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  1. 80-85 FOW again, fish were taken on riggers at 60&70’, wire dipseys back 170 on a 3 setting, 2.0 down speed. We set up on our marks from last week but we found scattered pockets of 55* water at lure depths. After an hour and a half of seeing that and no fish, we went west towards Dunkirk about 2 miles. Water was stable and 67* at 60’. We quit at 1130 but I’m sure we could have picked away and finished filing the cooler.
  2. Last walleye trip of 2021 for us today. Fish were west of where we have been working last several weeks. Managed 8 in the box in 4 hours. We did not catch a fish on a stickbait. We also only caught 1 fish on leadcore. Worm burners off downriggers and spoons off dipseys saved the day for us. Lake Erie has been very good to us this year. Good luck to everyone still trying to get a few more for the freezer.
  3. 2 man limit in 3 hours this morning, 80-85fow, straight out of the Catt. Fish were taken on riggers set at 70&75, wire dipseys 160-170 #3 setting, 10-color leadcore on boards. Spoons, stickbaits, and worm burners all caught fish. 65* surface temp, 68* @70’.
  4. The Catt. Or Dunkirk, whatever is closer for you to trailer to. We have been fishing an area roughly halfway between.
  5. Fished 830-2 yesterday, put nine good fish in the box and a bonus slob perch. 80-84fow, slow grind, lots of marks, light bites. 10-color with sticks was the best, northern lights bomber was the hottest pattern. Slowest day I’ve had since June. Thermocline nonexistent after all the wind and mixing. 72* water from surface down to 69’. Lots of marks and bait. Good luck!
  6. 2.0-2.2 on FishHawk. Forgot to mention 76* down 60’. 😳
  7. Catt. 8/31: 23 walleye, including 5 throwbacks between 14-16”, 5 perch, couple sheephead, and a few silver bass. 3 man limit by 11am. Got off the fish when we got complacent and wasted an hour. 77-85FOW. 10-color leadcore, dipseys out 150-170’, and riggers at 60-70’ all produced. Bay rat long shallow divers, bomber long As, scatter rap minnows, worm burners, harnesses, and spoons all took fish. Great morning on the water.
  8. First walleye trip out of Dunkirk this season. We worked 52-67 FOW off of Van Buren point. 5-color leadcore, 7-color leadcore, wire dipseys 80-100’ back on #2 setting, and downriggers at 40-50’ down all produced. 1.7-2.1 speed, 61-64* @50’ depth. Steady pick all day, fished 530-2. 10 fish on sticks, 8 fish on harnesses, and 2 fish on spoons. Size range was 18-24”. Great day on the water.
  9. Has anyone been out between Barcelona and buffalo in the last two weeks? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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