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  1. Between Wanakah and Eighteen Mile Creek. Shale bottom till Mud bottom about 55 foot. Meyers Reef is off the Low Banks between the high cliffs. Good perch and walleyes as well as bass here now. A seven pound bass was taken there Saturday.
  2. The Diversity Town Supervisor in office now wants boaters to stay home and cut the grass and paint.
  3. Good perch catches of perch from Buffalo Harbor launches are coming in. One boat landed 58 jumbo perch off the Highland Cliffs. Historically spring catches of perch last July 1st. You do not have a one hour plus round trip drive to the Catt ramps to load up on perch now.
  4. The Town of Evans Supervisor will hold a public hearing on the Sturgeon Point Marina sand bar. Since access there was blocked off last August again keeping a meeting delayed till April 21 is as big an obstruction as the sand bar. Why waste our time since her inaction will delay any action probably till the Lake freezes over.
  5. It is nice to see the perch boxes with ice in them. Commercial Perch and Walleye fishing boats ice their fish immediately after boating the fish for health regulations. Iced down fish can be held over night to processing the next day.
  6. Yesterday the same equipment from Union Concrete Contractors was operating at the Hamburg Town Park Ramp. Last year the Operating Engineers Apprentice Program supplied the Operators as their training program. The use of the ramp is restricted to Town Residents due to a deed restriction on the property uses,
  7. Perch and walleye spawn at 42 to 48 degree water temperatures near the shoreline. The bass spawn at 50 degree water temperatures, New York record bass and walleye weights are available now. After spawning they lose pounds of weight.
  8. With the Niagara River water temperature at72F. the smelt are reported running good at Lewiston. The emerald shiners are reported schooled up heavy below the Black Rock Lock. Package small bags up with salt and freeze them to keep them bright and Shiny for the perch catches as seen above now.
  9. There seems to be a dysfunctional crisis with trailer boaters and dock user holders. Maybe that is why no real progress happens.
  10. Imagine the costs for repairs here. In the lakes it will be so high tax credits will be needed to pay for it.
  11. Microsoft News has a video of a windmill on fire in Pennsylvania. A big mess. 4/8/2021!
  12. Hanover Town Launch to be closed this weekend for Swiftwater Training class. This is from the Southtowns Walleye site.
  13. 1:30 PM today had over 50 boat trailers in the Hanover Town boat Ramp. Most boats were cleaning large catches of large perch. Lake Erie was like glass out there this afternoon. With the fine weather weekend fishermen will have a tough time parking. Maybe the contractor will be clear of the State Ramp which was blocked closed today.
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