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  1. There is a bypass road over the track at Hanford Bay road, next road west. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  2. The calm water from storms dumps the sediment to the bottom at the marina. That is the problem except the management fails to prepare for the shoaling on the entrance. An extension marina to a deeper water exit could solve the problem but this will never happen. Look on Google Earth for the Crystal Beach Marina in Ontario to see how it works.
  3. The Town unfortunately is unable to operate the marina and the operation should go to the State Parks or County Parks. They receive the sales taxes and registration fees that the boating industry generates and are responsible for the neglect our boating public has to endure. Driving from Buffalo to Chautauqua County for access to Lake Erie fishing is a terrible expense and a waste of travel time. Come on now, wake up and contact your legislators for better access here in Erie County. Last year Sturgeon Point was shut down till June 20th with no ice on Lake Erie all winter. We must thank the Operating Engineers apprentice training program and Union Concrete equipment for bailing us out for a few months but next year here we go again.
  4. Your GPS Chart may have a Lake Erie Chart that did not pay for the Canadian fee to print it on your chart.
  5. If you trespass into Canadian waters be prepared to take a Virus test that your health insurance does not pay. Have a couple thousand cash handy.
  6. Yesterday searching for perch with my graphs we went out to 75 foot and back into 50 foot of water with no good hooks on the bottom grouped together. We ended up in 55 foot off the west side of the Catt and found a couple with a few boats nearby. But the new neighbor on his first trip out took 24 perch up to 14 inches 60 foot off the Catt. Six gallons of gasoline should have used in the lawnmower for us. The walleyes were suspended from 30 to 50 foot off the bottom just about every where.
  7. From a late report this morning five guys fishing perch in 71 foot of water off the Catt came in with 250 perch.
  8. Rigging up three lines for perch fishing is a waste of bait and results in a catch loss. One rod held in your hand takes more fish each trip since you are not rebaiting and resetting extra lines where you missed the bite.
  9. Small hooks on the bottom are usually perch. During high water temperatures they may be ten foot solid on the bottom. Then you are in perch heaven.
  10. For wave heights and winds in the next seven days. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  11. Lake Erie Marine Weather, search this site out.
  12. An Oceanographer said the installation of a marina on a point suffers from siltation problems. A better design is the Crystal Beach Ramps across the lake. Google Earth satellite view for the Canadian design. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  13. Turn north at the red light and go over the RR tracks. Three ramps there, the State Ramp near the mouth is good plus Vets and Seniors get a break some days. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  14. Do not pay attention to the “gillie galloo” TV weather people. Search out the Lake Erie Marine Weather report and get an area weather report. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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