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  1. Thanks. Very good. I had been running 2 dipsies and that keeps me busy enough. Just got 2 10 color lead setups ready to go. I think they will be easier to run than the dipsies. My boat is a little squirrely to steer with 2 drift socks to keep speed down in the walleye zone.
  2. Awesome job. Great pictures. How many lines did you run by yourself?
  3. I use about the same with Dipsy's... 1 rod length or 9 feet.
  4. Thanks Mike! I ordered a few of the shallow Bomber A's in northern lights. Going to try to get out later this week.
  5. Question on Bomber A's... do you prefer the standard or deep model? Thanks.
  6. Good report. Some days are tougher than others
  7. That's a good question mike... over the last 6 years that I have been a member it has had some slow periods and seems to pick up as August and September arrive. There have been a few people I have noticed who like to quickly criticize others for sharing a their good reports or asking for help on where or how. That can suppress posting. I have enjoyed this forum and the LOU forum and have learned a lot about walleye fishing on here from some great people and fishermen. This year I have only been able to get out once so far in July due to family weddings. I shared my report. Hopefully this is just a slow stretch and things will pick up again. I think that the tournaments also tend to quiet this forum down and keep people from sharing especially in July. This year I set up separate threads for the major launch port areas and it seems that this old thread from last year has become the most active one recently. I will be getting out in August and September and look forward to posting, sharing and reading reports from others. Good luck!
  8. Nice work Greg. Nothing more fun than rod in hand bottom bouncing in an active bite in my opinion. You feel them take it and set the hook!
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. I wouldn't think to do that. Good for deeper fish.
  10. Sounds like a great day! Thanks for sharing. Were the weights you added in your leader section or snap weights on the leadcore. Thanks.
  11. Good job J. Sparrow! Also made the first trip of the season with a friend today. We caught 3 eyes (24, 25, 25 inches), a white bass, yellow perch and a number of sheephead. Went out toward the line west of Point Abino. Got all fish rod in hand on harnesses. Fished from 3:30 pm till dark.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Did you mark many and they just weren't feeding?
  13. Hope the fishing sets up nice around Sturgeon this season. Should start hearing about the schools moving East pretty soon.
  14. Starting a thread for this season. Good luck to all.
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