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  1. Penn 345 GTI USA Made with 500' of copper and braid backing on 9' Okuma GLT Dipsey rod. Setup with Spro swivels and 30lb fluoro leader. I fished this off boards so it has decent amount of backer- in good condition. Price $120.00 Local Pickup. Any shipping buyers responsibility and this reel is heavy loaded with 500' of copper.
  2. mr 580

    Preferred method for running harnesses?

    Another bottom bouncer charter is Marc Lorenc (716-534-5905) and I'm sure he would be helpful in getting you setup. He trailers and fishes from several locations. He also posts on LEU from the Eastern Lake Erie Charter Boat Association section. Most charter captains will be helpful especially if you let them know what techniques you are interested in learning.
  3. mr 580

    Preferred method for running harnesses?

    You should attend the Greater Niagara Fishing Show January 18-20 and take advantage of the seminars. Lots of information and time to get questions answered. Good show for all anglers-beginners to the pro. If you are having trouble running worm harness probably a speed issue. They run off divers, riggers, leadcore and bottom bouncers- pretty universal presentation.
  4. Attached R&R Spoon with diamond mirage over metalflake with UV back worked well off both riggers and divers for me. Size is similar to Super Slim Dreamweaver. Lots of things worked this year, but this spoon was the best I ran and the fish pounded it. Different pattern that what you see on most spoons.
  5. Selling these Lowrance GPS units "for parts" as I'm not exactly sure how well they work. They are both complete with wiring and manuals. 1. Lowrance Global Map 5200C with Nauticpath NP-USA chip card (has Lake Erie and Ontario detail), LGC4000 antenna(was working on last trip), wiring, mounting hardware and manual. Last time I used it had it lock up cursor-did a hard reset and it unlocked however I updated and never used after resetting. This is a 5" color unit and includes backbone wiring. Price $90 including domestic USA shipping. 2. Lowrance Global Map 310 with antenna, wiring and manual. This did work when I removed it a few years ago. I kept around as a spare, but time to thin out stuff. Price $35 including domestic USA shipping.
  6. mr 580

    Downrigger Techniques

    That technique has been effective for years- used to call it “fluttering””- works well with spoons too and various lead lengths. Good way to grab some extra fish when bite slows. Just take out slack and let lure ride up through the water column.
  7. Labor Day trip for Mike from Colorado and Mike from Massachusetts both first timers on the Great Lakes. The walleyes continued to cooperate with a full box for these guys to take back. Ten color and slide divers with sticks took most of the fish. It is fun to show visitors the excellent fishing we have here in Western New York.
  8. Not sure where you are located but if you are near Chautauqua, you could stop at Chautauqua Reel Outdoors and have Mike Sperry help set you up. Besides line, leaders, lures you will also need release tools to help getting fish back in the water w/less handling. Having the right stuff will save some lost gear and money in the long run.
  9. Still some fish on weedline and suspended over deeper water. Little early for move to deep holes. Usually that doesn’t start for me until Lake Erie boat is put away.
  10. mr 580

    Dunkirk Boat Races 8/17 to 8/19

    Google Dunkirk Power Boat Races and that should get you to site for schedule, map and details. Dunkirk Observer has details as well. Figured I’d pass along so guys don’t pull in and figure to launch and fish in the middle of this show.
  11. Heads up to anyone looking to go out of Dunkirk Harbor Friday 8/17 to Sunday 8/19 to check the schedule of the Power Boat Races which will effect launch, pier and parking. Might be good idea to go to another port this weekend.
  12. Bite remains good from Dunkirk- 6 hour trip for Jim Ramer and his crew from Harrisburg, Pa area with 22 walleyes. These guys drive out and back same day to come fish Lake Erie. Good bunch and we had leadcore, divers and downriggers all taking fish. No big fish, just good eaters. Guys are planning a return trip.
  13. Jerry, I passed the info onto a friend who might contact you directly. Thanks Frank
  14. What would the price be for 2 of them? Thanks