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  1. Any word on the harbor entrance? Is it still all silted in real bad or are they dredging it out? Last year the opening was pretty narrow. Not sure about sneaking out the other opening on the side, or how shallow that is.
  2. Winter boredom is in full effect. Anyone upgrade since this topic was last visited?
  3. Heard none yet so far from a couple guys.
  4. Still way too green down in 9P last weekend.
  5. Putting them in the lake would require building their bases in the lake. That will disrupt and stir up all kinds of nasty toxic stuff that has settled over many years and is now under layers of sediment on the lake bottom. All those chemicals will then be back in our drinking water. That point in itself should be more than enough to say no way to wind turbines in the lake.
  6. I've ran mine on the rigger, diver and leadcore. I've gotten the best videos off the leadcore. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  7. Fast action Sunday AM out on the line straight out, sticks on divers, riggers and 10 color. Great looking eater size and a little bigger walleye came as fast as we could get down to the bottom in 68 foot of water.
  8. Scorpions catch fish for sure, i did good with them this summer off riggers and divers, mostly copper color stuff.
  9. Did good running sticks on leadcore yesterday. 5 color was best for me by far, 10 color and divers also took fish. Unreal fishing out there, lots of fun.
  10. That's great Sent from my LM-G710VM using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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