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  1. Perch are west at least that's the word. Out in front of Chaut creek Silver creek area
  2. Spent entire week at sunset rented cottage there. What a crap week. Winds every day kept us off the water. We went out trying it but 2 days off shore winds which were supposed to be under 1 foot we found 2 1/2 footers out 60 ft. Not one fish suspended no baitfish couple bumps on bottom but why bother rigging up when it's a baron wasteland. I refused to go out to 80fow due to waves. My boat isn't capable of handling 4 footers. I'm throughly disgusted.
  3. All fish have a preferred Temperature range. Cold water species such as Trout and Salmons head to deeper waters come summer and thrive below thermoclines. Bass prefer warmer Temps and stay in the upper Temps. Walleye and Perch like the same temperature range so as the lake turns and is at this time somewhat unstable they'll go to the preferred zone. Which happens to be above the thermocline. Most of our electronics if tuned properly can pick it up. So as bait rises with the thermocline so do the predators. These surface temperature drops will also trigger the trout to prepare to invade the creeks. So fishing cooler shallower water will trigger lots of hook ups with steelhead now
  4. Just finished cleaning a few from this Am outing. Started at 64fow trolled out to 74fow. Took 4 min to boat the first eye. Tossed back 3 more. Made loop back into 68 fow and headed west. Lots of light hits. Turned back east and picked up another for cooler and that was it. The wind picked up big time and started capping big. Long slow ride in it made ya pucker up a few times. Going to release 2 in hot oil for dinner. Got them early on firetiger bronze. As sun got higher purple black was the number. Towed behind a lit bite 180' back they were tight to bottom for the most.
  5. I don't crank the drag down. Quite opposite. I leave clicker on. Set drag to pull line out on lightest bite possible. Most days I fish myself. So driving boat and running rods I don't see everything. When fish hits the clicker sound off giving me fair warning. Also pulling rod out of holder if your dragging weight of fish a dipsey or weight of 3 way can be a challenge if drag is cranked down. I like the slippage on the clicker. Once rods in hand I give star drag a twist pull rod. Not jerk like setting hook. That's more than enough to bury good hooks. My blunder when I pulled fish didn't budge. It felt like a snag. I put thumb on spool.pulled little harder. At that point the first head shake. And it was then I knew it was friggen big. I only had 2 rods out should have had wife neutral boat bring in second rod. My bad. Instead I tried to move fish. Second head shake and in a split second game over. Not the first big fish I've lost not the last. I tie Palomar knots exclusively on my terminal tackle. But haven't retired in a trip or 2. Again my bad. Breaking point wasn't 20 lbs that's for sure most likely 12 to 15. Due to hrs of trolling previous to this trip out. Live and learn. Retire terminal daily and after a few fish to keep this from happening. No one to blame but me.
  6. Went out with the flotilla Sunday morning. Wife and I started at 60 fow trolled out towards 70s. Sure wasn't as flat as they said it was to be. Waves were beating up up pretty good. Picked up first fish at 63fow. Pulling harnesses under 5 Oz 3 way. First fish came on a firetiger brass out 120ft. Had one fish hitting other rod purple black. Wife said hey is that a bite? Firetiger was hooked up. 20" eye. Went 1/4 mile rod doubles over. Set hook felt like snag. 2 head shake and snapped 20lb floro leader like a twig. Fish was huge. Either a cat big carp or who knows big eye. Trolled ot to 74ft most fish around 68 too fow. Picked up one more like 19" on purple black. Called it a day at 11. That big stump is still straight out the Catt at 32fow. Be careful. No markings on it. When I go out again I'll try to hang jug on . it
  7. Runout Early morning I ran 4oz weights to get to bottom. Trolled at .9 to 1.3 running blades. I ran 2 rods this way and would also bring rigs up the water column to the suspended big fish marks which seemed to be around 62 ft over 78 fow. I played all morning fishing high and low in the water column. When I flipped over to cranks on the light bites ( dipsey) I set 30 ft back off the dipsey and sent it down to match depth so 80 ft on reel over 80 fow. Which gives me anywhere from 55 to 65 ft. down approx. I had lots of hits but the ones I got just slammed the lures. I ended up putting drift socks out to slow me down too. I looked for nice wide wobble. I personally think the waves or chop was playing havoc with presentation kind of Jenkins the bait and lures too much.
  8. Fished out of Catt yesterday. Long day with some results. Marked fish all day. 75 to 83 fow. Ran harnesses in morning and picked up first eye in under 1/2 hr. Most fish were within 10 ft of bottom. Started to get bugged by catching tons of white Perch so swapped out to running dipseys and cranks. Took 40 ft to boat a 23" eye. In 76 fow. Wind was a game all day. Swirling out of south the from east and back and forth. Picked up last eye in 78 for. Again another 23" but fat fish. Wind was making lots of chop and it started capping. Boats were everywhere. 70s out beyond the 80ft. Talked to few guys. Fish are being caught but it's slow and you need to work for every one. Last note. Pods and pods of baitfish ( I'm guessing) they're everywhere. No wonder fish are tight lipped.
  9. Hard to say when projects like this are run by local govt. Sure we can say yeah they did. But how much money is alloted per year? It's obvious Covid killed any surplus of funds if they had a surplus. Govt in general wastes more money than is in its coffers.
  10. The bodies are my design. It took many trial and error attempts to get a proper weight. Casting the body in all lead or a zing base still makes a heavy lure. Too heavy to fish. So I had to come up with a way to lighten them. That's my secret. The mold also is home made. Part of these lures are of lead some zink. Depends on what I want weight wise. Some of these are also covered with real fish skin I got from fishing which I treat previous to applying to the lure. It's a process I learned from a lure builder from Finland. They're fun to build they fish great and not profitable in this country to sell. Guys here love the 3.00 Chinese crap. My hooks alone cost that per lure.
  11. The Canadian side doesn't get the wave action the US side gets. That marina was there decades. I worked on its last rehab in the 90s. Spent entire summer there. The wall was only project we didn't do. That was Army Corp engineers. From. Day 1 sand attempted to plug that entranceway but back in the day Evans highway dept would keep it clear for the most. As is stands now a dredge and show is the only way to open it with a reasonable depth. What makes this more a safety concern is there is no safe harbor between the Catt and Eastern shore of Buffalo Harbor.
  12. Agree 100%. Yet if this was state run with how this state can not manage funds just how bad would it be? There is no good or easy cure to this mess at S.P. outside of adding a additional wall extending out from the west wall of the harbor which would trap the sand between that wall and the gap area. I took a ride yesterday to look at the mess. Sand is piled over top of the wall left of the gap all the way through east to the shoreline . Outside of a dredge on a barge and scows removing the sand this safe harbor is nothing more than a tax burden to the town of Evans.
  13. What they should do is contact local 17 and discuss having the apprentices once again open the gap. But they really should not haul the sand out but better yet use it to construct a jetty for the equipment to walk out on and use to keep that gap open. If this town can not handle keeping it open then sell it. No excuses
  14. I make my own. 065 propionate face shields cut and bend
  15. Better than Raps. They can do a complete figure 8 when you get the tempo down they're pretty light weight so they kick out pretty far and glide back to rest nose down which resembles a feeding baitfish. Lots of trial and error went into them through the years
  16. Not sure how many years that the fish reproductions are calculated to become a keeper. Such as Walleye or how it works for perch to become a substantial size in lake Erie. I know on most lakes it's based on forage fish. Anyways say it 4 years to make a decient fish in both species we shall see how this plays out for the future. But when fishing is opened again I only hope they dont go back netting at a vengeance. Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  17. After all that has happened with the pandemic. I would hope the hell Charter Capts. would have known better and simply shut down. Although I know people arent smart. I saw a group go out at SBH who for sure were not related and they stuffed 6 in a boat to go for just a cruise.
  18. It goes to show you just what power does to those who run our states
  19. Thanks Wojo. Stay safe. Big blow coming in.
  20. So call me thick. What is considered a state launch? I mean what on Erie is considered a state launch? Sorry if I am thick here
  21. So I just read Gov. Fredo. Just banned launching boats. Making it non essential. I know what I say to this. I'm feeding my family. That is essential Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  22. WHen you speak of club are you referring to South Town Walleye? Im not a member but wouldn't mind joining. I sort of agree with the facts that yeah many young kids are not interested in the outdoors. But that to be honest is due to parents who really got little to no interest in it too. I raised my kid from the age of 5 to get himself out in the woods. throughout the winter small game hunting was a mainstay. for us. His passion was waterfowl much like mine. Turkey, rabbit, pheasant or anything we could hunt even good old Chuck hunting was our way of screwing off. As far as fishing goes. hell he got broke in at birth. We had a place on Silver. went weekly to it then of course ice fished it as much as possible. He is on of a select few who loved the outdoors. although we got into a big ass fight we no longer speak which sux I did my best teaching him how to get along in the outdoors. What I will miss is 2 grand sons who who the hell knows if they get to wet a line or not. Most of this generation we didnt show our kids what it would be to survive if needed on nature. its too bad too. Im more than willing to still show others how to do it. I got to laugh at the Bass statement. Everyone wants to be a bass fisherman. LOL Hell Id take Perch any day Northern Pike second then Eyes as far as table fare goes. Crappies fits right in there with panfish but seems they are getting scarce to find at least good keepers Id say. I still put blame on the decline of quality fish due to ice fishing. Too many fish are egg laiden during winter then stripped out well before they had a chance to spawn out. Years ago Im talking the 60s and 70s we ice fished in the open. a light duty wind break a coffee can filled with charcoal for heat and thats it. Now days huts propane heat and a -10 day is still 70 degrees inside the hut. makes it a little to comfortable to sit out on the ice and put a limit of fish in a bucket . Too many big breaders are getting stripped out and no time for recovery on a lake. Hope to catch up with you sometime seems we got a lot in common it could be a good time BSing out on the water
  23. Talked to guy yesterday. Hanover ramps were not in as of yet. Waders are needed to launch. They fished to right of creek 55 to 60fow. Did very well. It was not my cup of tea to take wife out or for my new boat to risk a complete pain in the arse launch risking scaring up the new boat. If you could refresh my memories on Catt creek launch sites and reference to creek location. I surely would appreciate it. Thanks. Oh yeah sitting here waiting for skys to clear a little then heading out somewhere.
  24. Well we all know that money talks. Business of sales of fish from border waters never should be allowed. We sportsmen dont have a voice big enough to shut it down. But we sportsmen will be the first to see reduced creel limits or even closed seasons if numbers deplete. Yet many times some of our own the slob outdoorsmen who continually rape our waters or land by over harvesting do the same. Myself I've seen too many smaller lakes over harvested by ice fishermen who refuse to believe our waters are being stripped out by heavy fishing and harvesting of egg laden fish during winter months. It's my theory on that matter. Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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