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  1. What kind of rod and reels

    40 pound 7 strand wire for dipseys. You can also use super braid but I have better luck with wire. You need a roller rod or a twilly tip to use wire or you will kink the wire and create a weak spot. On down riggers I use 18 lb Berkley Big Game mono and a fluorocarbon leader.
  2. Stay home unless u got a big boat. Gonna be windy
  3. Walleye rigger releases

    Been using my Chamberlains on both Erie and Ontario all season. They are far superior to anything else I tried. I agree with Garry, they are worth the $ I haven't tried the stacker version yet.
  4. I know. That's why I tried Sturgeon. I wasn't sure I would find a place to park my trailer at the Catt on the weekend. Lots of room in the parking lots at the point and closer to my house. Just harder to find deeper water.
  5. What kind of rod and reels

    I like the Okuma cold water reels. I use them for my wire dipseys on both Erie and Ontario. I bought a good still dipsey rod and installed a twilly tip. They work great on both lakes. For regular walleye rods I use Eagle claw yellow rods. They are $20 each and are great on down riggers, jets and lead. They are too fast for dipseys.
  6. Sturgeon Point Sept 23, 2017 Fished solo today in front of Evans bar just to see if fish are there like at the Catt and they are. Boated 8 and lost 2 behind the boat. 65 to 71 feet of water. Took all off down riggers set 55 to 64 down. Also ran a wire dipsey on 2 as my 3rd rod from 120 to 165 back with spoon or harness or renoski and it never got touched all afternoon. Best lure was watermelon renoski on rigger near bottom. Marked tons of fish all day but everything I boated was 16 to 24 inches. Screen at 3:30 till 5:30 PM was constant fish, all different depths. Marked lots of bait. I was the only guy there trolling. There were 2 or 3 drifters or perch guys fishing 62 FOW but I don't know if the were catching. I think they were because they stayed there all afternoon. Met a guy in the parking lot who was tying down his boat getting ready to trailer home like me. He and his buddy had a 9 pounder and a couple of 5 pounders. He said he fished west of me in 70 FOW. They boxed out and had a better catch than me. Beauty of a day. 1 foot waves max. Nice breeze. Bunch of ankle biting flies but still awesome. Wish it was always that calm.
  7. Speed depends on where its measured. I find walleye like 1.6 to 1.8 as measured by a sub-troll probe at the ball ( using harnesses). If I look at my GPS speed it will report 2 or more when the sub-troll is 1.6 to 1.8 Could be a calibration error on one or the other or it could be under water currents or wave direction (wind) driven. Also making wide S turns while trolling, The inside of the turn lures will slow down and the outside lures will speed up. Which ones are getting hit should help you decide if your need to speed up or slow down while trolling in a straight line.
  8. Lund or crestliner.

    I have a 22 ft Crestliner Eagle. Bought it new in 2000. Wish I would have bought a 4 or 5 year old Pursuit instead. Would have been about the same money. Buying new is stupid. Depreciation is outrageous. Also, next boat will be an outboard. I/O ' s are a pain when they start getting 15 years old. Too many rubber parts that age and start leaking. Nicest things about any of the aluminum boats: great gas mileage for boat and tow vehicle, easy to tow, easy to load Worst things: rough ride in big waves, they get you wet in medium to big waves, they blow sideways very easy when your trying to get back on the trailer.
  9. Fished Monday for 4 hours. Launched at Catt and went in front of Eagle bay in 75 to 85 fow. Marked tons of fish most of the time but they wouldn't hit unless you ran down rigger near bottom and tripped it off and let it flutter up. That would trigger a hit about 50 percent of the time. Just wait for a good screen of fish and pull the line out of the rigger. Bad news is all the fish that hit like that were too small. Caught 4, and 1 silver bass. Tossed them all back. Most guys there were perch fishing in same area but closer to Catt as opposed to center road, eagle bay area. Only ran 3 rods. 2 riggers and 1 pink chrome dipsey on #2 165 back. No hits on dipsey at all. Ran renoskys and challenger sticks only, figuring I didn't want to be replacing night crawlers every 2 minutes. Lake was perfect and supposed to stay that way all week.
  10. New to Downriggers

    I had 12 lb torpedos on my big jon electrics and they were so slow on retrieve that I sold them and went to 10 pound pancakes. So if you have manuals or newer cannons, 12's will work great. If you have electric down riggers, you need to have big enough motors to lift them. Initially with my pancakes I had cables crossing a couple times due to currents. Then I bent the tails to get the pancakes to run away from the boat and problem solved but you need to make sure you attach the correct pancake to the correct down rigger. I have one painted green and one painted black so I don't mix them up. Bought mine at Cabelas. I also run a su b troll temp and speed sensor on one rigger which will increase blow back on that side and may have contributed to cables crossing.
  11. New to Downriggers

    Dubro is exactly the same as Blacks. They can't hold a candle to a Chamberlain. Yes they cost more, but ask yourself how valuable is your time. Buy one Dubro and one Chamberlain. The Dubro will soon be unused in your tackle box and you will have just wasted 1/2 the cost of your second Chamberlain. I have 2 Blacks and 3 Roemerers which I never use anymore.
  12. New to Downriggers

    Chamberlain release !!!!!!!!!
  13. Canvas work

    If you look at my profile picture, Ed made the Bimini extension shown on my Crestliner, including all the bows and hardware on the back. The extension zips to the back of the factory Bimini where the storm flap would attach (if I had one).
  14. Canvas work

    I used Ed's Marine Canvas in the past. He works out of a trailer and will come to your boat. Not sure if he is still in business but he does nice work.
  15. New to Downriggers

    Try Chamberlain releases. They have a separate adjustment for small fish and light hitting walleye, but can be set to have a heavy load to the rod. Work just as good on Lake Ontario for big hard hittin fish. I've used Roemers and Blacks in my past and Chamberlains are the best. They make a stacker version also. I have one to try but normally don't stack rods because of 3 rod limit per man. Down riggers are working great this time of year.