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  1. Had a couple that purchased a cottage in the last year or so looking to take an "educational" charter. They had done some fishing here on their own with little success. On 7/16 I showed them how to weed line troll with crawler harness and they caught 12 walleyes keeping 3 for dinner. Also showed them some open water jigging tactics including snap jigging. They left with some new confidence in both the lake and their ability to catch fish. Always fun to work with new anglers or people new to the area!
  2. mr 580

    Motot issues

    VRO stands for variable ratio oiling and is an oil injection system. I don’t know much about those systems other than it was pretty common for owners to disable that system and go back to premixing 2 stroke oil and gas at the tank. If the system still works after 30 years, I guess I’d leave it alone. The older 2 strokes do smoke more than the newer direct injection 2 strokes available today. You might do an internet search on VRO for more info.
  3. Had a great foursome on board Saturday 7/7- two adults and two teenagers. Kept the kids busy helping me in the back setting lines. Plenty of fish action so all were happy. Mom got the biggest fish at 6 1/2 lbs. Fish came on combination of sticks and harness off 5 to 7 color leadcore. Stayed pretty steady for our 6 hours so time flew by. I know the kids had fun as they wanted their pictures taken with the boat when we got to the dock. Great day on the water with some nice walleye fillets to take home. Capt Frank Schoenacker
  4. That is cool-nice to see the kids and older folks involved. 83 year old must be pretty spry to tournament fish at that age! I had a couple teenagers on my trip Saturday and they had fun playing with the tackle and catching fish. I like seeing the kids involved. Good deal.
  5. Nice job Saturday with your plan. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Been busy running trips-Stillwater a vibie is similar to a sonar. Water clarity on Chautauqua can be an issue so the vibration seems to work here. Weave bumping the weeds helps and you need to make your presentation as weedless as possible. Afraid pulling some weeds is part of the deal here. Being able to see the weeds on electronics is important-where you put your lure is critical.
  7. My style (there are lots of other ways that work too) is to weedline fish until that bite fades as water warms. I’ve had weedline daytime fish since season opened this year. The way I work the weedline lets less experienced people get eyes. Later I jig and toss vibie’s in open water staying with rod in hand techniques. On Chautauqua I don’t usually open water troll as I do plenty of that on Lake Erie in my Proline.
  8. Full moon can slow down daytime fishing but there are still fish to be caught. I have success along the weed edge and do see that even the width of the boat can decide on how many strikes you get. Sometimes you have to move around to find active fish. Starting at first light does help, but there are fish later. My Tuesday trip started at eight and we had a pretty steady morning until we stopped around 1pm. When I'm on fish I usually am seeing them on my electronics.
  9. Apparently some of the people from “Jersey Shore” tv show will be at Sunset Bay Sunday around 11 am so traffic/parking could be an issue. Nothing to do with fishing-other than trying to avoid a mob scene/parking problem.
  10. mr 580

    Fish hawk td and older model

    Picture is product called a “Fishfinder” made by Koch. From old threads I found these were imported and sold under several names including by Cabelas. From age of threads they have been discontinued for quite some time. Sounded like those that had them liked how they work. eBay might be a place to look for another.
  11. Drift with worm harness just outside weedline for walleyes. I had customers get 7 keepers this morning in that area. You should be in 14 to 15 fow. Hope that works for you.
  12. mr 580


    A number of manufacturers make a “leadcore” specific rod- Shimano, Okuma, etc - good choices. Also “planer board” models will work. Pretty much a personal choice for length and action. To me same rod that handles 27lb will work with 18lb. Rods are like pickup trucks-everybody has a favorite.
  13. After spending the morning in the turkey woods did some walleye fishing in the afternoon. Kept a couple for dinner and released the rest. Bite was light but was pleased to get daytime fish from the colder water. Lots of boats out on a nice day. Should be a good year.
  14. mr 580

    Boat slip at dunkirk

    There is a Outdoor Show at the Clarion in Dunkirk on Saturday the 21st, good time to talk with people about slips only $3 admission. I keep my boat at Holiday Harbor at Chadwick Bay and it works for me. Last year they had ethanol free fuel at good price. As far as rate I do a seasonal slip and take advantage of early pay discount. Guess you’d have to check monthly rates and see what is available.
  15. Rods are available. Local pickup preferred - Any freight at buyers expense!