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  1. Diversion

    Like LOU much better then LEU

    I think this site is great, and growing, so it will get better with time.
  2. Diversion


    Right out front, head to the east, 50 - 60 foot of water, 5 color cores with sticks.
  3. Diversion

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    Returned from FL on wed and the plane flew over the lake. I could see an excavator in the marina opening, so hopefully they are close to being done.
  4. Diversion

    Sturgeon point

    That's good to hear. Did they have any idea of when they might start the work?
  5. Diversion

    Sturgeon point

    Has anyone heard any updates if they are going to dredge the harbor?
  6. Diversion

    Lund or crestliner.

  7. Diversion

    Sturgeon point

    I saw on another site that rates would be increasing for slip holders for 2018. So hopefully they figure out how to open it. I agree, it would not be good to lose that launch access.
  8. Diversion

    Sturgeon point

    Does the entrance to Sturgeon Point get filled in with sand every winter? I took a drive out that way yesterday and there's a big sand bar almost totally blocking off the harbor entrance.
  9. Diversion

    Winter project

    What motor is on it now? Are you going to sell it?
  10. Diversion

    Big Boards

    What does everyone run for big boards? I currently run Otter Boats but they seem pretty prone to breaking. Something fell on mine over the winter and cracked the port one in half. Thinking about Amish Redwood boards, have heard that they pull really hard.
  11. Diversion

    Walleye Eastern Basin Reports

    Is that the channel that runs parallel with the lake? Or the other one that goes further into land?
  12. Diversion

    Walleye Fall walleye near Buffalo

    Thank you men!! Good info, that helps.
  13. Does anyone specifically target walleye in the fall out of Buffalo or Sturgeon point? Been trying to figure out if it's anything like spring fishing in close, haven't been able to find much.