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  1. Best of luck on this trip this year, Larry. I look forward to catching up when you return. Oh, don't forget to snap a couple Big Cat (non-fish species) pictures for me! --Joe
  2. Thanks for the responses, guys. I just got my boat back from the mechanic last week...motor broke down earlier in the summer. I am hoping to work on this sometime this week/next. I have bought the primer and the color-matched paint, so I am going to try the sand/feather/paint approach. I will try the paint first and then will resort to decals if it looks bad! haha! Spending Overtime: I really like my boat. It is a 17.5' boat, walk-thru windshield, extremely wide, and deep. I sometimes wish it was a little heaver for bigger water, but I feel very safe in anything on inland lakes and anything under 3' on erie/ontario. My boat is an all-weld. I have not had any problems with this, but I know some guys prefer the rivets and others like the welds. Honestly, I think either could give you a problem at some point... Hope that helps! --Joe
  3. Are the new docks at the SBH open and in-use?!? Hoping so! --Joe
  4. Chuck. Give them a call. My Cabelas had the 10 mega just below the 9 mega. It was a nice display!
  5. wishinfishin -- Do you have a Bass Pro or a Cabelas near you? I stopped by my local Cabelas and played with the resolutions and different models for over an hour before I made my selection. From the "Preview Mode", you can change the frequency through the menu system which will allow you to see the difference between Standard Definition, High Definition, and Mega. I thought there was enough difference to warrant spending the extra for Mega, but to each their own...I know many people would tell you to pay the extra for the 10", but I could not see a difference in resolutions between the 9 mega and the 10 mega. I guess it is just how your eyes see it! I think the Mega would be nice for you when you are in the river, bays, and the lakes. I do not think it will be that much help when you are on Lake Ontario or the St Lawrence due to depths. --Joe
  6. I just purchased a Helix 9 SI/DI/Mega. Personally, I wanted the added capabilities you get when you have iPilot Link on your trolling motor and a networked Humminbird. Also, the clarity of the mega si/di along with the auto-charting was a big bonus! Let us know what you end up going with! --Joe
  7. We are finally at 1 month away from the inland Musky opener!!! (guess who is excited!)
  8. Congrats on a great finish, Ryan. Also, great writeup! --Joe
  9. Minn Kota Terrova iPilot, 24v (80-lb thrust), 60" Hey Everyone, I am selling my 24v Minn Kota Terrova iPilot trolling motor with 60" shaft. This trolling motor is in great condition and has been a dream on my boat...it is just time to upgrade to get more communication between my trolling motor and my fish finder (I am a technology nut). Features: iPilot technology GPS Anchor (Spot Lock) record tracks for future auto-piloting cruise control Autopilot - Keeps the boat heading in a certain direction Advanced Autopilot - Keeps the boat heading in a certain direction on the exact path/track that the boat was heading when the Advanced Autopilot was activated (wind will not blow you off of your path) Remote Control Foot Pedal Owner's Manuals with Remote Quick Reference Price: $1000.00 + shipping. (I am in the Buffalo area and am willing to meet up in Buffalo or near Rochester to save on shipping -- I visit Rochester often, so I can bring it along when I head east next time) Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions. --Joe
  10. That does it...this weather is too nice! I am sneaking out for a half-day of boat work this afternoon! New prop is going on and then I think I will stare at some of my new additions to the lure collection --Joe
  11. This is a big reason as to what intrigues me about this setup!!!! Thanks for all the replies everyone! Great information --Joe
  12. I will make sure to let you know if I decide to upgrade, Youngblood. Thanks. --Joe
  13. Thanks, but I already have iPilot in my Terrova and am looking to upgrade it to iPilot Link for connection/capabilities with my fishfinder. --Joe
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