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  1. What does the mayor of Hanover have to do with the Sturgeon Point break wall ? If Hanover got money, they will be spending it in Hanover not Evans.
  2. What happened to all the state money that I read about on this web site that was purported to be available to fix the crappy break wall. What century is that work scheduled to start ? Or, was that all lip service as usual ?
  3. Went to Sturgeon Point today to check on harbor opening. pictures attached. ACE
  4. I'll think about it. There are quite a few on e-bay already but the prices are stupid expensive.
  5. Luhr-Jensen used to make them and maybe still do. The ones I won, that are still in the package, are labeled POWER DIVE MINNOW. They Have really big bills and are deep divers. I mostly use shallow divers these days and control depth with lead core, or dipseys or down riggers. Deep divers won't work on jets because they pull to hard and flip the jet over. ACE
  6. I use the exact same setup on Ontario and Erie. No need for separate set ups. All I change is pound test of leaders.
  7. I have a few that I won years ago in Southtowns walleye tournament and never took out of the packages. Some 1/2 oz and some 3/4 once. Do they work on walleye ? I never really tried them as I was mostly a worm harness troller. Should I try them?
  8. Attached are pictures of rod storage racks I made to store my trolling rods over the winter in my den. Made from 1X4 rough saw pine that was left over from putting a steel roof on my barn. Just screwed them to my ceiling, 4 screws per board. Make them as long as you need based on the number of rods you have or your inability to stop buying new rods.
  9. All you have to do is call launch ramp 716 947-4452 and they will tell you and they will also tell you how big the waves are. Simple and no guessing. Launch ramp people are very friendly and professional. I was there Sept 21 and sand bar is growing but I launched and returned no problem in a 22 ft I/O. However, I doubt you could fit a returning and a leaving boat thru the gap at the same time.
  10. Fished Sturgeon Saturday Sept 21 2019. Go straight out until you hit Canadian Line and troll the line in 69 to 70 FOW. Tons of marks everywhere. Got 15 walleye, 2 perch and one smallmouth. 2 dipseys on 2.5 165 ft back. 2 downriggers 55 down. Renoskis or harnesses, didn't seem to matter. We started late and fished till 4:30 pm. Lots of boats out there, and fish really turned on just after most of them left to go home about 1:30 Marked fish non-stop once you hit 62 FOW all day long.
  11. The original jet divers are made by Luhr Jensen. I use 20 footers and 30 footers all the time on big boards. Don't mix them with lead core on the same side of the boat or you will get lots of tangles as they turn at different rates when you do curving turns. They are nice because they float when you let them out straight back behind the boat. That way you can float them over inside lines which are deeper by turning the boat after letting them out and not closing the bail. If you use 20's and 30's on the same side of the boat, put the 20's on the outside. If you use 2 of the same size, on the same side of the boat, let at least 25 more feet of line out on the outer one so they don't tangle if the outer one gets a fish before the inner one. The outer jet usually gets hit first because it's further away from the boat. I have run as many as 3 per side if you have enough crew on board. I have 40's and 50's but don't use them much, because they pull too hard and make your big board tow line drag in the water. I have the tripsy versions also, but haven't had much luck adjusting the trip screw accurately. Also don't tow deep diver stick baits with jets, it flips the jets over and they float to the surface. I have 10 footers also, for spring fishing, but haven't caught much on them.
  12. That's nothing. My daughter buried a hook in my mustache when she was casting off a dock when she was around 8 years old. Complete with night crawler hanging across my chin. My brother in law was laughing so hard he couldn't get the hook out and I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold still. Hospital nurse got a good chuckle to, but had it out in about 2 seconds. No cell phones back then so we didn't get any pictures. Never walk behind a kid casting off a dock if you know whats good for ya.
  13. If your getting tangles of the leader on your main line, it's because your letting the dipsey out too fast. I let mine out by turning on the reel clicker and backing off on drag until it clicks it self out to the depth you want. Start setting up you 2nd dipsey rod while the first one is slowly clicking it's way out. Leader length as long as you can get them until you can't reach the fish with your net anymore. Defiantly fluorocarbon leader. Dipseys work just fine without the ring, but you need to let out more line to get to same depth. The rings are a pain, some guys just super glue them on. I do like the ringless ones better but I'm still using both versions. Dipseys work best on steel line. Next best is super braid. I also have run them on mono, but it is hard to trip them on mono when you want to check you line or you get a small junk fish. I watch rod tip as much as possible for the tell tale wiggle of a silver bass or perch who just love to steal the back half of you night crawler. Dipseys towing a spin doctor and fly are very effective on Ontario.
  14. I have a 22 ft Crestliner Eagle walk around cuddy that works well. Sometimes I wish I had the larger cabin like they built before the walk around style eagle. Walk around sure is great when docking. Cabin space is good enough for storing rods, net, cooler and tackle boxes and porta potty. Very small for sleeping but it works for 2 people max.
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