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  1. Any reports on perch out in from of there. Dnt want to make the journey from small boat to catt if i dnt have too. Please and thank you
  2. Any thing been going on out of buffalo with waters cooling off will the fish move back that way? Any help would be awesome
  3. They dnt stock them any more a charter captian said it came from another great lake
  4. There are salmon in the lake brother got one last year by round house but talking to a well known charter captain he believes it came from another great lake and migrated there
  5. We caught fish with jets n boards, divers,riggers just have to find the magic depth where the fish are aggressive sometimes right on bottom and in our case all fish were top 35 feet of water over 47 52 ft depth
  6. Ya a coho caught by round house with a tube drifting for bass
  7. Good haul today out there didnt matter what color
  8. Got 9 today front of mills all keepers no shorts kind of crappy weather but fish were on fire only 3 hours of fishing
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