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  1. With warmer water, the daytime walleye bite has been pretty good along and in the weeds. Some pics from some recent trips.
  2. Eastern Lake Erie Charter Boat Association continues to attract new member Captains and Mates. We have close to 70 current paid members and membership information is available on our website. We have member Captains working New York waters of Lake Erie, upper/lower Niagara River, and western Lake Ontario. ELECBA offers required drug testing and the opportunity to promote our fishery. Contact any officer for additional information or attend one of our meetings!
  3. In the past when I’ve fished off Cleveland it was an open water bite and by mid July likely offshore. Think planer boards, divers approach would be more productive than jigging as the fish are relating more to bait than structure. You could fish NY water off Dunkirk or the Catt to try Erie fishing before heading west.
  4. Misdirection is right on. Big boards easier when you have different people on board. Bigger boats have room to store boards, mast, planer reels. For smaller boats with less storage, in lines are a better option. Both are very effective and what works for your crew and your boat is the best choice.
  5. Posting edited 2/28/21 to show Price with shipping to domestic US for both groups.
  6. Charter Boat Captains if you are interested in joining an organization that offers drug testing plus other group benefits, consider Easter Lake Erie Charter Boat Association. Now is the time to sign up and it is easy to do. Links to ELECBA website right from LEU and website has links to membership forms along with benefits of membership. If you have questions just use the contact link and one of our officers will get back with you. After doubling in size in 2020, ELECBA is looking to continue to grow for 2021. Our current membership has Captains fishing Eastern Lake Erie, Niagara River, and Western Lake Ontario. Looking forward to hearing from you! Capt Frank Schoenacker/Infinity Charters- Treasurer ELECBA
  7. Tough Mate Double Bow Case with wheels and 4 Master locks. Used on Western Elk hunts-never any damage to bows. Heavy Duty- some wear from handling - good condition. Held 2 bows, arrows, releases and other gear. Dimensions outside are- 47" long x 18" wide x 7" deep. Price $200 or Best Offer. Local Pickup only due to size and weight- will drive 1/2 hour any direction to meet for pickup.
  8. Acquired some Okuma Blue Diamond Downrigger rods that needed some repair in a tackle swap this winter. Rods needed some guides and tips replaced because of missing inserts or guides just retied. Rods have been repaired with guides replaced, retied, and coated with flex coat rod guide epoxy. Replaced guides have Pac Bay hialoy double foot guides in correct sizes. Rods weren't broken just matter of issue with guides. After repairs would rate condition as "good useable condition". Will provide more photo's if requested. Price as follows : Group 1- Pair of BD-C-862M-1 8"6" Line 12-25 lb Medium action Rigger Rods 2 piece rods. Price $30.00 each or $50.00 for matched pair Local Pickup - With USPS Domestic Shipping for pair$65.00 Repairs were 0ne guide on butt section of each and one tip replacement. Group 2- one BD-C-762 ML-1 7'6" Line 8 to 20 lb Medium Light action Rigger rod 2 piece rod. Repairs were one upper guide replaced and one upper guide retied along with new tip. one BD-C-862 ML-1 8'6" Line 10 to 20lb Medium Light action Rigger rod 2 piece rod. Note this rod measures closer to 8" 1". Repairs were 3 upper guides replaced. one BD-C-862-MLa 8'6" Line 10-20lb Medium Light action Rigger rod 2 piece rod. Believe this rod is an earlier version w/different butt and wrappings. Repairs were one guide retied and tip replaced. Price for Group 2 rods- $25.00 each or all three for $60.00 Local Pickup - With USPS Domestic Shipping all three for $75.00 NOTE- LOCAL PICKUP FROM CHAUTAUQUA OR DUNKIRK AREA. NOTE - WITH USPS SHIPPING OPTION NO RETURNS/REFUNDS
  9. 2002 Yamaha 9.9 Model F9.9MLHB four stroke- long shaft, manual start, manual tilt, and 6 amp alternator with Trollmaster Pro 2 throttle control. Includes tank and hose. Runs good- original owner looking to upgrade to kicker with more features. Local pickup only- Price $1200 Located in Ashville, NY ( Chautauqua area )
  10. I’ve run them inside of lead core no problem. Also set them on boards over slide divers no problem. Couple years ago I was running three short coppers on one side and ran into a school of junk fish- they wadded up all three lines- real big mess. To me, it works but lead core easier to deal with.
  11. Running 250 walleye blood run copper on Daiwa 57 LC - figure it gets down around 60 foot. Like how that fishes compared to some shorter coppers I have played with.
  12. More weight and farther back. In line boards to get lines away from boat. Longer leads and wider spreads on Lake Erie. 5 color lead pretty versatile and your 2 oz weights on that would probably get you down to the fish that a 10 is taking. Dipseys deadly on deep eyes too.
  13. Lots of ways to handle leader to dipsy and it is more about personal preference rather than right or wrong. Using two snaps or a snap swivel with a snap both work. Direct tie OK too.Use fluorocarbon leader. Most of the time you can run same length for plugs and spoons. Crawler harness on a long lead might require short leader. I keep my leaders on a Amish Outfitters leader roll. If you are spinning up leaders might be from deploying dipsy too fast or a unnoticed trash fish spinning it up.
  14. Go to Trollmaster website and you can download the TM208 manual which should be for Evinrude, Johnson,Suzuki installation. I have a Trollmaster 2 on a Yamaha was a pretty simply installation and it has worked well for years only had to replace one part.
  15. Slide Diver standard weight is 4 oz. They offer a heavy weight kit which is a 7 oz weight and a big ring. I’ve never fished deeper diver but likely the deeper diver would compare closer to a SD with heavy weight kit. IMO the slide diver dive curve is slightly less than a LJ dipsey which I’ve fished a lot. I just run more line with SD and compensate that way. To me printed dive curves are a starting point and I let the fish and my rods tell me the numbers I need to run.
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