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  1. I find mr 580 comments about shorter leads interesting. I think I'll experiment with short and long leaders next year to see if I concur.
  2. I use 100 feet of 20 lb Seaguar attached with a double willis knot to the lead. That way if you get nicks by the lure, you cut off 3 feet and retie. Willis knot allows you to get thru the rod and level wind mechanism easy. Biggest hassel with lead core is having enough reels to have 3 color 5 color 7 color 10 color etc etc. Good news is you don't need line counters. I keep extra loaded reels without rods in the cabin of my boat and just switch out to the rod as the season progresses and you need more colors. If you only fish lead, (no jets in the mix) then I fish 3, 5 and 7 colors on one side of the boat and 4, 6 and 8 on the other side. I never mix jets and lead on the same side of the boat. You will eventually get a massive tangle if you mix. Heaviest lead nearest the boat of course to allow the shallower lines to cross over the deep ones without tangles.
  3. I usually start around 1.6 for walleye. Make S turns if your using boards and see what speed change picks up more fish. Inside boards will slow down the speed at the lure and outside boards will pick up speed. Then adjust speed accordingly. My GPS speed always shows faster than my sub troll speed for some reason. I use a Lowrance global map 400 stand alone GPS if that makes a difference to anyone.
  4. I always have 2 dipseys in my spread for lake Erie walleyes. One on each back corner of the boat on 2.5 or 3 I now run 7 strand wire on rods with twilly tips. They catch their fair share of fish. I use smaller ones in the spring and work up to the larger ones as the lake temp pushes the fish deeper. I recently started using a church stern planner down the chute with braid backer and lead core to get an extra rod in the water. Works kinda cool because it keeps the chute rod back far enough that you do your netting without pulling in the chute rod.
  5. Added a pro-troll 2 speed controller to my 9.9 Yamaha high thrust. Works awesome. Money well spent
  6. Used to use roemers because I liked the way they adjusted release tension. I now use Blacks and like them a lot. If you use braid, the braid will slip in a roemer and saw a groove in the plastic until they won't release anymore. This is very important if you find a bunch of suspended walleye and you want to send bait to bottom and intentionally release it and let the bait rise up thru the fish. Walleye usually cant resist that technique. If the release wont let go you just get pissed. If I find 3 or 4 fish bunched up tight on the fish finder, I always go for the bottom and trip it off. Works 75 per cent of the times you try it, even when the fish are not aggressive. Rubber bands are fine for trout and salmon but aren't worth a dam for walleye or junk fish.
  7. Dear Southdowns' Walleye: Please stop holding your tournament so early in the year. Fish were few and far between this year unless you like catching small ones and silver bass. In my humble opinion your tournament would be far more fun and you would get way more entries if it was the week of 4th of July, like it used to be or even later.
  8. Pink Chrome with white oring. Works on Erie and Ontario. I also once bought a Nuclear Green Walker deeper diver that works great on both lakes but have never been able to find another one with the same paint scheme. I'm almost afraid to use it on Ontario in fear that it might get broken off by a king. You don't need snubbers when fishing for walleye as they are such wimpy fighters. I normally don't use snubbers on Ontario either. Just a lower bound test leader as I usually fish my dipseys on a wire rig with a twilly tip for both Erie and Ontario.
  9. In the eighties we used to use spoons a lot. Once the zebra mussels cleared up the water, spoons became much less effective. Off Barcelona it would probably work well to do at least one, because there are a lot of steel head there close to shore in the spring. If I'm trolling deep diver stick baits (bomber long A's), I'll occasionally use a 3 way swivel and tie a small light spoon above the stick bait on a 3 foot leader. I like alpena diamonds the best, but they are very hard to find these days. Walleyes will almost always hit the spoon because they think the stick is chasing the small spoon I guess. When the white bass and sheep head are brutal, or you run out of night crawlers, I switch to shallow stick bags (Renosky's). Take off the front hook so it doesn't get caught in the net. Walleyes never hit the front hook anyway. Put a half a crawler on the back hook or a full crawler on the middle hook.
  10. Does anyone out there know what color a "Ghost" renoski is? Packages only have numbers on them, not names. Guy at Dicks say's its black and silver but I don't know if he knows what he's talking about or just making up stuff.
  11. I troll worm harnesses and Renoski's with dipseys, jet's and lead core. 3D worm harnesses are my favorites if worm stealing silver's aren't around in large numbers. I also use down riggers late in the summer when lake temp is warm all the way to the bottom. All catch walleye. I find it best to not mix jets and lead core on the same side of the boat. I mostly use big boards off a mast but I am experimenting more with in line boards. I have 2 Off Shore in lines and just bought 2 Church "walleyes'. Both have tattle tail flags. Have not gotten the Churches wet yet.
  12. How do I add my own picture to eliminate the avatar ?
  13. New to LEU Member of LOU 22 ft. Crestliner Eagle
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