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  1. Nice rig bud! Looks like a fish-catching machine to me
  2. Welcome aboard Newbster - lot of great guys here so make yourself at home! Glad to have ya
  3. Here is tutorial Ivo Let me know if you have any questions. I should also note that this is done via main website and mobile website but the LEU app will not be able to make this kind of update. Thanks - Chad
  4. TUTORIAL - How to mark item as "SOLD/CLOSED" Step 1: Step 2:
  5. Hi Ivo - I will post a tutorial later today in the classifieds section to show how to close an ad. Basically all you do is log in, go to your post and click on the "edit" button at the bottom of the post. Next, click on "use full editor". This will take you to the screen where you can mark item as "Sold/Closed" and then simply hit update. I'll post some screen shots on exactly how to do this later today for you if you can't figure it out still. Thanks! Chad
  6. Nice fish Larry!! I pulled my boat from the river this week after some engine troubles so I hope to fish CHQ and the harbor soon. Good luck this fall!
  7. Enjoy Joel! The guys are BloodRun are awesome - I use a lot of their stuff and I know they got some really good stuff in the works that will be coming out soon so stay tuned.....
  8. Hi Fishnut - Here is the direct link if you want to contribute: Once you submit a spot, it goes into our queue for review/approval. We approve new spots usually within 24 hours. Thanks again for the support! Chad
  9. Great deal - thanks for making this available to the LEU membership Keith! Very cool
  10. LEU Giveaway Winner - Month of July Congrats everyone and thank you to all for making LEU what it is today. Be sure to check out our new Lake Erie Hot Spot maps which we just launched last week: MONTH OF JULY, 2017 $75.00 GC to BloodRun Tackle Co.: BattleHammer $75.00 GC to FishUSA: Seabee75 $25.00 GC to Cold Water Tackle: Stemmer $25.00 GC to Cold Water Tackle: Norm Moser $25.00 GC to Cold Water Tackle: dick635 $25.00 GC to Cold Water Tackle: Ten Percent $25.00 GC to Cold Water Tackle: Turks $25.00 GC to Cold Water Tackle: robalo180 $25.00 GC to Cold Water Tackle: dukhnter8 $25.00 GC to Cold Water Tackle: Icebreaker
  11. Thanks guys! If you want to contribute, just click on the green plus (+) button in top right corner of map (see image below).
  12. Yeah Larry - been very rough weather year. We have a web cam setup on Lake Ontario right on water's edge that has been interesting to watch. The property owner there has many sandbags behind it to help with high water. Here is link: (scroll down little bit to view live camera feed). Would love to get something this close to the water setup on Lake Erie as well. Looking for property owners or county that would be willing to let us set one up. We will supply camera, setup and pay monthly streaming fees if I can find someone.
  13. Welcome aboard Jeff - glad to have ya! Lots of great guys here so make yourself at home.
  14. Lake Erie Fishing Hot Spot Map / Buffalo News Article Great article this week by Bill Hilts / Buffalo News with mentions of Lake Erie United. For those of you interested in the fishing hot spot map mentioned in this article, you can find the link at the top of the LEU website > Hot Spot Map. We hope to build on this greatly over the next year. Stay tuned... Enjoy - Chad
  15. Very nice, clean boat. Good luck with the sale