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  1. Perhaps Chuck Schumer could throw in a trillion or so. I'm sure our grand children won't mind paying for it. Or maybe he could drop off a few thousand border jumpers with shovels and 5 gallon buckets.
  2. You better have a plug in that auto loader if you shoot a duck and a duck stamp and zero lead shells in your possession.
  3. I fished Lake Erie for many years in a 16 foot Browning tri-hull but only went out in SE wind or wind from normal directions if it was under 10 mph. Mine was an bow rider and I leaned that keeping the bow cover snapped on was a must when the waves start getting above 3 feet. I dove the bow under a wave once in 4 footers and it scared the poop out of me. Lot of water came in the boat and I had no bilge pump. Bought and installed one before I went out again. My current boat has 2 bilge pumps , just in case. That Browning was a super stable boat but loved to slash water up in the air when running fast and the wind would always spray back into your face. That's why I sold it when I could afford to upgrade. No more open bows for me. Most new boats on the market now are dual consoles or center consoles. No thanks, I'd rather be dry. I just don't get the DC fad. Open bow is nice to get to your planer board mast if you have one, but that's about the only advantage unless you fish small lakes like Chautauqua for bass or calicos. Even Chautauqua will get you wet if it's breezy.
  4. 38 nice what ? Sheephead , walleye, perch ? I'm guessing perch. Doesn't matter for me because I own a I/O and it got winterized and park before Indian summer decided to show up. Oh crap
  5. I tried to go to Catt Monday afternoon. Road was blocked off to traffic as it looked like the railroad tracks were being replaced or repaired. Don't know if work is done or not. They were letting local traffic thru but no room to get thru with a boat on trailer.
  6. Attached is a picture of harbor entrance Oct 12 2020. Can You imagine what it's going to look like in the spring? I'm assuming it built up so bad and so fast because the sand was not removed behind the gas dock. In past years all that sand and rocks got removed by who ever got contracted to do the work by the marina. This year only a channel got cleaned out which filled back in fast, cause there was no place for it to spread out. I'm predicting that after this coming winter, that will be the end of the marina. What a shame. I hope I'm wrong because it's such a beautiful place.
  7. They do dredge every year and have ever since I can remember. I seem to remember last year on this site, that everyone was rejoicing in the millions of dollars approved to fix the wall. What ever happened to all that money cause I didn't see anyone fixing anything or even try. Blame it on the china virus ? Did someone take the money to fix the budget problems we always have in this state, virus or not?
  8. Don't bother going to Sturgeon point. I just came from there (Oct 1, 2020). The sand bar has completely closed off the harbor entrance just as bad as it was at the end of last winter. Unless you kayak fishing, you ain't launching there. I'd be pissed if I payed for a season slip there. I wonder if they are giving partial refunds.
  9. Thanks Guy's. I guess I'm going to give it a try. I have a fish hawk TD and I'll use it to measure max actual depth once I get them set up at specific speeds. I think I'm going to start with a 175 footer and a 125 footer. I'll post how it goes. Hopefully I don't have to wait till next summer for a calm day. I know they are few and far between in the fall, but I'm retired and can go out on a moments notice. Do you know if I can fish them next to lead cores without getting a cluster tangle? Jim
  10. I'm thinking of buying 300 ft of 32 lb copper to set up a couple of walleye copper set ups. I have plenty of experience with lead core but am wondering if copper line will help this time of year. I was thinking 2 150 ft rigs or a 175 and a 125 or a 100 and a 200. Anybody out there have any experience with this? Is it a waste of time and money? Will it go deeper than 10 color lead core ? I'm thinking 300 ft on one reel will be draggin bottom in 80 FOW but don't really know personally. Thanks in advance for replys.
  11. Could be perch I guess but if they were' I think I would have caught a couple. I've caught them trolling plenty of times before.
  12. Yep, I was measuring same temp from surface all the way to the bottom as measured with a fish hawk TD sent down my dipsey rods.
  13. Sunday Sept 7, 2020 Fished solo off Eagle Bay 11:15 till 6:30 Marked fish almost constantly but couldn't buy a hit (see screen shot of fish finder). Ran big dipseys, 1 down rigger and 4 color lead with 5 oz snap weight. 83 to 86 FOW. Nothing worked. Sticks, harnesses and spoons. I was running 3 mph om main engine trying to burn up some older gas and I'm thinking that was the problem. Next time out I'm switching back to my kicker. Live and learn. Dragged downrigger ball right thru marks and zip.
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