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  1. mike m.

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    What marina did you come out of ???
  2. I have loved this FF/Chartplotter!! Pulled trigger on a new HDS Carbon this spring. Comes with 2 transducers: HST-WSBL 20 degree and a brand new Airmar P-66 dual 50KHZ/200KHZ still in the box.The P-66 is supposed to be the best ducer for this unit. Bought it never found time to install. My Penn Yan is a hard top. HDS was mounted to ceiling of hard top. HDS 10 was never exposed to Sun or Water. Asking $600. You can PM me. I will post pics when I figure out how to do it. I live in the Buffalo/Niagara area.
  3. This past Sunday was a good day for us and the Bills!! Had to work alittle harder then previous trips to get our 3 man limit. By the time we cleaned our fish we had missed most of the Bills great win over the Falcons. We listened to the play by play on WGR and it was awsome!! Found our fish off Van Buraen in 85-105 fow. !0 color, divers out 180 to 230 and riggers at 80-90 down took fish. Sticks on all rods accept riggers we ran harnesses. Fluttering riggers was pretty good. This will be last trip of 2017. Its hard to stop its been so good especially this past month. Anyhow, want to thank everyone for all the sharing that theres been on this site this year. Each year LEU has gotten better!! I'm not a perch guy but wish a great fall to you guys . Can't wait till next year! GO BILLS!!!
  4. Tomorrow is the final trip of the year. going to Dunkirk believe the fish will still be there despite 41 degree temp right now on GI. Dunkirk has been good to us this year with many limits. Plan is to get our limit and be home by half time of the Bills game. Hopefully its a good day for us and the Bills!!!
  5. Had Cannon electric Mag 10's for over 20 years. Seemed like everyone had Cannons so thats what I bought. Used to have 5 of them. Found a couple used that I got cheap. Would run 4 on my 24 ft Lund for L. Ontario 2 riggers for L. Erie. Seemed like atleast 1 rigger was in the shop for repair all the time. 2012 bought a used 22 ft Penn Yan. Wanted high speed riggers that could handle heavy balls if I wanted to go real deep on L. Ontario. Went with Scotty 2116's and have been totally happy. No problems at all !! Only negative is they are so fast they almost scare some of my old timer friends that were used to those slow Mag 10's. Sold the 24 ft with the 5 Mag 10's.
  6. Great day out of Dunkirk today. Due north and couple miles west 80 to 105 fow. Kept 23 had ??? Shorts. Riggers 65-70 down. Divers on 1 out 140. Divers on 3 out 190. 10 color off boards. All sticks . Thankyou Lake Erie for a wonderful day!! Now we're off to L. Ontario to hopefully make some $$ in LOC!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  7. mike m.

    Boat dealer

    I've personally dealt wih Wheel House a few times over the years. Can only say good things about them. Owner is Tom Haarrison he's a good hard working man. I've had them do some work on my boats and trailers and been very happy. >
  8. we will be out sunday probably out of the Catt. Will tare ake any help we can get. We are Beach House on channel 68. Think Mother Nature goona give us a good day!!!
  9. We got a 2 man limit out of Dunkirk for the 3rd time in 10 days. Were typically boating 20+ get 12 keeprs. We've caught a couple big ones too. Today a 29.5". Couple days ago a 31.0+ . We're fishing anywhere from 2 mile west of Van Burean to right in front of stacks. Best rods have been 10 collor' Wire divers out 110-115 at 1. 5. Power pro divers out 160 to 180 on a 3 setting.Running almost all Renowski rainbow trout by far the best.
  10. Hoping to get out tomorrow, Weather reports don't seem to agree. What do you guys think ???
  11. Glad to hear you guys are finally gettng them. I've only been out couple times cause of problems at work. How many FOW has been good. Were gonna get out We finally got some walleye satisfaction today!! Been one of the most frustrating years I can remember. Seems like every chance I've had to get out weather man has said NO your not going today. Or problems at work get in the way. Today we headed to Dunkirk after reading some positive reports on this site. Go west young man and so we did. We could see the boats lined up in about 80fow west of gulf ball water tower. So we motored to the end of the line and set em up. Nice marks down 60 to 70 over 80fow. Anyhow, 10 color was hot rod with a renowski rainbow trout.. Purple/pink/glow renowslki good too. Got a couple of riggers set 10 ft from bottom. Couple from divers at 1.5 out 140. Ended up with 17 in boat, 5 were shorts,12 nice ones in the box. A bit bumby out there today but overall a great day!! Thankyou Lake Erie we needed this day! monday
  12. mike m.

    Tr1 Autopilot

    Headshaker,Glad t o hear you got your TR-1 problems worked out. Your gonna love how much more enjoyable a day of trolling will be. Its gonna put more fish in the boat and your wife will be happy reading here book. Hope its a great season for you guys. I'll call you some time for advice when were fishing in your neighrhood.
  13. mike m.

    Tr1 Autopilot

    OK-I would start with Hoges Marine. I would guess they do inststallations too. Probably got one or two guys that are expert at the intstallation. Try and get there first names and best times to call. You could do same thing with Garmin tech support. I can still remember the Techs name at Calumet Marine.His name was Ryan and he knew TR-1 like the back of his hand.He did give me his cell # too which helped. Took about a week to get all bugs worked and all my questions answered.When it was finished I offered to send him a check for his time,he said thanks but no thanks.BTW I have an HDS 10 but my TR-1 is not connected to it. Most important features for me are: holding course in calm or sometimes rough seas, throttle control,and very important step turns. My step turns are programed for 10 degrees each time I push button. Use it a ton. Have had TR-1 about 5 years now. Makes day on water much more enjoyable -no one has to be locked to the steering wheel!!
  14. mike m.

    Tr1 Autopilot

    I did my own installation but I got tremendous tech support over the phone,from the place I bought it from. Calumet Marine in Chicago area. Even the on water programing I did on phone. The same tech stayed with me from begin to end of install. Friend has one too, he's used Garmin tech support with success. So where did you buy your TR-1?? You will love it once you get it installed and programed right.