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  1. Well?? How did you do? Sent from my iPad using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. Yes straight out in 66’ purple harnesses
  3. Has been so windy probably not a lot to report :( Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  4. And as far as speed all I have to go by is the gps speed on the fish finder. Usually try running about 2.2. When we have the space to roam we try doing slow turns so the lures are constantly changing speeds.
  5. I usually only get to go weekends so it’s always a guessing game for me. What I’ve noticed is there’s a lot of fish out there from 40 to 110. So you just have to choose how deep of water you want to fish and then figure at what depth the walleye are at. 65 to 75 has been my go to depth. Anything with purple or pink has been my go to color for harnesses. For sticks I have a couple of the old shallow thunderstick rainbow trout patterns and rapala hj12 with a pinkish purplish back have been the go to colors.
  6. You read all the reports you want but that lake is constantly changing. Read your graph it will tell you what you need to do. Fish were higher in the water column today. Had to target 30 to 40 fow. Totally different then last week Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  7. Caught 17 in 3 hrs tonight. Best amount of marks were 60 fow straight out. Fish were in bottom 10. Ran just harnesses on dipsy’s. Purples and pink
  8. 3 man limit. 65 - 70 fow. 5 & 6 color with sticks. Purple worm harnesses off dipsy’s
  9. Yep the wind sure picked up yesterday evening. Stuck it out caught 16 and kept our 2 man limit in 3 hours. Just ran dipsy’s with harnesses. Sent from my iPad using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  10. Same today. stayed between 60 & 70 fow.
  11. Out of Dunkirk. straight out and to the west
  12. 3 man limit today and through 3 others back, 5 & 7 color with sticks on boards, worm harnesses off dipsy’s 55 to 70 fow
  13. Yep calling for possible 18 footers. Talk about a Walleye chop!
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