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  1. The engine should self drain fine-lower the motor down as far as you can to be sure water is out. The other area to check is lower unit oil-pull drain plug check for any sign of water like milky oil. Any doubt change and refill. Also not a bad idea to pull prop and grease shaft. The more service you do in the fall means less work in spring.
  2. Dropping and Lifting by hand- when I update kicker I would look into power tilt. I have a backer plate under the mount and a safety chain for kicker. Also use a ratchet strap to boat tie down to keep kicker tight when running. Found a couple pictures from when I setup boat originally.
  3. I use an Adventure Marine fixed kicker bracket on my Proline with a Stainless Marine bracket. I just tilt kicker when not in use. For steering I have brackets on hydraulic steering and kicker for quick connect rod. Pretty common on west coast to run kickers this style. I've had people comment that the setup looked like a factory option.
  4. Ten Percent - a good source for reel repair and reel parts is Tuna's Reel Troubles in Ludington, Michigan. If your Daiwa's are the Great Lakes Series you might find limited parts availability. I run a variety of Daiwa line counters from Saltist series to 47SGLCA's. IMO the reel is the place to put your money and you can save some bucks on trolling rods. Diver reels can get a workout especially if you spend time on Lake O as well as Erie.
  5. Lund and Crestliner are both owned by Brunswick and are made in the same factory in Minnesota. Main difference is in construction of hull- Lund uses rivets and the Crestliner is welded. To me choice between the brands boils down to personal preference on construction, layout and local dealer. Brunswick also owns Mercury so most Lunds and Crestliners come with Mercury power. Starcraft has added a Starweld line so they have riveted and welded aluminum choice as well. Brunswick is a big marine player owning Searay and Boston Whaler as well. Interesting to check out their corporate site to see all their brands..
  6. Lot 1- Cannon Mag 10A's are sold pending payment. Other items still available.
  7. I will send you a Private Message (PM) with my contact info. Thanks
  8. Cannon Downriggers and Swivel Bases Have several lots of Cannon Downrigger and Swivel Bases for sale- Lot 1. Pair of Cannon Mag 10A Short Arm electric riggers both include updated wiring harness both male and female, bases and rod holders. Short stops were working last time used. $300 for the pair. Lot 2, One Unitroll 6 Manual short arm rigger with mounting base $80.00 Lot 3. Pair of Cannon Low Profile Swivel Bases in good condition. $100 for the pair. All items local pickup Ashville, NY or in Dunkirk, NY Any shipping would be buyers expense. L
  9. Tuna's Reel Troubles sells the carbon fiber drag parts so you can do the swap yourself if you don't want to send in your reels. The upgrade makes a big difference. I've ordered from them multiple times and always good service.
  10. When I run 2 divers per side I let them out at same time and creep them out with the drag slowly. If I see my spread being effected by current, I'll stick to one diver/side. Tangles mean lost time and gear.
  11. Exciting to setup and put together a new rig! Have fun and hope you catch lots of fish with it.
  12. Offshore Tackle SST Pro Mag or Church Tackle TX44 in lines will handle 10 color and coppers. For what these cost don't think you could engineer and make your own IMO. Church Walleye boards marginally handle 10 colors just don't have a line problem as 10 colors sink the board at rest(I lost a setup once this way).
  13. Brown trout. DEC does stock browns in Barcelona as I've been there when they were stocking in the spring. I've caught a few over the years and best one was over 16lbs. When you get one you know it's not a walleye. The browns will hit worms too.
  14. I use big boards for leadcore. Tend to run either stickbaits or harness on boards and they usually slide out fine. I do run some spoons but usually put them on riggers or divers. If you are having problems with releases sliding maybe it is your tow line-some materials work better than others.
  15. With VHF radios being line of sight, antenna height is important. Common length is 8' when mounting on the gunnels. If going on a hardtop or t top, 4' length works fine. Either way you'll want a mount that allows antenna to fold down for transport. Shakespeare offers a pretty complete line of marine antennas.