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  1. Check this out, three anglers, nine lines out, side planers, snap weights stick baits and planer boards, Huron, Ohio, my old lighthouse station
  2. Eight to twelve inch perch are easier to scale and process for meals at home. Smaller walleyes of 15 to 22 inches long are easier to scale and process. Larger older walleyes are more likely to contain dangerous chemicals that are a hazard to your family
  3. Is it better for USA residents to catch their own fish or have Ontario Commercial Fishermen supplying them here?
  4. Sunday there was several boats out off Eighteen Mile Creek to Wanakah. Where they launched may have been Sturgeon Point.
  5. I90 to I79 north to route 20 west a couple miles. Lots of newer walleye plugs with colors and sizes, different spoons and spinner blades available. Also hooks and side planer releases. Specializing in Lake Erie fishing gear. Fishermen here will be amazed at the selections.
  6. Before air conditioning was available Lake Erie shore beaches were the relief from hot summer heat. One such beach was Woodlawn Beach in the Town of Hamburg. Back before then the waters were colored with orange colored pickle liquor from the acid cleaning of steel. Yet hundreds of people swam there because it was the best thing we had. Lake Avenue had a roller rink, merry go round and a and al good crowd. The steel Company built homes for their employees there and allowed access. Today the edge of the old breakwater there could be used to construct a Marina and launch ramps there. only an outer breakwater and beach breakwater to open to the lake. Blasdell Creek which now flows from the industrial sites there is not a problem. It is closer for Southtown residents that do not have long distant round trips or suffer with the holiday and weekend gridlock situation at the City marina. Please talk this up with the public and maybe the tax spenders will give us something back.
  7. Taking 24 inch female walleyes for prize money is a strange comservation practice.
  8. Wake them up, our state and County politicians collect the boating sales taxes, registration fees, license fees, fuel taxes,.etc. so why to have to wait for local Town officials, who control things here, delay the use of our boats?
  9. The best fishing from Sturgeon Point in year 2024 has past us by and the positive action by our state politicians has not been woken up.
  10. Bragging about boxing out perch limits is just a true situation report that informs boat fishermen that it is success after his travel time and gasoline expenses are incurred.
  11. With little ice conditions this year, having a fixed date to open is incompetent.
  12. Brown Trout on both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie have exceeded over 40 inches in the lakes and spawning streams. Natural reproduction is mainly from New York State Fish Hatcheries. Also even huger Lake Trout are available there.
  13. For trophy trout fishing, open all year, the Lake Erie streams produce Rainbow Trout with lengths exceeding 36 inches. Most West Coast and Alaskan waters do not exceed these sizes.
  14. The warm winter has open fishing water all winter. "Boxed out" limits of yellow perch came in for years now, including this winter, but launching docks are not even being consider, by the old timers who have "no interest into getting out" they run these meetings of clubs ! But that means more perch for the real fishermen. The next move will be to put a season to protect the spawning in New York waters. The walleye season was started at these meetings but the Ohio biologists kept that season closing off the books, they have more walleyes and non resident fishing licenses sold there.
  15. The New York State launch ramp has boats leaving and parked boat trailers there. There maybe someone collecting the money there.
  16. The docks for mooring boats are in place but the access is still blocked by sand??????????
  17. Cabelas has Advance snap releases
  18. Ohio has open walleye season open all year. The bait, tackle, boating agencies are open for use all winter long. New York has a closed season that should be reopened to keep fishing available all year. The BS about spawning walleyes need special protection on Lake Erie so let us end the stupidity with this regulation of a walleye season after Ohio which has more walleyes than ever and is enjoying New York fishermen to have to purchase non resident licenses and burn their New York money to travel, stay, eat and fish there. Open the season here in New York State.
  19. Dredging to start in a few weeks???? , not just year the lake boating is and has been open all most of winter. Come on now, get real to the fishing going on all winter. Boat loads of perch have came in all winter and the dredge gods still have their thumbs stuck some where else.
  20. For free an app on your cell phone can hand you your GPS coordinates for an emergency response to you on the phone and marine radio. Also your position will track your travel on your Lake Erie locations. MERCHANT MARINE APP.
  21. We now have the greatest yellow perch fishery in history since the blue pike were decimated by the smelt hordes that were ignored by our public agencies. Most important now is a good anchor system or an expensive "Spot Lock" gimmick. When Lake Erie surface temperature reaches the high seventy degree range, the fishery will move west of Sturgeon Point to at least 65 foot depths for cooler water temperature. Economically a good anchor can hold your boat in place but you need at least two hundred feet of anchor line for your anchor to hook on the bottom. A three to one length for your anchor to avoid drifting into your neighbors lines. Two hundred foot of poly braided 3/8 line will hold your small boat then. It takes up less space in your small boat and it easily splices together for a neat or bucket. Easier on your hands especially the lighter anchor when you pull it up at the end of your trip.
  22. With side planer boards, the heavy weights could sink your boards. 2 ounce weights are preferred for regular yellow boards that are good producers.
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