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  1. The carts come on and in the packaging when I bought them but I'm sure they are available online.
  2. That's great. Thanks for sharing. I have used heavy bouncers on St. Lawrence River for eyes. Maybe I will try it on Erie sometime. Dipsies are less weight and resistance when fighting a fish and have the dive depth charts. I think the water temp was funny on Friday the more I hear.
  3. Thanks for the information Cisco. I understand now. Interesting you troll with bouncers in deep water... how heavy are the ones you use? I drift with them, rod in hand, 1.5 to 3 oz. When the wind dies I switch to trolling. Nice job gbill512. Glad you found them. I hope the lake normalizes for some good fishing this month.
  4. Hi Cisco and J. Sparrow.... curious what time you fished on Friday? We did the same thing bouncing up high with the fish in that 40 to 55 foot range. I could only entice one to hit between 10:30 and noon so we went to trolling. Thanks.
  5. Tough day for me and a buddy today... Started fishing rod in hand with bouncers and harnesses from 10:30 until about noon. Picked up one 22 incher. Switched over to trolling with 2 dipsy rods for rest of day (5:30 pm). Picked up 3 more eyes. 16", 19" and a 23" all on harnesses. Bite died for us around 1 pm. Saw some nets moving but not a lot. Guessing the trolling bite was better earlier. Should have started out trolling. Most boats gone by 2 pm or so? Great day to be out in spite of the light box for us. Guy at the ramp said many boats did well.
  6. Heading out tomorrow... after all the wind changes we have had my expectations are not very high. You never know.
  7. Nice jobs J. Sparrow and backinthegame! Hope the next couple days don't stir it up too much. Hoping for a Friday outing.
  8. Nice report. Sounds like a great day on the lake.
  9. Nicely done Greg. Fyi...The limit for Erie is 6 per fisherman. General regulation for NY waters is 5.
  10. Way to go Cisco. Nice work. Thanks for the report.
  11. Bring repellent and a couple fly swatters to pass the time between walleye netting.
  12. Awesome job. 32 incher is special. Congratulations.
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