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  1. First with a 4 rod spread off Church boards, I would suggest you keep each side the same. Example - 2 deep diving cranks on one side and 2 jets with spoons on the other side. By doing this if your outside board takes a fish you just slide the inside board out then reset the inside. With different stuff on each board you have to reset whole side. Jets likely don’t run as deep as advertised and they run best with spoons, harness’s or easy pulling plugs. Dive charts to me are just a guide as so many variables with speed, lure and line. I don’t use jets anymore but I found 10, 20, and 30 jets easier to run than 40’s or 50’s. Braid will run deeper than mono but mono is easier to use with releases. Each has their place. Hope this helps.
  2. Found a group of active eyes on Saturday 5/30 with my worm harnesses in the South basin. So I setup with trolling motor to cast Keitech swim baits on a 1/4 once jig head- first three cast caught one fish and lost another. Ended up catching about a dozen on the Keitech averaging a fish probably every other cast. Some pictures attached of some of the fish caught and released. Fun way to catch fish on light tackle. Water is finally warm enough for fish to get active.
  3. The Keitech swimbaits work well in the daytime too. Check my post and pictures in Chautauqua section. I was using 4" swim bait with 1/4 once jig 3/0 hook averaging an eye every other cast yesterday. I figured they would just as well in day as night and they do.
  4. Seems each rod manufacturer rates rods by their own standards- like Ron says feel is best way to judge. Daiwa Great Lakes are a good choice and Okuma has some as well. Key is to go to a shop with a selection and have someone help you.
  5. Traxstech Angled Rod holders are sold. Pair of Bert’s Rod Holders currently still available.
  6. Tiny Tuna- the Bert’s Rod Holders are still available. Sherman- I’ll send you a PM on the Traxstech regarding a freight quote. thanks!
  7. Welcome to the forum and big water trolling. I’m not a fan of rod/reel combo packages. IMO you get a better bang for your bucks by building your own package and going to a mid price reel over the lower priced reels on the starter rigs. I tell guys put the money in the reel - for trolling you can use a lower priced rod. You’ll need specific rods for board rods, leadcore, divers and riggers. A good tackle store should be able to help you.
  8. Some Bay Rat colors that work for me are emerald shiner, purple secret, purple flash and in close to structure goby color. I use mostly long shallow and some short shallow rats.
  9. Tony, here are some brands and sizes I’ve used. For colors I don’t know what you might already have in your box so pick colors you have confidence in or have worked for you before. Silver Streaks in 3 1/4 Mini or 2 1/4 Jr. , Warrior in 3 3/8 Flutter or 2 1/4 Little Warrior and Dream Weaver 3 5/8 Super Slim or 2 3/8 WD. For sticks I run Bomber Long A, Bandits, Bay Rats and Smithwicks. The Bomber Long A’s are “old school” - the black, silver, orange belly has caught eyes for years. This is a good time to support the local shops. When I buy lures I never buy just one of a color! With all the fish around many colors are working.
  10. A week ago as a business owner I took part in a North American webinar for relief options available for fishing interests. The person presenting for British Columbia stated they had a big problem as commercial fishing was considered “essential” so they could operate their boats-however the fish processors have no market for the fresh catch and were not buying catch so they had no income. It was also noted that West Coast guides were also effected as no clients or visitors were traveling or flying. The discussion was these groups could possibly be better positioned for relief if they were deemed non-essential. Roughly 140 business took part so one can see the wide ranging and critical effect to many interests with this virus beyond what is going on locally.
  11. As of 4/6/2020 Ohio DNR has suspended sale of non-resident fishing and hunting licenses until further notice. Current existing license holders can continue to use privileges. Ohio is also asking non-residents entering the state to self quarantine for two weeks.
  12. Think it is worth noting that the live bait business changed drastically in NY with laws designed to prevent spread of VHS and requirement of sale of certified bait. Pretty specific regulations regarding bait use, receipt keeping, and transport corridors. Not easy or cheap to be a bait dealer today-plus having to deal with current business restrictions.
  13. Agree walleyes adapt to available forage-pretty efficient predator. Hoping we don’t have so many walleyes that they crash the bait populations. Hard to believe they could dent the goby population.
  14. I’m with Larry that our charters are a non essential business. We have a moral obligation to our clients and our families to do the best to protect lives. To me that means no charter trips until work can resume, restaurants serve meals, parties can be planned and public rest rooms are available. Safety has to come first. For now I’m sticking close to home and any fishing I do will be local and solo. Right now I ‘m hoping that by June we can see some normalcy returning where we can begin to plan for some fun things like a fishing trip. Fingers crossed,
  15. Alewife are present in Lake Erie but they tend to makeup a small percentage of baitfish base. Believe studies show the shallower nature of the lake and ice cover tend to limit alewife. Emerald shiners, rainbow smelt, perch and now gobies seem to be what walleyes on east end are targeting. I don’t usually see alewife if I happen to check stomachs. Interesting how the forage base differs one lake to another.
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