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  1. Like RD9 said, it's easy out there right now. You don't need to troll slow and run harnesses unless you really want to mess with worms. We have been trolling sticks and spoons at 2.5 to 2.7 for the last 3 weeks and have caught just as many fish as the next guy. Bonus of trolling faster and deep is you can pick up steelhead at the same time as walleye.
  2. When fishing for walleye I turn my chamberlains out 3 to 3.5 turns from bottoming out. They will release on small eyes when set up like this.
  3. Spoons off of riggers down 85 worked best for us today west of dunkirk. Caught around 20 fish, kept 12, west of Dunkirk from 8:45 am to noon. Super slims in perch pattern, chicken wing and another that I don't know the name of. All were copper blanks.
  4. We caught a mid 7's this morning, biggest out of the 12 we kept. A guy on the dock said that they had a 9 lber when we came in at 12:30.
  5. You can send them Tuna's Reel Troubles and have them repaired/upgraded with a quick turn around.
  6. I usually run 1.8 to 2.0 most of the time. I wasn't getting any hits yesterday at that speed so I sped up to 2.4 to 2.5 and started picking up fish so I left it there. Today I was trolling at 2.2 to 2.3 and picked up a few. I mix harnesses and sticks and pick up fish on both at the same time, most people run one or the other.
  7. Yesterday the lake was calm and flat and the GPS was almost identical to down speed. It did vary a little depending on the current.
  8. I would try speeding up. I caught all my fish yesterday at 2.5 mph at the probe not surface GPS speed.
  9. I managed to pick up 3 steelhead on sunday out of barcelona while trolling for eyes. We were straight out in anywhere from 100 to 80 ft. Caught 2 on riggers and one on a dipsey. All 3 hit stickbaits.
  10. I would never have thought to try leads that short but I will now. Thanks.
  11. Maybe try some deeper cores. We caught 9 out of our 11 fish yesterday on 7, 8 and 10 color lead with stickbaits. The 8 and 10 color catching the most and biggest fish, a 9 lbs two 8 lbs and a 7 lbs. The rest were smaller eaters. I have not caught a fish yet on my riggers this year. What lead are you guys running on your riggers? mine have been set at around 50ft back, which usually works for me.
  12. I got there at around 7am and still found a spot near the launch. Others were parked near Lakeshore Drive behind demetri's. The problem will be the idiots that will park behind your boat trailer knowing that you have to get out of there sometime. We saw a few of those when we pulled out at around noon.
  13. Caught 9 keepers this morning and threw 4 back. West of Dunkirk in 65 to 70 ft of water. 8 color and dispeys 180 back on 3 setting were working today. Only fished from 8 to 1130 AM.
  14. for sale

    Thanks, that was a quick sale.