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  1. If the other persons were residents of your home, the six foot distance could be waived.
  2. https://www.lakeerieunited.com/threads/jim-stedkes-14th-annual-midwinter-online-seminar-2020.359079/ Good luck, No closed season for walleyes there.
  3. At 11:00 AM today about 40 boats out at the Catt, probably perching.
  5. On your longer vehicle travel, your P Can from your boat will come into more use now. With the new virus regulations restaurant and truck stop rest rooms facilities are unavailable. Bring your P Can and a Porta Potty with you for your immediate use.
  6. Search out- tcsoutdoors-youtube,com. watch Lake Erie walleye show
  7. On your smart TV, or this laptop, computer, etc. escape from the boss ladies lifetime compilation of house work she has you captured you to. Log onto youtube.com and search out "home-national walleye tour" show. There are dozens of fishing sites that are along with it and make sure you subscribe to each one for more shows. You should be good to go for Sunday's confinement and you will add a lot of methods to your fishing obsession Also try direct "tcsoutdoors"'' danelajoyoutdoors", "sportsmandirect", " bondybait", robhooverspringwalleye", "jcdropshot".
  8. For USCG safety regulation make sure your battery box has a plastic cover. This prevent an accidental drop of a wrench across the terminals with a spark igniting the hydrogen gas in the battery from being charged and a battery explosion will destroy your battery.
  9. The deep water off shore from Dunkirk during late summer months and the high surface water temperature will generate its own storm water conditions. Water spouts appear and wave heights are double near shore levels. Be careful out there. The old commercial fishermen explained how this is years ago and I saw what they talked about. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  10. When the waves are breaking over the breakwater in Buffalo, go home and cut your grass. It does not matter what size boat you have.
  11. Boxed out of perch catches were taken off the Catt in 52 foot last week. Emeralds were availabile now.
  12. Go to information on the Bay of Quinte , Ontario where 10# walleyes are regulary taken. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/84592-stats-on-boq-walleye/?do=findComment&comment=619263
  13. Since New York will close its walleye season March 15, you will be able to travel there and continue fishing for walleyes. They have no spawning season protections there as New York State has . Be aware of returning to New York with your catch since possesion regulations will be enforced.
  14. Ontario has thousands of lakeside windmills but they are on near shore land, not in our precious drinking water source that we share. They would certainly object to the invasion of our shared waters. The native Americans lost their land to us but never gave up their waters. This is a stupid poorly thought out plan. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  15. The "physics "teacher will tell you water at 38 degrees is about the same temperature is reached from top surface to bottom of the water. It is the "turnover "event you hear about.
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