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  1. Turn on you reel clicker. Back off you drag until dipsey starts moving out slowly. Go do something else while checking on your line counter every once and a while. I usually start setting up my other dipsey rod. When you get depth you want, start tightening drag until reel just stops clicking. Listen for additional fast clicking (doesn't always happen by the way), you probably caught something. Repeat
  2. Last time out, they bit the hell out of my ankles. Wished I had long pants on, not shorts.
  3. I doubt foundry sand is the same as the crap dredged up. I doubt it is even useful for making concrete with further processing (sifting).
  4. Not very sporting in my opinion. How much fun is it to reel in a fish on a 200 lb test steel line with no pole. There is a 3 pole limit per man on Great Lakes, so it would count as 1 of your 3 if it's even legal. I don't think I would want to try to explain that to a game warden. I also know an old timer who does it and I think he is a greedy douch bag. Who needs a fish that bad ?
  5. Yea, the probe was on the other rigger. Thank God for that. I lost one of those 10 or so years ago
  6. Fished out of Sturgeon Wed night Aug 4, 2021 Got 4 walleye, 3 nice ones on watermelon dipsey, set on 2, 175 back, watermelon harness single willow leaf. Got 1 small eye on stick bait on 200 ft copper, long lined in chute behind boat (released it). Went NW out of Sturgeon until we got about 1/2 mile from Canada and trolled West almost to Catt. Fished 72 to 75 FOW Also fished 2 down riggers near bottom, didn't get a touch on them. Trolled from 4:30PM till sundown. First fish at 5:45 on copper. Big fish only started biting after 6pm Got pretty windy out of NE towards sunset, so we quit. Broke off a down rigger ball and lost ball and Chamberlain release. Think I snagged a sunken tree. Ouch
  7. It's $10 for seniors FYI only, I know even that is high but I'll spend more in gas to drive farther. I'd be in Barcelona every trip, but that's a long haul from West Falls.
  8. Oh, by the way they are renting slips at Sturgeon again. There were about 12 boats tied up at the slip docks and a bunch of boats in dry dock in the parking lot. I guess the town finally came to their senses. They are not selling bait or ice this year though. Also, don't know if they are giving a discount for opening so late. Launch guy's said call the town for prices.
  9. I started with 3 harnesses and 3 sticks. Got the 1 small 16 incher on harness when we were breaking down for the night. I think it drifted down to the bottom when boat was in neutral as I was running all the gas out of my kicker. I'm thinking if your drifting out near the fish, you could limit out easy bottom bouncing, but I just can't get in to that kind of fishing. I love trolling and always will. I guess it's in my blood from all the countless hours of musky trolling on Chautauqua, with my dad , when I was still a kid. Ace
  10. Fished out of Sturgeon Friday 7/24/21. Went towards Abino point to Canadian line and trolled towards Buffalo in 66 to 63 FOW. Started trolling about 4 PM and stopped at 8:30 Got 4 walleye and 1 giant sheep. Kept 3, released a 16 incher. All fish came on down rigger set at 52 feet down off a shallow stick bait, 40 feet behind ball. Tons of fish on screen, bottom up to 30 feet but it was tough to get to hit. Even tripped sticks off ball and let it float up. They could care less. They ones that hit, hit viscously. Ran 2 big dipsy's, no takers. Ran 1 100 foot copper rig off boards, no hits. Ran a 4 color lead off the other board, pulling a deep diver crank bait, no takers.
  11. I wandered across the line once many years ago, by mistake. I realized it when the boats around me had PA registration's. I had a hand held e trex summit at the time (for hunting) and it gave my position. I quickly got out my charts and plotted my GPS coordinates and sure enough, in Pa. I now have a Navionics chip in my GPS fish finder and it probably has Pa line. I know for sure it has Canadian line, cause I fish near it all the time.
  12. Seems silly to me. Why would you do this unless you r short on number of rods on board. Unless you think the balls r scaring away the fish. I suppose that's possible, but I doubt it. Surely mono or fluoro are less visible than lead. I think I have to call BS on this tactic.
  13. I've brought up moving STWT date into July many times. They just don't want to hear it. It used to be week of July 4th and I loved it and so did most of the guys I fish with. Many more fish around then and even if you don't win a prize, you still win a fish dinner and so does everyone on your boat. I know many many people who would pay the $100 per person to enter and the club would make way more money. But they are stubborn about it, so I don't fish it anymore. The prevailing excuse is there are other tournaments going on in July and we don't want to step on any other club's toes. Then get used to having a smaller entry pool and whine about going broke because of the pay out at every meeting. You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make them drink.
  14. You could troll there easy cause they are calling for West winds Saturday and Sunday. I've done it many times and the waves will be pushing you all the way. Return trip will probably suck because you will be driving into the waves all the way back. Depends how your boat likes waves on the bow. You won't be doing 30 going back. Also no boats will be allowed inside the break wall at Buffalo, so you will have to anchor up in the lake or drift with the waves. NOAA lake report is not calling for flat lake. If it was I would be trolling next to you.
  15. I just called there. Nobody picks up.
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