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  1. For Lake Erie I don’t see the need for a snubber. If someone is having issues with lure break offs, I be looking at drag settings, terminal tackle and line choices. Great Lakes fishing is expensive enough so minimizing equipment loss becomes a priority. My diver setups are braid for main line with slide divers on Maxima 40lb Ultragreen Leader with a 20lb. Maxima Flurocarbon leader. I went to 40lb leader last year from 30 to get longer time before I change it out. This setup has been pretty much bullet proof and I normally am running 4 slides in the spread. I’ve lost 2 lures this season so far- one when a snap failed and other when a line tangled and got cut off. I also have rule when buying lures-always buy at least two in case you lose one.
  2. If you use an 8’ or 8’6 rod will allow for a bit longer leader. Much easier if leader is short enough to land fish without hand lining last bit of leader. With the bigger jets a trip mechanism is helpful as they pull pretty good. Jets can be pretty effective -does take running them a bit to get the hang of it.
  3. Gambler, welcome! Nice to see you have added walleye lure to your proven lake trout products. LEU is growing and it is good to see some LOU guys coming over.
  4. Easiest solution is to buy lighter rubber bands. Tackle shops have bags of red rubber bands for walleye fishing-try those. Or you could try going to releases and there are all kinds of choices- satisfaction seems to be a personal choice when it comes to release style. Don’t think you will find anything that will release 100% on the smaller walleye, but you should see your rod “load” .
  5. From the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy (one of the signatories of the County Memorandum of Consensus on Weed Strategy) publication “The ‘Shed Sheet Summer 2019” there is an article titled Starve the Algae! Save the Lake! This article asks individual property owners to maintain their lawn as follows: cut to 3” height, don’t mow let it grow, aerate, avoid fertilizer, HERBICIDES, pestices and naturalize by planting native plants. Coming from a signatory that supported applying herbicide to 394 acres of the lake and with drift killing basically all the weeds in the south basin this May to me asking homeowners to not apply herbicides is the height of hypocrisy. The benefits of the herbicides seem to be limited to the wealthy in my opinion.
  6. An FYI that if you are thinking of investing the time and $$$ in a license that going to a Masters license initially isn’t too much more than a 6 pack and one can do more with the license. Saves retesting to increase endorsement later. Certainly worth a discussion with the instructor before hand.
  7. In the Western Basin it is pretty common for folks to take their fish to a business that offers fish cleaning service and that would include many charter clients. Don’t know if it has changed but the fish cleaners there also used to keep the cheeks. Some different “traditions” west end vs east end.
  8. Example from today's trip how 20lb leader can make a difference. Took a 20lb class lake trout on a slide diver with R&R Superlite spoon. We were targeting eyes and were fishing in 70 degree water. Client did a good job with fish even though he hadn't taken many fish on divers especially in this size. With a little heavier leader fish is landed (and released), client happy and I have all my gear so we keep fishing.
  9. No snubbers. I use slide divers so I have mono for some stretch. I go a little heavier on the leader as I run into the occasional laker or steelhead. Gives a little insurance with inexperienced folks on the rod.
  10. I use 20lb Maxima Fluorocarbon leader on my divers. Probably could drop to 15lb, but I find the divers take plenty of fish with the 20lb. I mostly run spoons on my divers in various sizes including some scorpion size.
  11. Fish cleaning station has been working - just have to feed it slow.
  12. Had clients both take personal best Chautauqua eyes yesterday on 26 plus inch eyes with butterfly blades and spinning gear in the north basin on Infinity Charters. 2nd year these guys have taken an educational trip with me. They had a number of quality eyes on this trip.
  13. I don’t use sliders on my walleye set. I like to flutter my riggers so I don’t want a slider in the way. If you run short setback on your riggers then a fixed slider might work for you. I’ll run free sliders on Lake O with spoon on bottom and 8’ slider with spoon. IMO a slider on Lake Erie is more likely to tangle than get you extra fish especially with stick baits.
  14. Dunkirk is a good choice for an August trip to Lake Erie. Lots of lodging in the area with a Clarion Hotel right near the launch at City Pier. If you were interested in an educational charter, you can access the Eastern Lake Erie Charterboat Assoc directly from this forum for a list of captains and boats. Much of your Lake Ontario gear can be used, but has some tweaks for Lake Erie. I run leadcore, divers and two riggers on my boat. You could get up to speed with one trip-be sure and let the captain know you want info for your own boat. I do several educational trips for people every year and have no problem sharing info. Hope you can make it to Lake Erie this summer.
  15. Another option with a 14 ft boat would be looking for perch. Good place to look is right off Dunkirk harbor 40-50 fow. Short run if you have to get off the lake. Even at that really need to pick the right day with that size boat.
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