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  1. Anyone been out lately? Thinking about one more trip. Have the eyes left the Catt area?
  2. Has anyone been out? Reports? Hoping they're still around. Might go tomorrow.
  3. Way to go BITG. Great report. Nice big one.
  4. Water is not as deep out from Point Breeze as it is out of the Catt and west... start looking for other boats. That will help get you in the area. Try looking in 60 to 70 feet. Good luck.
  5. Fished yesterday afternoon and evening. Towed a guy in who was stranded out in 70 fow which delayed our fishing for about 3 hours. Bite had slowed by the time we got started. Ended up with 4 walleye and 5 nice perch. Nice afternoon regardless.
  6. Tips and knowledge from old timers is priceless... keep it coming please!
  7. Fished west of Sturgeon Point yesterday in 58 to 78 fow from 3:30 pm till dark. Had areas of good marks but unfortunately they were not biting for me and my daughter. Zero, zip, nada. Oh well it was a beautiful day. Tried harnesses, spoons and Bomber long A in northern lights. Lake was very empty... no boats. Got as far west as the Catt. Next time I will make them pay!
  8. Thanks. Very good. I had been running 2 dipsies and that keeps me busy enough. Just got 2 10 color lead setups ready to go. I think they will be easier to run than the dipsies. My boat is a little squirrely to steer with 2 drift socks to keep speed down in the walleye zone.
  9. Awesome job. Great pictures. How many lines did you run by yourself?
  10. I use about the same with Dipsy's... 1 rod length or 9 feet.
  11. Thanks Mike! I ordered a few of the shallow Bomber A's in northern lights. Going to try to get out later this week.
  12. Question on Bomber A's... do you prefer the standard or deep model? Thanks.
  13. Good report. Some days are tougher than others
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