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  1. too much trouble here
  2. Lake Erie is usually 40% covered by ice this time of year; so far in 2020, there is none
  3. Every warm day now is one less day of ice fishing. Be ready for early open water this year but a lot of floating debris out there with the shoreline damage and rainfall stream damage washed in the lake.
  4. If the winds are high, stay in the harbor. Minnows work well with perch on the bottom and anchored up. Worms catch sheep head. Bass are good with minnows and crabs drifting. Life jackets are good for kids and greenhorns. Check charts for humps and holes for fishing. Watch for boats catching fish, not just packs of boats doing nothing. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  5. Try this Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  6. Use your graph and head straight out to at least 50 foot.
  7. Walleye fishing out of the Cattaraugus. Creek is good this past week but the perch are nowhere to be found. The lake water is going through its turnover now so the perch could be suspended or on the beach. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  8. The high Lake Erie water levels and the gravel blockage of the Smoke Creek into Lake Erie will cause local flooding of Lackawanna streets and neighborhoods. Millions of tax dollars were spent for the Flood Control Project after four disaster floods of City streets and homes in 1936 and three times in the 1950's. The maintenance of the shore line piers to allow this has never happened as the shoreline extends to the end of the channel that the piers were built for. This has reduced the depth of the creeks outlet to a reported six inches. Walleyes are reported to spawn in the gravel there but the loss of millions of dollars to homeowners in soon to come flood outweigh the loss of this area which is man made and the majority of homeowners do not worship the walleyes as a necessary need now.
  9. For daily information on USA and Canadian Great Lakes ships, tugs, Port Activity and history check out this site. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  10. Maybe outfits like Cabela's/Bass Pro could be involved. After all they are putting more watercraft on the waters every day. With all the money they send to Albany their bean counters could get the numbers our Assembly and State Senate have stashed away for their personal use. Somehow the accounting will come out from the Black Holes in Albany and Washington.
  11. Well just where does all the sales tax money from the boating community go? Where is all the registration money going? Where is all the fuel tax money going? We do not receive highway and bridge taxes that take up a lot of money. Seems the the guys in the suits know how to take it from Albany and Washington. Are we stupid to put up the denials from the legislators?
  12. An oceanographer while discussing the Point Breeze Marina project declared the Sturgeon Point Marina the worst place possible for a marina location due to the sand deposition there. It is a money trap. Eighteen Mile Creek or even Sisters Creek could be opened up with a harbor project by dredging a basin and an off shore channel to the lake.
  13. Billions of “tax credit” dollars were used to “environmental “ clean up of industrial and power plants here and they are all closed now. No heavy industry is ever returning here as more steel mills are shutting down now due to modernization using electric arc furnaces using scrap steel to produce continuous casting process for producing strip mill steel and billets for bar mill production. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  14. I am now 76 years old and in the past sixty years there has been no increase in boating access to Lake Erie. Our representatives in Albany and Washington have failed us in consideration of their constituency needs.
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