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  1. Yep calling for possible 18 footers. Talk about a Walleye chop!
  2. Similar results caught a two man limit. early had success 80 to 90 ft. Then moved out to 90 to 100 ft. Fish were from 40 ft to bottom. Ran 4 dipsy’s 150 to 160 on 1’s. 190 to 200 on 3 using worm harnesses. Ton of bait on the bottom
  3. Brought home 13. 3 of us in the boat. But also caught 4 lakers and 2 nice steelhead. Beats any day at work. My buddy and his girlfriend quit fishing for walleye and ran two dipsy’s for trout caught over 16 lakers and a couple of steelheads. He quit keeping track. He quit when his girlfriend said she couldn’t reel another one in.
  4. Thanks. usually I fish SP and Dunkirk. Thought I’d try Barcelona and a friend was told me to be careful of the nets. Wasn’t sure how deep of water they were in.
  5. Thanks. but I was wondering about the location of the perch nets. I do agree the walleye are as plentiful as I’ve seen in a long time
  6. If You go NE out of the harbor are there any? Thanks for your reply
  7. Does anybody know if the still have the perch nets still out ?
  8. me and my Dad fished Dunkirk today. Caught 6 in 45 minutes in 75 fow took another 4 hrs to pick up 8 more. Ran 4 dipsy’s. 140’s on the 3 setting and 105 on the 1’s. Ended up in 86 fow.
  9. Fished out of Dunkirk today ran 4 dipsy rods only. Caught our 3 man limit 85 to 90 fow. All on worm harnesses
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