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  1. No, not really but i could probably meet somewhere in between.
  2. I have a total of 3 cabelas rods for sale. Two 8'6" downrigger rids and one 7'6" trolling rod. 50.00 for all, located in Fredonia, NY Call or text. 716-673-6614 Sent from my LM-G820 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  3. I have found that a deep diving reef runner 800 adds approx 10ft to whatever leadcore it is put on. I have consistently hit bottom in 35 ft of water with a 5 color and reef runner 800. I have not experimented with other deep diving lures but would assume that they would add depth to leadcore also. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  4. I if all you catch is 15/21 inch fish i guess it would be boring. In regards to the question, I like the tufline micro lead core. I can fit a 10 color on a 30 size reel with plenty of backing. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  5. What are you using to try and get down to the fish? How fast are you trolling? Dipseys (what setting and how many feet back)?, downriggers (what depth)?, leadcore(how many colors)?
  6. Bills hooks in Dunkirk has just about very color of Renosky
  7. For the most part straight out in 85 to 105 ft has been best. The fish are all over and spread out. They are not hard to find and they are hitting just about anything you put out.
  8. Caught a bunch today to the west. 90 to 105ft was best. Riggers down 66 to 70ft with spoons, 10 color lead, and dispsey set on one 150ft back worked best. Speed varied but 2.3 to 2.5 was best today.
  9. It should get better. Some of that colder water pushed west since yesterday and in turn pushed the fish higher in the water today as compared to yesterday.
  10. We did 15 total today. Most on 7 and 8 color lead, couple on wire dipseys set on 1, 110 ft back. Caught a couple on riggers 40ft down. All fish on stickbaits running 2.4 to 2.6 at the ball.
  11. Water was 68 degrees down to at least 65 ft today everywhere I went out of dunkirk. Tough bite, managed to get 6 solo, but took a while to get them.
  12. They are racing in the immediate vicinity of the dunkirk harbor only.
  13. Fished tonight out of dunkirk. The water temp is 72 at the surface and around 54 degrees 50 ft down. The temp break is at around 45 ft deep. We caught fish anywhere from 67 ft ro 85 ft of water.
  14. I have a few smaller steelhead that I cleaned up but did not fillet, thinking that the fillets would end up being too thin for smoking. Will this work on whole fish with the skin on?
  15. Musky Bob, could you please post your smoked salmon brine recipe. Thanks
  16. 2 Okuma Magda Pro combos I have 2 used Okuma Magda Pro 30 with Okuma Glt downrigger rod combos for sale. Both reels work fine but are sun baked, the rods are 8'6" medium action downrigger rods. 30.00 for each combo. Call or text 716-673-6614.
  17. 4 Tekota 500 LC reels I have for sale 4 like new condition tekota 500 line counter reels. The reels were bought new this spring and are spooled with 40lb braid. I found a small scratch on one of the side plates and a couple very minor scuffs on the plastic line counter one 2 of them. I would rate these 9.5 out of 10 or better. 125.00 for each reel, free shipping if you buy 2 or all 4. Call or text 716-673-6614
  18. Like RD9 said, it's easy out there right now. You don't need to troll slow and run harnesses unless you really want to mess with worms. We have been trolling sticks and spoons at 2.5 to 2.7 for the last 3 weeks and have caught just as many fish as the next guy. Bonus of trolling faster and deep is you can pick up steelhead at the same time as walleye.
  19. When fishing for walleye I turn my chamberlains out 3 to 3.5 turns from bottoming out. They will release on small eyes when set up like this.
  20. Spoons off of riggers down 85 worked best for us today west of dunkirk. Caught around 20 fish, kept 12, west of Dunkirk from 8:45 am to noon. Super slims in perch pattern, chicken wing and another that I don't know the name of. All were copper blanks.
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