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  1. Last weekend they were still out in 66 fow. They may have started moving in a little, but I'd start there with at least two lines on the bottom. Good luck.
  2. Got out yesterday afternoon/evening and got 11 in 63 fow on wormharnesses slow trolled (3 on the bottom/1 suspended). Is anyone catching any fish in shallower water closer to the harbor?
  3. Got two man limits Sat morning and Monday evening. 61 fow drifting worm harnesses right on the bottom
  4. Went out the south gap tonight and fished 43 - 52 fow. Got 12 with a few misses and 3 lost. All on wormharnesses slow trolled on the bottom. Color didn't seem to matter tonight
  5. Went out Friday evening behind the windmills in 43 - 46 fow. Got ten on wormharnesses right on the bottom. Color didn't seem to matter.
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