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  1. i have gx2's listed for sale which were the cal1100 replacement
  2. As new condition, used one trip. Bought another boat and no longer need. Cash and local pickup in Cheektowaga 6 - 7' Board Rods $180 2 - 7'6" Downrigger Rods $60
  3. Shorthanded

    2018 Sunset Bay Walleye Shoot Out

    final standings posted anywhere?
  4. Shorthanded

    Okuma White Diamond Rods

    deep six the ferrel lube...start sanding
  5. Shorthanded

    Precision trolling app

    IMO assuming you fish a moderate amount I would say make the lifetime commitment
  6. Shorthanded

    Okuma White Diamond Rods

    i have the same problem. looking for a solution as well.
  7. Shorthanded

    Gander Outdoors

    its Nick's for me... great shop
  8. New In Box. $250 cash & local pickup $275 shipped w/ PayPal Thanks for looking...
  9. I am outfitting a new boat and have selected a Simrad NSS Evo2 MFD w/integral sonar. I am looking for a high quality medium chirp thru-hull transducer with as wide a cone angle as possible, and the ability to ID fish when running. Thanks in advance. Jack
  10. Shorthanded

    for sale 2004 Albemarle 268xf

    hey bud, definitely...thats a beautiful rig, congrats.
  11. Shorthanded

    for sale 2004 Albemarle 268xf

    was this boat sold?
  12. Shorthanded

    Walleye Walleye page 2017

    rumor has it that this a good play on an east wind
  13. Shorthanded

    Walleye Walleye page 2017

    I've experienced this almost every year out of Barcelona, the temp break doesn't have to be as extreme as you experienced, these pockets hold bait/fish and often big fish
  14. Shorthanded

    Walleye Walleye page 2017

    we had this happen to us, tons of fish coming up to the ball, shortening the lead did the trick. also start with short leads early when fish are aggressive. also speed kills
  15. Shorthanded

    Fishing nets

    i was told they are on bottom and rise 10ft