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  1. Nice catch. Are you fishing out of Buffalo?
  2. Thanks for sharing MostlyMuskies. Sounds like they are starting to show up and bite!
  3. Thanks for starting new thread. Hopefully it's a great season! Sent from my SM-G975U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  4. Thank you MostlyMuskies for all you have done on this. Along with all / any others who have participated.
  5. We caught 8 today on dipsy divers and harnesses. 17 to 24 inches, 3 setting 170 to 210 back. 78 to 83 fow a little east of straight out. Turned out to be an enjoyable day wind and weather wise.
  6. Nice report Walteye. It helps explain our results a little more. Funny how quickly a bite can end. What direction was the wind on Wednesday?
  7. Nice job Pequod1. Something felt like we had just missed more activity. Your report supports that. Thanks for sharing.
  8. First time fishing out of Catt. Creek state launch yesterday, Thursday 9/10. Usually launch at Sturgeon Point. On the water around 12:30 pm and came in just after the sunset. Interesting day. Never found the good screens like some have posted in the last few weeks. Went out to 80 to 85 feet and drifted with bottom bouncers on the North wind. Picked up a nice 26 inch eye pretty soon after. Thought it would be a great day but the marks and biting never really materialized. Switched to trolling when wind let up and then went back to drifting to finish up. Got 2 more eyes 20 and 22 inches drifting in the last hour of light. Enjoyed this area of the lake. Lots of boats out when we first got out and most had gone in by mid to late afternoon. Bite must have been better early? Anyone else have better luck? Did see a few nets out early.
  9. Just returned home from SP. Fished 2 pm until dusk. 2 Walleye and 2 perch and a few sheeps. Started out motoring west to around 70 fow based on most of the latest reports about fish being taken deeper out in front of the Catt. Got the 2 on harnesses drifting. Hats off to you whitecap1. Congrats on a great day and for finding them in shallower water. Just before dark on the way in we stopped to check the screen around 50 fow. Had more marks than we saw all day out in 65 to 72 fow but they did not want to bite except for a few sheephead. What time did you catch your fish Whitecap1? A reports out of the Catt said the bite slowed around noon.
  10. Heading out this afternoon. Will report on launch sandbar status and fishing results late tonight upon return.
  11. Also the west wind probably causes a wrap around eddy current at the tip of the point causing sand to swirl into the channel?
  12. Sounds like a memorable day. You can share a good laugh about those lost fish forever. 10 is a great day.
  13. Great job Whitecap1, good to see you found some and not to deep either. How deep was the water by the marina opening? Did you get a reading? Thanks. Gonna go out Tuesday or Wednesday.
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