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  1. Hey Jim, Which boat launch is that? The State launch close to the mouth of the Catt or Hanover? Didn't think either of them open until later in spring. Thanks, Bob
  2. Fished Wednesday from 7:30 to 10:30. Set up in about 60feet a half mile away from the pack of boats. Never had to move, constant action, and fishing ridiculously easy. Even caught a few on bare hooks. Caught a bonus small walleye. Putting boat up for winter though great walleye reports making me want to go after them.
  3. Not many reports so decided to go to Barcelona for the first time. Went out to 80-100fow. DR set at 40ft and set up a 3 and 5 color. Used F9 rapalas gold/black and silver/black. Everything took hits but leadcore was best. Marked very few fish, probably because they were up in water column. Glad I had a good day- long drive from Rochester. Will probably concentrate on salmon rest of season.
  4. Glad I stayed home. How did he fall out and then get back in? Dangerous in these cold waters.
  5. Anyone planning on going out on Thursday? Weather shows wind out of east. Will it be worth it? Coming from Rochester so don’t want to waste gas but itching to get out.
  6. Went out early this morning and got a hit on a downrigger right away but lost him after a short battle then didn’t catch anything till late morning when I finally got a keeper. Hit a fire tiger jointed rapala. Didn’t move another rod so I switched all my jointed rapalas to deep diving crank baits and that turned them on. Got two hits right away. A storm looked like it was coming in from the north but I hoped I could get one more before calling it a day. My rigger got hit and I could tell it was a good one. Then my other rigger got hit for a doubleheader…… but no. First fish got tangled in my second line. Had to hand line the fish into the net. This one was 27 inches. Also caught a bonus perch…. He fought the hardest. Used the chamberlain release again but line kept getting hung up on the metal lever. Don’t ask me how. Used a rubberband in the release and this worked great. It’s what I do when I use black releases.
  7. Thanks fishmaster! I’ll give that a try.
  8. On one of my riggers I was using a Chamberlain release that I thought was set light but a 4 lb walleye still didn’t trip it. I think I’m going to just have to experiment with it till I get it tuned right. They do seem like a great release and looks like a lot of people recommend them. One thing I was very pleased with where new retractable transom tie downs on my trailer I used for the first time. I lost a tie down so decided to install the retractable ones. Why didn’t I do this years ago? Love them!
  9. Went out around 5:30am this morning and beat the crowd. Only a few boats at Sunset Marina when I arrive., but half hour later and there were a ton of boats out. Went out to 75 feet and set up a couple down riggers and planer board. By 10am I had my second limit of the week. Marked many fish and it really seemed like shooting fish in a barrel the last couple times out. Couple weeks ago I went out of Sturgeon and got skunked so I'll take this. Nothing huge but the the fish were chunky. One problem I am having is when I get a fish on, cant tell it because the fish doesn't release from the rigger. I've tried all the releases and if I set them too loose, they false release, too tight and they don't release at all. I guess I'm just going to have to keep experimenting till I find the sweet spot. Walleye fishing with down riggers is very different than fishing for salmon on Lake O.
  10. Fished Wed from 6:30 to 1pm in 70 to 85 feet. Fished worm harnesses but no luck. Gold and black jointed rapala took four fish off a rigger, black and grey took another and flicker minnow run on three color core with four ounce snap weight on planet board took the last fish for my limit. Bugs were unreal.
  11. I was charged $10 also. $5 would be very cheap.
  12. Is it just a matter of waiting them out? Or do you need to keep moving?
  13. Went out Saturday from the Catt. Could only manage 3 perch. Not sure how other guys did but at the launch overheard talk about the north eastern wind, though one boat had some huge perch. I tended to try and stay away from the pack of boats. Maybe that was my problem. It was my first time to use my new Terrova TM. Still getting used to it but beats using an anchor! Can't wait to try it trolling for salmon in Ontario. Will probably put the perch rods up and start hunting walleye
  14. I just put my boat up for the winter too. Been fishing with my kayak on Irondequoit and Port Bay for perch. Was a difficult year for me for perch on Lake Erie. I've been wondering if all those marks I've been seeing well above bottom are perch. Thought about investing in a camera just so I can see what the marks are.
  15. Lawless, this was on Thursday? I could only manage 3 then the wind kicked me off. Fished from Pt Breeze to the Catt. Glad some people got into them.
  16. I was told this Sunday they will close for the season
  17. Nice job! I thought about going out of the Catt but wasn't sure about the wind and waves. Stayed close to Rochester and fished for perch out of IBAY. Most perch were dinks. Was it rough out there?
  18. Are the launches open during late October and November? Thought of bringing my kayak if my boat is up for the winter.
  19. we should have went for walleye instead of perch. Could only manage 11.
  20. Sparrow, what speed do you run the small stinger scorpion spoons at? I didn't figure you could run them at higher speeds like you can some of the salmon spoons which I'm much more familiar with.
  21. I ran stingers for a little bit on Saturday for the first time. I didn’t know what speed to run them either. Didn’t get anything so changed to rapalas. Also my speed was all over the place so figured jointed rapalas are more speed forgiving
  22. I just use a small snap without the swivel. Never found a need to use the rapala knot. Seems like the rapalas have enough action just using the snap. If I change to a spoon then I'll exchange for a snap swivel.
  23. Yes. Finally was able to get a walleye trip in. Been chasing salmon on lake O for most of the year.
  24. Got my first limit of walleye today. Started at 7:30am and had four in the boat within an hour. Then it slacked off until 11:30 when I got my fifth one. End the day with a double so had to let the last one go. Biggest was 23 inches. All came on joined rapalas fished very close to the bottom. They seemed to want it slow, about 1.5 colors were black/silver; black/gold, and yellow/silver. Fished 78 to 82 down. Hits mostly came on down riggers.
  25. I haven't tried it for walleye but I can say it works for salmon on Ontario. Yes, mono and fluoro are less visible but it's the action that leadcore gives to baits that makes it effective.
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