out yesterday nd all boxed out on walleyes quickly.
  20. Not marking fish could mean the fish are suspended and they flee from the boat as it passes over them.
  21. Correction, PacBac cooler, Icast product of the year.
  22. It contains a cleaning board, vacuum sealer and has won fishing new award.
  23. Depleted dissolved oxygen at greater depths cause fish to suspend above them. The oxygen is consumed by organics decaying. Plankton, dead fish and dead zebra mussels contribute to this condition. Ninety foot of water with 77 degree surface waters usually are the dead zone in Lake Erie.
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