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  1. garrymny

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    Thanks for the report. Guess it's time to go for walleyes. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. Ok, transition to what? Educate me please. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  3. garrymny

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    Seems really slow so far. You would think it would be better. Last year in July we killed them off the CATT. My screen was solid fish while trolling for miles and hours. Now, very little. They are killing them in Cleveland.
  4. I went off the windmills Sat June 9 from 3 to 5 PM. Only got one walleye. I trolled in 38 to 25 FOW. I used bottom bouncer, lead core, and dipsey diver, all with crawler harnesses. For me it has been a slow year so far both for walleye on erie, and salmon on Ontario. I see most posting are reporting the same, except for a few who say they limit out quickly. I think if you can find them you can do well, but theres a lot of water to cover. COTTONWOOD was terrible! Worse than the fleas on Ontario. I worry about them clogging up my motors.
  5. Great I hope to get out there Saturday.
  6. Ok great. I am also disappointed that everyone ignored the disabled boaters. But, HOW WAS THE FISHING OUT OF SBH? Sounds like quite a few people are out, but only a couple have provided any reports. C'mon guys, there's lots of ways to help your fellow fishermen, giving a tow, and providing a fishing report are several. It helps those who are trying to plan a trip. Thanks in advance, and again Kudos to those who help others. The Golden rule! Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  7. good for you. thanks for posting your reports. Looks like no fishing this weekend for me.
  8. Ok, guess it's time to go night fishing. I had no luck off SBH during the day so far. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  9. Thanks for the replies, and helping me out with your knowledge. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  10. 5/25/2018. Fished from 0900 to Noon. One sheephead, one silver bass. Only saw two fish on my screen. Went from windmills and south, searched at 5 mph for one solid hour looking for fish on my screen. Nothing, no fish, no bait. Tried from 7 feet of water out to 35 FOW. Finally just put out the 7 color core, and a couple bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses. So where in the hell do all the Walleyes go? Had fantastic fishing out of Catt in July last year, and my screen was solid fish for 5 hours. Do I have to go way down there to catch walleyes? I thought I would try SBH because it is so much closer for me, but I must say I have never had any luck out of SBH. Kind of wondering what the deal is. Very few people posting any reports too, which does not help. I encourage everyone to help each other by posting a report, even if you don't catch. Lots of boats out there, saw only one fish caught in another boat, a smb. Thank You.
  11. garrymny

    Lost another brother

    Too sad. Sorry to hear it.
  12. garrymny

    Lost another brother

    what happened?
  13. Fished out in front of the windmills. 25 to 45 feet of water. Nothing. never saw a fish on my screen in about 1 hour of trolling. Water temp about 52.
  14. Thanks for Posting! Even with your tight Lip HA HA!
  15. heard today the perch guys out of the Catt couldn't find perch, but found big walleyes, out to 70 FOH.