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  1. I make mine out of the wire I make them with the quick change clevis’s so you can change blade colors. Don’t have to carry as many actual harnesses. And blades don’t take up much room either. Also in five years I can only remember one breaking.
  2. Not sure what they cost at captain bobs Because I make my own but I try to buy what I can from him instead of the big chain stores. I like my money staying local. And his prices are usually the same if not cheaper.
  3. It was there had the my fish hawk on yesterday too Sometimes it was so sharp you could see it on the fish finder.
  4. Very similar results as well. Started with harnesses on dipsy’s. By the time we were done had sticks on everything.
  5. Care to share with the rest of us?
  6. I run black dipsy’s with a 10’ leader
  7. There are a lot of fish in 70’ to 90’ straight out of Dunkirk. Caught ten Saturday. Caught them on Dipsys with harnesses and leadcore with sticks. 6 came in the first hour. Then took another 4 hrs to get the other 4. Most fish were from 45 to 65 down
  8. I fish with four dipsy’s. The outsides I run on 3’s and insides on a 1 and catch just as many on the insides as I do the outsides. When they’re down 45’ and deeper I don’t think they scatter like they do when they’re up higher in the water column
  9. https://www.fishusa.com/Luhr-Jensen-Les-Davis-Plastic-Rudders they come two to a pack
  10. Use a “Luhr Jensen Les Davis Plastic Rudder”. Prevents the line from twisting. Attach to your main line and run a leader to your harness or spoon. You’ll never have a problem again. Can find them on Fish USA
  11. Care to elaborate? How deep of water?
  12. Yes great year! Thanks to everyone who shared info Sent from my iPad using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  13. Awesome!!! Sent from my iPad using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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