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  1. Call Evans Town Hall. They will tell you expected open date of marina. Usually you can launch free before opening of marina, once the dredge has opened up the sand bar at the harbor exit/entrance at the end of the break wall.
  2. They must have taken the sign down when they stopped working. It was up by the office.
  3. adding another keel really helps. Both my lake o fishing partners have done it to pull copper rigs. You should be able to go on LakeOntarioUnited to get instructions. I personally hate otter boats. I think my folding Cannon boards pull just as good as otter boats and they don't take up as much storage room in the boat when not being used. To each his own I suppose.
  4. Sign said Launch Closed and you wouldn't be able to get past back hoe anyway. Plus the water is so dirty because of the digging that you wouldn't know how deep the water was in front of you. There were no trailers in the lot. I have no idea how long it takes them to finish.
  5. I use twilly tips on both my wire rods. Paid to have first one installed and watched. Did next one myself at home. No big deal. Never had a seven strand wire break yet. Haven't tried to new higher stand count wire yet, but I think it's pretty pricey. I have 1 Okuma classic pro 10 footer and 1 classic pro 9 footer. I like them both and don't really notice any difference. Use both on Erie and Ontario
  6. I check windy.com and Port Colborne buoy. Keep in mind that buoy wave heights listed are " AVERAGE" so real wave height is probably twice as high. If you get a SE wind under 20, you should go fishing, no matter how hot it gets. Take the sun screen and enjoy being able to steer any course and relax. Windy.com seems to pretty accurate every time I have used it.
  7. Launch is closed as they are removing the sand bar. See my pictures in open lake discussion section. Perch are biting at Catt.
  8. Stopped by marina today to see if dredge work has started. May 3, 2019 Work is going on, pictures attached. Looks kind of nerve wracking to be operating back hoe and truck! Pictures are taken from very end a break wall, looking at boat ramp. Background beyond truck is where the sand is getting dumped.
  9. Buy a couple shallow stick baits (Bomber shallow Long A) and mix them in with you harness spread. Can be run on divers, lead cores, boards or riggers just like a harness. Some days they will out perform a harness.
  10. I have a bunch of Diawa Sealine 47LC's and they are OK. The bad thing about them is the little threaded cap and spring (under the star drag knob) tends to fall off and you don't notice till it's gone. It controls the free spool friction. When it falls off the little spring inside also falls off and both parts end up in the bilge or are lost forever and you then have to find or buy replacement parts. It only happens to my Diawa's, none of my other reels. Aside from that they are pretty good reels with fairly good drags. They are kind of small for lead core reels but you don't really need line counters for lead core reels. I use the metal ( not complete plastic) Cabela's Depthmaster Gold's. Never pay full price, wait till they are on sale or you have a 20% off coupon. I have picked them up for around $75 each on sale. They will hold up to 7 cores and backing and 100 feet of leader. They also make good down rigger reels because again you don't need line counter's for that application. My diver reels are all rigged with metal line and twilly tips. I use big Okuma CW453D because I use the same rods for Ontario salmon and Erie walleye. They work good. I would love to try a $200 Tekota, but I'm too cheap.
  11. Bottom bouncing is great, but the more lines you get in the water the better, so trolling is the way to go. In the hard years you need to get farther away from the boat because boat scares the fish to the side before you lines and lure even get there. That means dipseys and boards. For boards you got to decide big boards or in lines. I prefer big boards and use plastic folding Cannon boards because they fold up for storage in boat and work great. Mast is expensive, but nothing cheap about fishing. A couple of dipseys are cheap and a good way to start and easy to use. Stick with it and you will get the hang of it. ace
  12. I usually have some on the boat in case I run out of real crawlers and they work OK. I have had good luck with purple ones. I sometimes use the Berkley spray on scent also when running spoons and plastic worms. I also know guys that spray WD-40 on their spoons for scent.
  13. try Dicks. Last time I was there (at Milestrip location) they had some, but color selection was limited. Lot of them leak water and most people know that and stopped buying them. I suspect quality control issues is why they are going out of business. They do have great action if you get one that doesn't leak. I've heard of people painting the seam with clear nail polish but haven't tried it yet on my leakers. The watermelon (rainbow trout) Renoski is very effective on some days these last couple of years.
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