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  1. I'm off to Lac Seul for Opening Musky !! www.lacseuloutposts.com Can't wait for this trip !! Walleye in the morning, pike and Musky in the afternoon and walleye in the evening for 5 days. Anybody been there ?
  2. How many fish can you consistantly catch this time of year trolling sticks there ? How about size ? I may make a trip there sometime soon.
  3. I have the little offshore yellow boards, how good are those with leadcore ?
  4. I see your posts on the LOU board...I'm Muskie magnet on there. Yeah, I've made that trip to Erie before thinking I'll fish 3 footers, more like 4-5's...Long way to go to get beat up...no fun.
  5. Thank you so Much ! Just saved me a kick in the nuts ! LOL. I feel your pain. Think I'll go out of Sandy tonight for salmon or play with the walleye in the genesee river. Thanks !
  6. Thinking of fishing this afternoon, long drive from Rochester,ny. to fish the evening bite. I have a 19ft Lund, just wondering how the waves are looking, thinking of going out of Barcelona.
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