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  1. Most of the old school baits still work- just have to put them in the water. I run lots of Bomber Long A’s especially the black silver with orange belly which has been around forever. Kind of fun to dig some of the older stuff out and running it. With all the eyes around now, lots of stuff will get bites.
  2. You might consider checking the educational seminar schedule at the Greater Niagara Fishing Expo January 17 to 19 - lots of good speakers and a number of offerings on fishing the Niagara. Most of the seminars are free with the purchase of a show ticket.
  3. Nice job and good use of overhead space. Handy for off season work too.
  4. Nationally one in ten people is a boat owner. In New York and Erie County it is probably less than 10% as New York registers about half of the boats that the big 3 states of Ca, Fla and Mi. do. In order to get political traction for a new harbor project one would need to have the support of 20 to 30 percent of the voting public in the local town and Erie County to get the attention and support at the state and federal level to make it happen. So every boater would need 2 or 3 neighbors making noise and using their voting powers to push this project. Going to take a lot of groups and many people to get to that level. A 3rd party business like BPS might provide some support but is not going to lead the charge. That company is probably still working through the Cabela buyout. Insight to that process can be gained by reading the current state of affairs in Sydney, Nebraska after the Cabela layoffs and closure. People interested in supporting a harbor project might want to attend some local meetings - example Erie County Federation of Sportsmen and Southtowns Walleye would be example as a starting point. Big big job to get this rolling- not something a handful of people is going to get done.
  5. Not enough people are asking those questions. I’m involved in several sportsman’s groups and all are having trouble with recruitment as older members age out. Unless something changes and more people step up, sportsmen will lose rather than gain access. The suits and politicians pay attention to numbers and money. A lot more shoulders are needed to get wheels moving.
  6. Jimski2 while the prospect of designing and constructing a new harbor along the NY shoreline of Lake Erie might make good coffee shop conversation is it possible? The reality in today’s political and financial climate is that it would be highly unlikely that one could find any public or private entity to undertake a project of that magnitude from a regulatory and financial stand point. It would take local, state and federal groups to be behind that type of project for it to happen and that type of cooperation is not going to happen. I have been in discussions on trying to get maintenance funding and that has been a challenge for even small amounts. Good luck getting a new project funded.
  7. Tim, you can visit the Eastern Lake Erie Charter Boat Association directly from this site for a list of New York captains offering walleye charters. Mix of operations from big boat big water trolling to bottom bouncers to choose from out of several ports.
  8. Erie County is to receive some Regional Development Funds and $323,000 is ear marked for Town of Evans to repair Sturgeon Point break wall to eliminate the annual dredging. No timelines in the funding announcements the other day just list of the projects.
  9. IMO the 15 is too small for leadcore. The 20 would likely be OK as a 3 color. I tend to run my cores on bigger capacity reels so I have plenty of backing to run off boards. You can run slightly smaller reels if you run Tuffline Micro Lead which has smaller diameter than most of the common lead core like Stealth Core from Fish USA.
  10. Contact info for Dave at R&R Tackle from Johnson City, NY is 607-729-5711 and [email protected] Make sure you specify the 3.25 Superlight blank in Black Mirage Diamond with Gold U/V cup as it is a custom blank and not on his website. I also get Dave’s spoons with just split rings so I add my own treble for walleye. Dave normally uses single hooks for trout and salmon. Dave does great paint work and his spoons have a decent price. He is a one man show so orders can get tied up with him at busy times.
  11. Eastern Lake Erie Charter Boat Association recently has taken several steps to provide more membership information and make application easier. Our website which is accessible directly from LEU has on the home page a list of membership benefits as well as an application for membership or renewals. Also we now have a credit card payment option for dues or new members. We also plan to roll out several more options in 2020 to make membership more flexible and beneficial. Thanks! Captain Frank Schoenacker Treasurer
  12. Charter Captains on the eastern end of Lake Erie and western end of Lake Ontario interested in an organization offering more than the drug testing requirement are invited to look into membership in the Eastern Lake Erie Charter Boat Association. A member benefit listing and application for membership are on the ELECBA website which can be accessed directly from LEU. For 2020 membership applications received November and December 2019 there will be no initiation fee. ELECBA recently received the Presidents Award from the NewYork State Conservation Council for its efforts in promoting fishing and youth outdoor activities. For more info you can PM either “mostlymuskies” Capt Larry Jones President or “mr 580” Capt Frank Schoenacker Treasurer. Thanks!
  13. Lots of good options out there. I’ve been running a Simrad Go7 xse as a chart plotter the last two seasons and have been real pleased with it-nice clear screen even in bright sunlight. Just put a Humminbird Helix 7 in the front of my Lund and that is sharp and clear as well. Have friends with Garmin that speak highly of that too. IMO look at touch vs buttons for control and if you need down/side scan between brands. Seems like electronics keep getting better so if your stuff is 4 or 5 years old that is outdated compared to the latest offerings.
  14. Did some fun fishing today before pulling the boat. Had to peel them off the bottom- riggers at 67 over 70, ten colors, 250 copper and divers at 180. Fish came in bunches- ended up with 16 on Bombers, Bandits, and R&R spoons.
  15. Garrymny if you are having difficulty tripping your slide diver to check lines your front arm is set too tight (this adjustment is same procedure as a LJ dipsey). It has been my experience with all brands of divers that adjustments are required- if you expect to take them out of the package and have them work, one is usually disappointed. I don’t find that slide divers need much adjustment once you get them right. I watch my slide mono for wear and change that once I see any or if it starts to curl at rod tip when deploying. As far as using a SD light bite with fixed leader attached to rear trigger, it will work like that. But why would you give up the ability to run a longer leader or vary leader length for different lures? You have the light bite trigger so you don’t drag small fish but give up the signature feature of the slide diver.
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