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  1. I fish out of Dunkirk and I did notice what looked to be long stringy tapeworms from some of the fish. Fish were all healthy and fat so meat looked good. I noticed it more when I disposed of guts (grinder wasn’t working then) then when I was filleting. Pretty sure I’ve seen it some in the past. Going forward I’ll pay closer attention to it. Agree that if meat is cooked properly not an issue.
  2. Had to wait out a quick thunderstorm on Saturday morning -still had a decent weed line walleye bite. Denise and Jerry Calise from Chenango Forks, NY ended the trip with 9 eyes keeping 7 with two of those over 20 inches. They were real happy with their box of fish as they kept some nice yellow perch as well. They are the second couple that really liked the St Croix rods I use for the eyes on Chautauqua.
  3. Daytime walleye has been good along weed lines in south basin this week. Crawler harness's and jigs should take fish. Expect the bite to remain good for several weeks.
  4. Sounds like a fuel problem. Check/change fuel filters. If you have carburetor then might be needle and seat sticking or float stuck. Carb might need rebuild. When it stops is it flooded? Or does it act starved for fuel?
  5. Slapshot, if you run wire you need twili tip or roller tip. J. Sparrow, I keep at least 2 numbers different when running double divers. I use Slide Divers and set them together. Once you get used to doing it then it is trouble free. I run that way once lake sets up and fish are deeper. I run single diver early when fish are high. For Lake Erie I pretty much stick to braid divers rather than wire.
  6. I like to run double divers per side so I run a 10’ and 8’ on each side. Having 2’ shorter rod on inside seems to work well. For brand lots of choices- Okuma, Shinano, Eagle Claw, Daiwa. Just get a dipsey specific model. Rod brand seems to be a personal preference for most guys.
  7. It is my understanding that when you see the bulging eyes or insides in the throat area that the damage is done. The fish might swim down in a lively fashion but there is no reversal of the process. If you aren’t seeing signs of pressure change damage, you maybe releasing fish that have a good chance of living. To me the DEC is trying to raise angler awareness so folks can adjust their tactics so the resource is not wasted.
  8. I did not attend last weeks meeting, however I have sat in on several DEC sessions where barotrauma was discussed. The “takeaway” that I have is that there is very little an angler can do with perch and walleye to reverse barotrauma. Their data suggests that using release tools, reeling slowly, or fizzing the bladder are not effective in a meaningful way to increase survival. As this is an air pressure situation I don’t believe water temperature makes a big difference in survival. Once the internal organs are damaged that is pretty much it. So an angler should consider keeping those fish or look to move to another area where fish could be larger. My belief is that the DEC is discussing it to raise angler awareness not that they have a solution to the problem. Perhaps you might find additional info on DEC website. Hope this is helpful.
  9. Infinity Charters will be participating. We’ll have a display of R & R Tackle spoons in a variety of sizes and colors at our booth. Stop by and take a look!
  10. Ohio DNR site has a fair amount of info. As far as trolling- you are fishing pretty shallow so cranks off boards - pretty similar to a spring brown setup. Good gps should show the reefs around Port Clinton and there are plenty of boats around. I used to trailer out there and never had issues finding fish. Biggest issue is wind and waves-being shallow kicks up quick. I usually went in May.
  11. Check out Adventure Marine- they make a number of kicker mounts including a bracket/platform mount. They are a Canadian company so when looking at price on their website select US currency. Well made stuff and price reflects it.
  12. I have a 2003 Yamaha 9.9 kicker that starts hard. I found that my putting it in forward gear and cycling the throttle fully open and closed about 4 times then putting it back in neutral that it starts right up. I’ve never had a plug fouling issue, only on my second set of plugs. I also disconnect fuel line and run carb dry when I winterize. That also helped starting issue. I run an 8 hp Yamaha kicker and both of them have been bulletproof.
  13. Penn 345 GTI USA Made with 500' of copper and braid backing on 9' Okuma GLT Dipsey rod. Setup with Spro swivels and 30lb fluoro leader. I fished this off boards so it has decent amount of backer- in good condition. Price $120.00 Local Pickup. Any shipping buyers responsibility and this reel is heavy loaded with 500' of copper.
  14. Another bottom bouncer charter is Marc Lorenc (716-534-5905) and I'm sure he would be helpful in getting you setup. He trailers and fishes from several locations. He also posts on LEU from the Eastern Lake Erie Charter Boat Association section. Most charter captains will be helpful especially if you let them know what techniques you are interested in learning.
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