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  1. Agree walleyes adapt to available forage-pretty efficient predator. Hoping we don’t have so many walleyes that they crash the bait populations. Hard to believe they could dent the goby population.
  2. I’m with Larry that our charters are a non essential business. We have a moral obligation to our clients and our families to do the best to protect lives. To me that means no charter trips until work can resume, restaurants serve meals, parties can be planned and public rest rooms are available. Safety has to come first. For now I’m sticking close to home and any fishing I do will be local and solo. Right now I ‘m hoping that by June we can see some normalcy returning where we can begin to plan for some fun things like a fishing trip. Fingers crossed,
  3. Alewife are present in Lake Erie but they tend to makeup a small percentage of baitfish base. Believe studies show the shallower nature of the lake and ice cover tend to limit alewife. Emerald shiners, rainbow smelt, perch and now gobies seem to be what walleyes on east end are targeting. I don’t usually see alewife if I happen to check stomachs. Interesting how the forage base differs one lake to another.
  4. Walleye Copper at 2.0 gps- 100’ down 25’, 150’ down 31’, 200’ down 43’, 250’ down 55’, and 300’ ft down 65’. From Blood Run site. I ran a 250’ last year and it fished decent. Likely will try a 200’ or a 2nd 250 this year. For short sections lead core works better to me.
  5. Normally the Torpedo 7 strand trolling wire is used with a dipsey diver or a weight to achieve depth as it has no weight on its own. Wonder if you are confusing the 7 strand with the Torpedo Weighted Steel line? The Weighted Steel is supposed to go down 20 feet per 100 feet let out. Two different and distinct products.
  6. Back in the late 90’s I had a 15hp Honda that I used on 2 boats. If my memory is right I made a 2nd wire connection with 2 wire plug I found in the “help” section of an auto parts store. Think the part was actually for a GM alternator, but it did adapt to the Honda motor output feed and was way less than OEM.
  7. Price reduced from $95.00 to $80.00 on the pair of Bert’s rod holders.
  8. Pair of Bert's Ratching Rod Holders- One of the rod holders has damage and will not ratchet (see closeup picture)- these rod holders are reversible so it can used without problem just no ratchet feature. Other rod holder is fine and in good condition. Price as a pair is $80.00 with local pickup only (will not separate either). Located in Ashville, NY- can possibly arrange to meet in the area for delivery. Pair of Traxstech Fixed Angle Rod Holders in good used condition including mounting screws- Price for the pair at $65.00 with local pickup only. Located in Ashville, NY- can possibly arrange to meet for delivery.
  9. Pair of St. Croix Eyecon Telescoping Tolling Rods Model ET76MMT 7'6" long and medium power moderate action rated for 10 to 20lb line. Rods were purchased new summer of 2019 and only have been used a handful of times. Were purchased for a specific application and I have decided to do something different. Price for the pair is $200.00 with local pickup only. Located in Ashville, NY - I may meet someone in the area to deliver. With tax these rods were approximately $300.00
  10. To me lead core up to 5 colors is a better choice than copper. Over 5 colors (150 ft of line) copper has a place vs lead core so for depth minimum would be in the range of 30 to 35 fow. I’ve run some short 75’ and 85’ coppers and gone back to lead core. I get copper out when fish are down 50’ or more and 10 colors aren’t firing. A guy could probably do ok by using copper in lieu of 8 and 10 color rigs. For walleye I’ve used Bloodrun Walleye Copper with a smaller diameter than LO salmon copper. If you have the larger diameter salmon copper figure your dive curve for the heavier copper. I used the smaller diameter to stay away from the big reels like the Penn 345 I used for a 500 copper on Lake Ontario. It’s fun to try different stuff.
  11. In an emergency time is critical. A “Mayday” call on Channel 16 will likely get a faster response than a cell call. Plus your best bet for help is a nearby boater. With a MMSI number the USCG will have both your GPS coordinates and basic vessel info. The radio and antenna are around $250 - MMSI sign up is free. Not a lot of money by today’s standards and what guys have invested in boats and gear. My radio has a special distress button- don’t have that on my cell phone.
  12. This site has a Navionics Hot Spots Map Section attached just scroll down to check it out. If you want a printed copy of eastern basin there is a Hot Spot Map from Erie County and Chautauqua County Fish Advisory Board. We had them as free handout at Niagara Show over the weekend. Should be at Hamburg Show in Chautauqua County Visitors Booth as well.
  13. Most of the old school baits still work- just have to put them in the water. I run lots of Bomber Long A’s especially the black silver with orange belly which has been around forever. Kind of fun to dig some of the older stuff out and running it. With all the eyes around now, lots of stuff will get bites.
  14. You might consider checking the educational seminar schedule at the Greater Niagara Fishing Expo January 17 to 19 - lots of good speakers and a number of offerings on fishing the Niagara. Most of the seminars are free with the purchase of a show ticket.
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