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  1. Out of Dunkirk in NW direction today. Fished from 12 till 4:30. Ended up with 10 keeper walleye with biggest 25 inches and 5.4 pounds. Sticks caught most in 90 to 105 fow. Beautiful day out there. First time launching out of Dunkirk. Very nice. Others we talked with had success as well.
  2. Hi Seasculpin, that day I believe I was trolling with 2 leadcore rods in the 60 to 68 fow range. All crawler harnesses that day. Gold with orange and VMC firetiger if I recall correctly. I didn't expect the wind to be as strong that night. More than the forecast. May be making one more attempt tomorrow. If I go I will report.
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Very helpful.
  4. Hi Ckawski, how long ago was your last outing? I am about equal drive time between Erie and Oneida. Deciding between the two. Thanks.
  5. General question... have the walleye begun to migrate west yet? Are there still enough around for possible last trip out of Catt to Dunkirk? Thinking of going next Tuesday or Wednesday.
  6. Way to find them! Bummer of a tangle after locating a good bite.
  7. Fished yesterday from 2 till sunset. Got a nice 24 inch 5 pounder in 48 fow. Thought it would be a good day. Only got 2 more and 1 perch. Stayed shallower in 48 to 62 fow using harnesses and leadcore. Oh well beautiful evening. Snagged something on bottom that broke my leadcore. Never did that out their before. A few guys I talked to did limits. One shallow and one in 80 fow.
  8. Last time for me was last Thursday out in front of the Catt. Fished from 2 till dusk with 2 leadcore lines and harnesses. Landed 5 keepers, 7 perch. Lost a few eyes on the fight. Best screens were in 58 to 64 fow. There was a wind shift from SE to NE just as we got started. I think it cooled a good bite from earlier that morning. Good luck. I heard 80 feet was productive from guys at the launch.
  9. Congratulations! Did you drift with bouncers or troll?
  10. I was out of the Catt this evening 4 till 8. Managed 4 keepers 15 to 22 inches. 1 short, 7 white bass, 1 perch. Had a good eye bite that cut the harness clean off. A little bumpy. Northeast wind and close together waves. Nice evening.
  11. Which windmill is that Rutnut? Thanks.
  12. Good luck... those high winds sure stirred the pot.
  13. Quality & Quantity... thanks for sharing!
  14. Great catch. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Fished out of the Catt Wednesday from 3 till dark. Slow out at 70 to 80 fow. Moved in and east of the port around 7 pm and had much better screens in 60 to 65 fow. Ended up with 6 keepers, 1 short, 1 perch and 1 sheephead. All on harnesses. Best eye was 25 inches.
  16. Going out Wednesday afternoon/ evening out of Sturgeon also. Will report what we do. Any advanced info would be great.
  17. Got out this afternoon from 1:30 till 8:30 pm. Caught 4 eyes and 7 perch on harnesses. Bite was pretty tough compared to last week. Nice day.
  18. Here is the link. A little wavy out there... https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/sunset-bay-lake-erie-coast-irving-new-york
  19. Google Sunset Bay webcam... shows live feed of Lake from multiple angles. It is very helpful.
  20. VMC Fire tiger (orange, black and white) was best for me.
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