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  1. Thousands of walleyes are taken by shore casters in the Niagara River all winter long. The hot lure sold at Cabela's in the winter is the Rapala deep husky jerk lure. The head of the river is fished all Fall and winter long when the ice stops it. In my younger days we fished there till the spray iced the windshield up.
  2. With open waters again the Ohio walleye season will be open to New York fishermen shut off from walleye fishing to protect spawning walleye here in new York.
  3. Sport fishing regulations in New York outlaw the sale of walleyes. Perch may be sold and hook and line methods along with a trap net license that may be obtained. The bigger problem is finding a local processor to handle the perch.
  4. Last years dredge project was completed by apprentice operating engineers union . Union Concrete-donated the equipment . For a year with no Ice on the lake and the walleye season open for two weeks it was frustrating for boaters here in the Southtown area. The town should give the marina to the County or State Parks for operation. They received all our registration fees and sales taxes that they used nothing here. Think how much sales and fuel taxes that disappeared. The money for the operation is stolen from the boating community. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  5. The sand is a valuable product for construction jobs. After all the Pyramids were built on sand.
  6. Check out "TCS Outdoors" web site for videos of last winters walleye fishing in Lake Erie, Ohio waters. You will see hours of TV shows of a couple "Good Ole Boys" catching limits of walleyes.
  7. Last year Lake Erie remained ice free and conditions appear to be similar this year. A You Tube Video showed fishermen from West Virginia taking walleye all winter long. Fishing out of Huron, Ohio every weekend all winter long they took a lot of large walleye regularly with stickbait plugs and side planers . Will we be be able to start a similar year? YouTube Huron, Ohio winter walleye fishing
  8. Search out "Buffalo Perch Killer You Tube"for videos of shore fishing. Streaming TV on You Tube provides thousands of local fishing stories. A ROKU enabled TV is best or just your computer searchong on Google for "You Tube", there you go.
  9. 50 mph winds here this weekend. Shoreline residents be aware.
  10. "Jim Stedke Walleye seminar 2020". search this out, 20 pages of the latest developements for Lake Erie.
  11. If you can not find a charter here on your time off, try shorefishing in either the upper and lower river. Walleyes, Brown Trout, Lake Trout and Rainbows are taken all fall and winter times. Dozens of videoes are available on You Tube showing where and how to get you out of the house, all within a short drive from home.
  12. Google up "You Tube" and you will find hundreds of local fishing opportunitiy shows that you do not have a clue "how , where, and the methods you need to find world class fishing here in Lakes Erie and Ontario with upper and lower Niagara River methods.Oak Orchard River has methods and 18 pound Brown Trout there. All this is within a couple hour drive from your home. Being restricted with the Pandemic home captured, your computer and wi fi will pen up a new world for you sitting in your soft chair. Winter is a long season so avoid the network TV junk and watch what you desire.
  13. Shoreline fishing in the gorge can be as effective . Check out "you Tube" sites for information and methods.
  14. Search out Port Clinton and Ohio boat Ramps. New York State should be ashamed as to how deficient we are here. Late summer fishing in the western basin is poor with the higher water temperatures.
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