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  1. The marina doesn't open until May 15th. If they dredged it 2 months ago, chances are it will start to fill back in 2 months earlier, causing the marina to close earlier than Oct 15th. Be careful what you ask for. You may get it.
  2. The docks for mooring are NOT in place. The docks for most of the bigger boats are floating sort of kind of near where they belong but they are not attached to the steel pilings. There are no walkways from shore to the docks on any of the docks. The launch and return docks are still in the parking lot. Most of the smaller boat docks over by the hot dog stand are also not in the water. I was there 4/6/2024 around 3:30. Nobody working on Saturday.
  3. It's just like everything else. Lawyers will F up everything, helped along by law suit happy dick wads who can't take responsibility for their own bad decisions.
  4. I just dropped off my payment for a 2024 wet slip (3/21/2024) They said the marina will be open on schedule and the dredging will be completed. Relax and see how it goes. Lots of people are not returning to their 22 ft slips. I had 10 people ahead of me on the waiting list and I got in yesterday. Had my pick of many available slips. I will make regular fishing reports when I get out.
  5. This picture is from end of break wall looking at gas dock on March 5 2024. Sand bar is definitely better than years past, considering the lake was open all winter. Don't know how deep it is from end of sand bar to end of gas dock wall because there is no way to get down there without my canoe or kayak. Looks like a much easer dredge jog, so the wall repair job was not a total waste of money. Fingers crossed!
  6. Here is a thought. Take the 53 million dollars that NYS is giving in prepaid credit cards to border jumpers, and build a new marina on Lake Erie. Then let the border trespassers work there at $5 per hour until their court date comes up. After court sends them back where they came from, bring in a new batch. They can be housed at Gowanda prison that Democrats closed after releasing all the other criminals that used to live there, while they wait on court date. Win Win Win
  7. Well then that was a poop ton of money wasted. Thanks NYS for nothing.
  8. I got on the waiting list for 2024. I have a 22 ft boat. There are 10 people ahead of me on the 22-foot dock. We will see in the spring if marina wall repair has done anything. Fingers crossed!
  9. Sturgeon Point is indeed open for 2023. I stopped in yesterday (Aug 9) to see what breakwall repair looks like. Hope it works, because it doesn't look much different to me than it was. Launch fee $15 as stated above. Wet Slips are about 1/3 full Only about 10 boats in dry slips. Harbour opening looks wide and deep from launch area. Sign at launch says they have ice and worms at $5/doz Watched some poor dude slide his boat off the trailer into the concrete way too early because he unhooked his winch and safety chain before backing down the ramp. Heard the lower unit or hull crash into concrete in shallow water. Parked his trailer and boat was still floating when I left. Hope he didn't go out into lake because it was pretty rough and windy. Maybe he was just going to his slip for the season.
  10. Thanks Mr Sparrow Salesman at Cabelas told me my existing Navionics map chip will interface directly into the Garmin so I can see all my existing way points which is where I save all my walleye catches. The Navionics chip I have is very accurate for depth contours.
  11. I'm not worried about it getting stolen, cause I never leave my electronics on board, because it gets to hot with the mooring cover installed. The circuit boards can't take that kind of heat. I'm staying away from Lowrance because they won't repair anymore. They tell you to throw stuff away and buy a new one. I hate Amazon. The owner is a A-hole and I'd rather pay more than make him even richer
  12. I'm thinking of upgrading my fish finder to a Garmin 93 Sv (without the panoptics transducer). Anyone out there who has used one in real life? I'm currently using a Lowrance 5 inch sonar and a stand alone Lowrance global map GPS with a Navionics chip. I Like the Global map and will probably keep it on the boat, but I would like to upgrade to a more modern sonar. I like the way the 93Sv snaps into bracket without having to plug in a bunch of cables. Opinions welcome. Thanks jv
  13. Went out Saturday afternoon. Fished from 1 till 5. Only got 1, (5lb 12 oz) Caught it on big dipsy, setting 2.5 178 back Was in 82 FOW. Tried a 100 and a 200 copper set up for the first time to no avail. Marked occasional groups of fish suspended at 60 to 65 but no takers. Guess I'll break out the down riggers next trip. I agree with fish master, Chamberlain release is the way to go
  14. Is this thread about Sturgeon or Olcott
  15. Laws of supply and demand! Sturgeon Point is no longer a viable option, supply goes down and demand goes up along with cost. I'm wondering if demand will hold though, with gas prices going thru the roof. Used boat prices are still high also but I'm betting they will go down soon. I want to upgrade but prices are still in covid crazy mode.
  16. $22 a pound, I should take up fishing! $60,000 for a boat divided by 22 and I only gotta catch 2728 perch till i'm in the money. Oh yea, a few more for gas and beer.
  17. Turn on you reel clicker. Back off you drag until dipsey starts moving out slowly. Go do something else while checking on your line counter every once and a while. I usually start setting up my other dipsey rod. When you get depth you want, start tightening drag until reel just stops clicking. Listen for additional fast clicking (doesn't always happen by the way), you probably caught something. Repeat
  18. Last time out, they bit the hell out of my ankles. Wished I had long pants on, not shorts.
  19. I doubt foundry sand is the same as the crap dredged up. I doubt it is even useful for making concrete with further processing (sifting).
  20. Not very sporting in my opinion. How much fun is it to reel in a fish on a 200 lb test steel line with no pole. There is a 3 pole limit per man on Great Lakes, so it would count as 1 of your 3 if it's even legal. I don't think I would want to try to explain that to a game warden. I also know an old timer who does it and I think he is a greedy douch bag. Who needs a fish that bad ?
  21. Yea, the probe was on the other rigger. Thank God for that. I lost one of those 10 or so years ago
  22. Fished out of Sturgeon Wed night Aug 4, 2021 Got 4 walleye, 3 nice ones on watermelon dipsey, set on 2, 175 back, watermelon harness single willow leaf. Got 1 small eye on stick bait on 200 ft copper, long lined in chute behind boat (released it). Went NW out of Sturgeon until we got about 1/2 mile from Canada and trolled West almost to Catt. Fished 72 to 75 FOW Also fished 2 down riggers near bottom, didn't get a touch on them. Trolled from 4:30PM till sundown. First fish at 5:45 on copper. Big fish only started biting after 6pm Got pretty windy out of NE towards sunset, so we quit. Broke off a down rigger ball and lost ball and Chamberlain release. Think I snagged a sunken tree. Ouch
  23. It's $10 for seniors FYI only, I know even that is high but I'll spend more in gas to drive farther. I'd be in Barcelona every trip, but that's a long haul from West Falls.
  24. Oh, by the way they are renting slips at Sturgeon again. There were about 12 boats tied up at the slip docks and a bunch of boats in dry dock in the parking lot. I guess the town finally came to their senses. They are not selling bait or ice this year though. Also, don't know if they are giving a discount for opening so late. Launch guy's said call the town for prices.
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