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  1. Thanks Misdirection, looks like its concrete with floating attached that get pulled at some point. At least thats what I just looked at from a couple year old photo.
  2. Been thinking about trying Ohio this winter. Does anybody know which ramps are in on the west end ,and when do they get taken out? Thank you in advance
  3. Been eating wings for years , yes a little sweeter and texture a little different, imo Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G730A using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  4. Buggspray biting fly formula is bar far the number one choice for guys on ontario. Ultra shield i believe is what the name is that one of the posters was trying to remember, most of that product is for horses, not for humans but some people spray thier socks or something like that to help. I just found Ultra Shield Eco Friendly for the family, so it says. I hope to try it this weekend. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G730A using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  5. MM is a stand up guy and very knowledgeable and very generous with sharing info that for most of us cuts the learning curve down immensely.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I did talk with fishkiller last week, he suggested some options , i wanna make a move but Im still over thinking it,LOL.
  7. What kind of rod and reels Looking to purchase some new rod and reel set ups and wanted to get some feed back before I made my move. I like the Diawa Sealines , and was thinking about the LC 47 versus the LC 37 to use for dual pupose walleye and salmon, mostly because Im cheap. Lol. Any thoughts? Having a hard time with the rod selection , and the rod selection is for walleye use. My main goal for these set ups is trolling plugs (reef runners , bay rats etc) and also worm harnesses on three way swivels. I would use different rods for Salmon on Lake O. Thanks in advance ,
  8. Welcome aboard, you came to the right place.
  9. I hope everybody on here understands and appreciates how valuable and generous Mostlymuskies is. The sharing of all his information on this and all the posts he chimes in on is truly priceless. Thank you Larry, tight lines
  10. Ther is a cabelas somewhat close , they didnt have one on display when I was there a few months ago, I believe they were in the process of discounting older ones and getting the new ones in, they had some good prices but I wasnt sure what I wanted at that time. But good point checking them out in store.Thanks for the advice. Chuck
  11. Nalod, Ive been looking at what you have there, my question is , is the Mega scan really better???? Or a bunch of hype?? auto charting is what I want to.I have the ulterra with ipilot link ,and now Im chasing down the fish finder.
  12. Got it , I will definately keep you in mind .
  13. Sorry Fishkiller16 just ordered a few. How do I order from you?? Ive seen your phone # but are you a tackle shop??? Sorry dont remember seeing the info, I would like to support fellow LEU members. Chuck
  14. I hear ya Fishkiller 16, they are american made which is good and quality, as I said I used the smaller ones for browns and cohos, just curious how they measured up for eyes , just looking for a change up ,and maybe a slightly different action than other cranks.
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