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  1. We picked up 6 eyes last Sunday in departure buoy area. All came on 5 color off boards with fire tiger renowskis. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  2. W Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  3. We were out yesterday too. Had high hopes since previous trip we had 18 in box by 11am. Worked same water75-85 fow North to NW of the Catt. At noon we had 1 walleye and called it a day. Screen was not anything compared to last time out. We had 65 surface temp and 65 down 70 on the rigger. The 1 we got came on the rigger on a stickbait. We never do well when temp is warm top to bottom. Like to find that thermocline this time of year . Baitfish are usually hiding out in that cold water and eyes are right above. If we were going again I'd try deeper water off Dunkirk, 90-110 fow. Anyhow we're done for the year. Good luck to anyone stll fishing !!
  4. We had 3 man limit on saturday fishing out of the Catt. Started NW in about 80 fow. Trolled westward. All sticks ,7 color and 10 color off the inline boards. Divers out 110-140. Almost all our action was trolling west with light waves at our back. Tried trolling east into waves very little action. So we turned back to west and action picked up and we finished our box. Also found they wanted it alittle fast. Speed at ball 2.4-2.7. When we finished we were about 100 fow in front of Dunkirk.
  5. We put in a long day to get our 3 man limit Sunday. Basicly off Center Rd. in 85-75 fow. Best rods were 7 color with stickbait . Divers on #2 out 110-120 with a stickbait.. Rigger down 60-65 with a harness and fluttering it. Light wind from N. in morning and the bite was good. Wind shifted to W. about 10mph and we struggled to get our last couple fish.
  6. We use 20 lb big game or P-Line for our leaders on all lead core rods. At end of leader is a #2 duolock snap. About 6-7 ft up the leader is a 35 lb spro power swival. Its real tiny. This setup works good for stickbaits. If running a harness the duolock snap is replaced with a ball bearing swivel. The 20 lb is more durable and less likely to twist then 15 lb. Don't think line shyness is much of a factor that far away from boat.
  7. Looking for the Saturday results of the Sunset Bay Shootout ? Any one know where I can find them ??
  8. Nice job Gamecock !! Mind if I ask how many fow ?
  9. Note that i care, but aren't we supposed to stay out of Canadian waters till this thing is over ??
  10. We came out of Dunkirk sunday for first time this year. We were only boat to go east out of harbor. Had a 2nd hand report of eyes in the Hill area NE in 55-60 fow. Lumpy 2-3s out of west. Got there set up didn't like what we saw. Had temp in 70's right down to the bottom. No picture. Headed for nearest deep water NW of the Hill about 3 miles. WE call it the ditch. Set up in 95 fow trolling east with waves. We started picking away at them at 90 fow. Dipseys # 2 out 130, 7 colors with sticks off boards on 1 side. other side 10 colors off boards with sticks. WE had a thermal cline down about 65 ft. We ended up with 12 eyes. We were in front of center road when we finished in about 65 fow. Good luck to everyone in the Shootout!!!
  11. We came out of SP on Sunday. Think it was about a 6.5 - 7 mile boat ride to get to border in 65 fow. Pretty rough all day, 3ft or more. We always troll with the waves never against them. If we have a productive stretch of water we yank rods and run back to the starting point. Always use trail feature on my Lowrance so we can see exactly where we've been. I find trails to be more useful then saving tons of waypoints.
  12. We did a slow pick for 11 eyes near border in 55-65 fow. All sticks, 5 and 7 color ieadcore off inlines. Big dipseys on #2 out 80 to 90. Last week we had a ton of bait out there but caught fewer eyes . This week almost no bait but we caught more eyes.
  13. We got a 3 man limit in about 36-34 fow between hamburg town park and 2nd windmill to the right. Five color with sticks. Small dipseys out 65-85 on a 3. Ended with 3 extras on breakdown that we threw back. Gonna be a great year!
  14. Way to early to look for eyes out there. There still in shallows spawning or post spawn hanging in 20-30 fow. You might find them there using stick baits or harnesses trolled . We've done well using sticks and 2,3 or 5 color of leadcore in 25-35 fow. The magic temp for day time eyes is 60 degree surface temp. They really turn on then. Most active eyes will be up high in water colume.
  15. That looks like a very happy boy!!! Just curious how many FOW did your eyes come from. Great job!!!
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