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  1. I just checked, it is 15 hook points per line, even with a 3 treble hook stick bait and (2) 3 hook worm harnesses I would still be under by 3 hook points
  2. I think the hook point rule is only in effect in NY for ice fishing. I could be totally wrong though, its happened before
  3. I'm honestly not sure of the legality. I don't think the downrigger assembly counts as a rod and reel, if this were the case guys out trolling would be forced to count them in the rod limit, this has never been the case as far as I know. Technically this method doesn't seem any different to me than running a fixed cheater on a rigger line. I'm just trying to maximize baits in the water without going over the rod limit thats all. Again, I know it's a risk of a tangled mess but I would never know without trying. Was just interested if anyone may have done this successfully to guide me what's the best way to do it. If it tangles then I know it's an idea for the "not feasible" pile hahaha.
  4. I have an extension net that goes to 10-12' I don't think a 3 ft lead will be a problem. Unless it's a 5+ lbr ill grab the leader and flip them in the boat. I'm more worried about tangles than anything. Steelies I'd be concerned if it was up higher but a laker or big sheephead may cause a problem. What can it hurt to try. I made a nice long snubber to use as a shock absorber so they don't crack off on the initial strike. I think of I can keep if untangled I can get them in without a problem
  5. I know some will think this is crazy. Let me start by saying I will only do this walleye trolling, definitely not trout and salmon. And also, I run fixed cheaters also for those who are going to say just do that, I do. I run chamberlain releases on my riggers so my release is above the ball. This leaves the eyelet on the tail of my ball open. I was thinking about running a worm harness directly off of this with a 1-2ft piece of 25-30lb fluorocarbon with a snubber between it and the ball. On my fish hawk rigger I have a good 8-10 inches between the release and ball, I think this will help prevent tangles. My hopes is to possibly pick up a couple hitch hikers maybe every time I bring the ball up. I see them come to the ball on my lowrance, so I figured what could it hurt, as long as I can keep it from tangling on the way down of course. What are people's thoughts, anyone ever tried this? I talked to one older guy on Erie that says he's done it and it works so I figured what the heck might be worth a try.
  6. Added a 112# ulterra to the front also
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