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  1. Yes, weatherman blew that one. Was not expecting that much rain but the perch cooperated. Ended up with 36 from 9-13inches. I fished in about 63 feet inside where most other boats were. Wanted to fish some for walleye but started to get too rough and I was soaked by noon. Talked to few guys at the ramp and no one seemed to have any luck with walleye.
  2. looks like they finished Oct 16th according to what I read on internet.
  3. are the tracks still blocked or can we get to the launch? Anybody been out lately for walleye? Thinking of going in a few days. Thanks.
  4. You mean I might be able to tow my boat and go faster than 1/2 mph over the tracks now?
  5. I got skunked. This is my first year fishing Lake Erie but it just seems like you get waves coming at you from every angle. Tough to keep a constant speed. A week ago I took a friend and his father fishing and both got sick. Hope to get out on Lake O once or twice for perch before putting the boat up.
  6. If they don't give anyone refunds then no one is going to rent a slip there even if they do clear out the channel. Has this always been a problem for that launch? Can't see them dredging every year.
  7. Also going out tomorrow. May be my last trip as well.
  8. I went out on Saturday AM and set up in 75ft and got one right away, then took a while to get the second one. The third one got caught up in my rigger wire and took off with my J9 silver and black jointed rapala which is what I caught all three fish on. I then had a "little accident" and cut my finger pretty good on my rigger wire. Thought my day was over but patched myself up. Lucky I had a first aid kit. Caught two more walleye so ended up 4/5, all on jointed rapalas. All fish were caught in about 75ft about 10ft off the bottom going about 1.9 mph. When I got to deeper water marked fish but could not get any to hit. Saw a bunch of boats way deep. When home and bought two more silver and black rapalas. Hard to find them. Most places are out of stock.
  9. I'm no engineer but something is definitely wrong for it to fill up so quickly. Can not justify $15 to launch and then take a chance on hitting bottom.
  10. Thanks. I've got to start getting my dipsy's working for me. Do well with the salmon but nothing yet with the walleyes.
  11. Thanks for the info. On dipsys, how long of a leader do you run with harnesses?
  12. Being new to lake Erie fishing, how are you supposed to know if you drift over into Canadian waters? There are no buoys. My map on GPS does not show the border. I did downloaded some GPS coordinates for the US/Canada border that I got from Google maps. How strict are the Canadian border patrol? Obviously if you are a half mile into Canada you have no excuses, but if you are over by a few hundred feet, will they stop you? Thanks.
  13. Started fishing at around 6:30am in 70ft. Didn't get first walleye until later morning. Tough bite. Ended up with 3 walleye, 5 perch, and one silver bass. All walleye came on jointed rapalas in black and silver. Walleye caught at around 55 ft down trolling at about 2.2 mph. Later used worm harnesses and caught perch. I believe this is a silver bass? Are they good eating? Never had one before.
  14. Thanks, Fyshon. I'm going to try again tomorrow. Was going to try Myers Reef but may change my strategy based on what Justfishin stated.
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