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  1. I make my own. 065 propionate face shields cut and bend
  2. Better than Raps. They can do a complete figure 8 when you get the tempo down they're pretty light weight so they kick out pretty far and glide back to rest nose down which resembles a feeding baitfish. Lots of trial and error went into them through the years
  3. Not sure how many years that the fish reproductions are calculated to become a keeper. Such as Walleye or how it works for perch to become a substantial size in lake Erie. I know on most lakes it's based on forage fish. Anyways say it 4 years to make a decient fish in both species we shall see how this plays out for the future. But when fishing is opened again I only hope they dont go back netting at a vengeance. Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  4. After all that has happened with the pandemic. I would hope the hell Charter Capts. would have known better and simply shut down. Although I know people arent smart. I saw a group go out at SBH who for sure were not related and they stuffed 6 in a boat to go for just a cruise.
  5. It goes to show you just what power does to those who run our states
  6. Thanks Wojo. Stay safe. Big blow coming in.
  7. So call me thick. What is considered a state launch? I mean what on Erie is considered a state launch? Sorry if I am thick here
  8. So I just read Gov. Fredo. Just banned launching boats. Making it non essential. I know what I say to this. I'm feeding my family. That is essential Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  9. WHen you speak of club are you referring to South Town Walleye? Im not a member but wouldn't mind joining. I sort of agree with the facts that yeah many young kids are not interested in the outdoors. But that to be honest is due to parents who really got little to no interest in it too. I raised my kid from the age of 5 to get himself out in the woods. throughout the winter small game hunting was a mainstay. for us. His passion was waterfowl much like mine. Turkey, rabbit, pheasant or anything we could hunt even good old Chuck hunting was our way of screwing off. As far as fishing goes. hell he got broke in at birth. We had a place on Silver. went weekly to it then of course ice fished it as much as possible. He is on of a select few who loved the outdoors. although we got into a big ass fight we no longer speak which sux I did my best teaching him how to get along in the outdoors. What I will miss is 2 grand sons who who the hell knows if they get to wet a line or not. Most of this generation we didnt show our kids what it would be to survive if needed on nature. its too bad too. Im more than willing to still show others how to do it. I got to laugh at the Bass statement. Everyone wants to be a bass fisherman. LOL Hell Id take Perch any day Northern Pike second then Eyes as far as table fare goes. Crappies fits right in there with panfish but seems they are getting scarce to find at least good keepers Id say. I still put blame on the decline of quality fish due to ice fishing. Too many fish are egg laiden during winter then stripped out well before they had a chance to spawn out. Years ago Im talking the 60s and 70s we ice fished in the open. a light duty wind break a coffee can filled with charcoal for heat and thats it. Now days huts propane heat and a -10 day is still 70 degrees inside the hut. makes it a little to comfortable to sit out on the ice and put a limit of fish in a bucket . Too many big breaders are getting stripped out and no time for recovery on a lake. Hope to catch up with you sometime seems we got a lot in common it could be a good time BSing out on the water
  10. Talked to guy yesterday. Hanover ramps were not in as of yet. Waders are needed to launch. They fished to right of creek 55 to 60fow. Did very well. It was not my cup of tea to take wife out or for my new boat to risk a complete pain in the arse launch risking scaring up the new boat. If you could refresh my memories on Catt creek launch sites and reference to creek location. I surely would appreciate it. Thanks. Oh yeah sitting here waiting for skys to clear a little then heading out somewhere.
  11. Well we all know that money talks. Business of sales of fish from border waters never should be allowed. We sportsmen dont have a voice big enough to shut it down. But we sportsmen will be the first to see reduced creel limits or even closed seasons if numbers deplete. Yet many times some of our own the slob outdoorsmen who continually rape our waters or land by over harvesting do the same. Myself I've seen too many smaller lakes over harvested by ice fishermen who refuse to believe our waters are being stripped out by heavy fishing and harvesting of egg laden fish during winter months. It's my theory on that matter. Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  12. Yeah I can only imagine. I Fish up in Canada a lot on lake nippising. The Canadian laws are nonsense. The natives up there gill netted the french river for years. Now you can not buy a damn fish in that lake. There slot limits and daily limits are squat. Yet the dumps up there are loaded with northerns and muskie because they wont sell them. Their only interest is the walleye. There are fish stand all along the roads loaded with eye fillets. But yet Ontarion does nothing to stop the slaughter.
  13. Call me thick. What are you saying here? Do you mean their quota will increase as species population increase? I mean how can anyone realistically put a number on what we sport fishermen catch? Unless they use charter fishermen's take as a base line.
  14. Oh I dont disagree with what your saying but keeping bait from the river to use in lake also keeps them In the corridor your speaking of. I also remember a baitshop having uncertified minnows in a separate tank just for the corridor usage. This whole virus thing has baitshop closed which will kill some fishing on inland lakes. I asked the question because i wasn't sure some of you guys didnt have a spot along breakwall where you could easily dip a hundred minnows out of the boat. I fish by myself most the time and not wanting to beat the crap out of my new boat I thought I might get a response to the question. I'm hoping to be out this weekend so if you see a Blue Lund it will be me. I'm not trying to bust in on any spots but sure as hell will need some help as I said I was mostly a inland lake fisherman popping his cherry on Erie this year. Tight lines to all. Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  15. Thanks Jimski that pretty much was my thought. I wasn't too sure at this time of year if the fish were that particular to live vs salted. I'm not looking to sell. It's been way too many years sense I've had a good Perch feist. What I get if any goes right in freezer. That of course is all counting on I get any at all. Than kn s for the help. Your name here looks familiar to I Shanty name. Figure you one in same.
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