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  1. 2002 Yamaha 9.9 Model F9.9MLHB four stroke- long shaft, manual start, manual tilt, and 6 amp alternator with Trollmaster Pro 2 throttle control. Includes tank and hose. Runs good- original owner looking to upgrade to kicker with more features. Local pickup only- Price $1200 Located in Ashville, NY ( Chautauqua area )
  2. I’ve run them inside of lead core no problem. Also set them on boards over slide divers no problem. Couple years ago I was running three short coppers on one side and ran into a school of junk fish- they wadded up all three lines- real big mess. To me, it works but lead core easier to deal with.
  3. Running 250 walleye blood run copper on Daiwa 57 LC - figure it gets down around 60 foot. Like how that fishes compared to some shorter coppers I have played with.
  4. More weight and farther back. In line boards to get lines away from boat. Longer leads and wider spreads on Lake Erie. 5 color lead pretty versatile and your 2 oz weights on that would probably get you down to the fish that a 10 is taking. Dipseys deadly on deep eyes too.
  5. Lots of ways to handle leader to dipsy and it is more about personal preference rather than right or wrong. Using two snaps or a snap swivel with a snap both work. Direct tie OK too.Use fluorocarbon leader. Most of the time you can run same length for plugs and spoons. Crawler harness on a long lead might require short leader. I keep my leaders on a Amish Outfitters leader roll. If you are spinning up leaders might be from deploying dipsy too fast or a unnoticed trash fish spinning it up.
  6. Go to Trollmaster website and you can download the TM208 manual which should be for Evinrude, Johnson,Suzuki installation. I have a Trollmaster 2 on a Yamaha was a pretty simply installation and it has worked well for years only had to replace one part.
  7. Slide Diver standard weight is 4 oz. They offer a heavy weight kit which is a 7 oz weight and a big ring. I’ve never fished deeper diver but likely the deeper diver would compare closer to a SD with heavy weight kit. IMO the slide diver dive curve is slightly less than a LJ dipsey which I’ve fished a lot. I just run more line with SD and compensate that way. To me printed dive curves are a starting point and I let the fish and my rods tell me the numbers I need to run.
  8. This is how I setup a Slide Diver Lite Bite- 1. Diver comes with a piece of clear tubing. Feed a short piece of tubing over the end of the rear trigger loop to close gap. This keeps your line in the trigger loop and makes deploying easier. See picture for detail. 2. Put a piece of supplied surgical tubing over front trigger then slide on spring tube section. 3. For braid diver I tie in 40ft. of Maxima Ultragreen 40lb test Mono Leader material ( 30 or 35 ft works too). Can also substitute 30 or 40lb test Big Game mono. I like the 40lb leader as it holds up longer before it needs to be swapped out. I use a back to back uni knot to tie mono to the braid. For a wire diver use an Albright knot to attach 65lb braid to wire then use back to back uni knot to attach mono for slide material. 4. Feed the mono through diver add a piece of surgical tube under front trigger to lock mono before trigger is set. 5. Put a bead on the end of mono to help cushion knot when diver slides back. Tie on a quality snap swivel. 6. Adjust triggers- front trigger should be fairly tight and rear trigger fairly loose. Back trigger adjustment is pretty sensitive. Once you do a few it gets easier. 7. Tie a 3 or 4 ft fluorocarbon leader -I use 20lb test- with a barrel swivel on one end and a plain snap on the other end for your lure to attach to. This leader keeps diver from sliding down to the fish. Make it long enough but short enough for comfortable netting. You can rig a standard slide diver in same manner-just no rear trigger. With the mono slide leader no snubber required. This setup works on Lake Erie or Lake Ontario (use 30lb leader section for flasher fly or meat rig). I also use rings as I like my diver rods to load up so I get a solid release. Pictures attached. Hope this is helpful. The regular Luhr Jensen dipsey works great, I just think the slide diver with adjustable leader length is better.
  9. Let me get some pics and I will post in “tackle and technique” section - hopefully later today.
  10. J Sparrow if you decide to try slide divers PM me and I’ll pass along some setup tips that can shorten the learning curve on SD’s.
  11. If you want to run a longer leader on a diver, it is hard to beat a slide diver. The lite bite version with rear trigger also helps with problem of dragging junk fish around. There is a learning curve in setting them, but once you get it down no problems. I can run 40’ leader usually with a spoon and typically run 2 to a side.
  12. I use 15lb fluorocarbon leader and for length 20 feet along with a good quality swivel. Twisted line might be a bad swivel or spun up from dragging a trash fish around spinning.
  13. No problem getting slide diver to release with mono for the diver to slide on. Your main line is braid or wire so you only have a section of mono for the diver to slide down. As far as using the release attachment to slide a regular dipsey - I don’t see any advantage. To me just use a slide diver which is made for the purpose. I’m prejudiced perhaps after playing with dipsey’s and big Jon jettison releases back when we ran mono on dipseys probably 30 years ago. They worked about 20 percent of the time and failed more often than not with a big king on. Quickly scrapped that experiment. To me use dipsey or slide diver as designed- both have excellent track records catching fish.
  14. Yes, you run slide divers on wire. Splice in a section of 30 to 40lb mono or 65lb braid for the diver to slide on. I tend to like mono over braid. Pretty limited dive curves on slide divers. I like to run divers with rings.
  15. Put about 40 yards of mono on your reel then attach your wire. Put it on under tension and for a knot the “fish doctor” from Oswego has a simple overhand knot for wire on his website. The wire being thinner will run your dipsey deeper than braid dipseys. Forget trying to run a lure ahead of a dipsey. Wire has benefits but you have to be careful handling as kinks lead to wire breaking.
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