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  1. Limit at 80' plus, mostly leadcore with boards 7 color with harnesses. Same off riggers set to 60' . Brighter color blades.
  2. Fished Monday morning in 70 to 75 fow and almost did our limit with worm harnesses. All colors worked but most fish came against the wind when the troll speed was about 1 mph, with the wind it was 1.75. All were 20 inches and under, some boats at the launch said they had some big ones. I would love to bottom bounce 70 fow with rod in hand but don't know how that can happen. I have done 50 with some luck. As for the wind I also check the Port Colborne bouy https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45142
  3. You're day was like the Bills, you turned a losing day to a winner. Any signs of perch?
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