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  1. We use 27 lb traditional leadcore. I've used Suffix, Cabelas, Mason,and Cortland. Can't say anything bad about any of them. Probably don't need 27 lb for eyes but same rods&reels are used for L. Ontario. Have friends using the Micro LC and there pretty happy. Supposedly it runs 30% deeper. I'm kinda invested in the 27 traditional so I'm sticking with it cause it catches tons of fish for us.We use 30lb power pro as backer. About 25ft of P-Line floro line is the leader.Also the terminal end of leader has a #1 duo snap. five feet above the snap is a 35lb spro power swival that prevents line twist. P-Line is 20lb. We pretty much run all stick baits.
  2. Looking for info on the Shootout??? Who won? A pic of the leader board would be nice. Conditions? Where were the big fish caught?? Thankyou.
  3. Another great day out of SBH. Late start today but we ended with a 4 man box by 1:30 . Same program as previous posts. Five color off boards with purple pink glow sticks also rainbow renowskis were great. Small dipseys 2.5 out 80-85. Depart buoy to couple miles west parrell to border. These are good old days!!! Enjoy!! Can't believe theres not more reports on this site with all the boats that were at SBH today.
  4. Almost cancelled today because of the strong NE winds. We started about 1 mile east of departure buoy in 40 fow. Pointed boat SW so waves were right at our back. We ended up on west side of Seneca shoal in about 52 fow. Had a 3 man limit at 8:55am. A straight line troll, never turned the boat. Five color offboards and small dipseys at 2.5 on braid out 75-80 ft. All rods with purple/pink/glow stickbaits. Yesterday it was same thing we stayed alittle closer to border. Fishing is great right now off Buffalo,how long will it last!!!
  5. Garrymny- your exactly right on how to tell a walleye on your sonar. to Captain Joe Fonzie discribed that to us at a LOTSA club meeing a few years ago. Squiggly lines are walleye!! Real easy to see on my Lowrance HDS unit.
  6. Checked temp with my fish hawk in about 50 fow . Was 64 five feet off bottom. Had 68-70 at surface. IMHO that the bait and the eyes will start moving over deeper and deeper water in next 10 days. On line between pt Abino and Sturgeon might be real good spot.
  7. We got a 3 man limit on Saturday trolling between seneca and the departure buoy. 5 color behind church boards with stickbaits and small dipseys at 2.5 out 65-70 ft. 12 to 14 ft leads behind the dipseys. Sunday we moved close to the border due west of departure B.. Wind shifted to almost due N. so we trolled with the waves at our back ended up in seneca area. Same program for another 3 man limit. All nice eating size eyes. No big fish but no throw backs either.
  8. I think our early walleye fishing has been very good. Coming out of SBH each time out were over deeper and deeper water. We started in the 30-40fow range a couple weeks ago. Now were anywhere from 50-64fow. Near the border has been good for us. 5 color has been the hot rod behind an inline board. We run all sticks . Purple/pink, purple,wonderbread & chautruse pink silver have been good colors. We're also running small dipseys at 2.5 65-70 out on braid. Dipsey leads 12-14 ft. Speed around 2.0-2.5. We've got a limit or near limit each time out. If you find mountains of bait stay in that area.
  9. My leader off end of leadcore is about 25ft of 20lb P-Line floro line.
  10. I have assortment of 2,3,5,7& 10 color on my reels. The leadcore line is all 27lb. the underneath backer is all 30lb power pro.The 5 color reels get the most use and catch the most fish.
  11. Very good for us Satuday & Sunday on the border roughly 50-65 fow between the points. Five color with sticks was best. What a great weekend to be on L. Erie!!!
  12. Not trying to be Mr. Negative but I would highly reccomend you book a charter probably out of Dunkirk before making your 1st L.Erie trip . Tell the Captain that your plan is to be on your own boat the next day. Soak up as much as you can from the charter and apply it to your 1st trip on Erie with your own boat. It'll definitely increase the enjoyment & fun of your 1st L. Erie trip on your own boat. It will also probably save you money in the long run as far as what else you need to buy etc. Lake Erie is an incredible fishery! But there is a learning curve. Good luck and safe!!
  13. We trolled between the point of meyers to about 1.5 miles east. 45-35 fow. Got our 2 man limit on 5 color off boards. Purple Pink sticks. Fish were kinda small but no throw backs. Great day!!
  14. Anybody tried them? Look like there well made. Come with flag setup and a weak or stronger spring. Clips look really good. Also get a LED light. All for about 1/2 what it would cost for a church or offshore board set up the same way. Wondering how they run?? There is a couple videos on them on Utube.
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