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  1. i just check mine often.... even with all the "gizmo's", some of these small fish just don't trip the dip. and it sucks when you drag em around all day because you don't take the time to look. everyone can use a little more exercise :)
  2. Just my Luck.... the spoon in your pic on the top, left was our "Hero" spoon for 5 days when we fished the central basin over the 4th of July. That was before all the fish showed up in NY waters. we couldn't keep fish off this lure. It's always a good walleye fishing trip when I have electrical tape wrapped on at least one finger...LOL
  3. here is my walleye spoon box...Dreamweaver SS's, WD's & worm burners, Scorpions, NK28s, Suttons, Evil eyes & another new, smaller one that I forget the name of right now. And YES small spoons will catch Big fish too. I've had great luck on the larger spoons sometimes too. when the spoon bite is HOT, many will catch fish
  4. just as an fyi.... a few years ago i set up my dipsey divers with light fluoro leads (and NO snubber)...say 12 lb leader.... i did end up losing a shit ton on lures...sometimes as simple as trying to get dipsey close to bottom oriented fish in 40-60 fow. This year i switched to the smaller, clear snubbers and 20# fluoro leaders. I don't think I can say I haven't lost a single lure.... but very few... and I catch plenty of eyes on them. Sucks when you start losing some of your Hero lures, esp when you only had 1 of them
  5. I hear ya there.... if you fish the big lake long enough, you will have a day where you Nads are sucked up high inside and if yer not one of those God fearing folks...trust me you will say a prayer in hopes of standing on shore again!
  6. Jimmac..They supposedly were "down" for about 2 hours before we came thru.... and were waving a red t-shirt...so I would say YES to attempted signaling of others. I kind of wondered if they even had a flare kit onboard. The BIG Lake is NO joke. Gotta be prepared
  7. We fished off the Catt Saturday morning on 8/17/19 and were quite a ways out (80-90 fow). There were a few others out even further, until the storm approached. The guys way out (closest to the approaching storm) started hauling ass in. The bite was turning on for us, but decided to pick up FAST once I saw the first bolt of lightning, quite a ways off. Everyone else, even on the inside wisely started racing in too. About 3 miles off the Catt we picked up some stranded fishermen. We towed them right to the dock. Just a little food for thought.... now trust me when I tell you, that these guys were extremely grateful when I pulled up alongside of them, as they said 30 boats flew right by them w/o stopping. Was 30 boats a bit of an exaggeration? Maybe. But we were probably their "last chance" too. I will leave this for all to ponder. "What if that was you, broke down with an impending thunderstorm fast approaching?" I bought this boat brand new 4 years ago and think this was my 5th tow on Lake Erie.
  8. Hey Larry....did you get a break from the pedal boat? nice to hear you ripped some lips
  9. Cool..thanks..you guys like that station? Should you have your own extension cord for electric knife? And cutting board? I remember using the one at SBH last year and was glad we just happened to have an extension cord w us Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  10. is there a fish cleaning station at the Catt? I know there are 2 launches there. We have always used the launch closest to the lake, but have never noticed a fish cleaning station
  11. what depth were you finding most of the fish outta Dunkirk & Barcelona?
  12. Wojo... to each his own...right? I also prefer jigging and/or casting for eyes myself (which tends to be more seasonal for me- jigging in the spring & casting sticks at night in the fall). If trolling in the summertime puts fillets in the freezer, then guess what I will be doing
  13. Misdirection- I have also been curious about the stainless, as I 've heard guys like to run that in the Central basin. Can you offer what the advantages may be over leadcore setups? Fishmaster- thanks for the reply. I do know the RR 800's do catch fish. but I get tired of always re-tuning the damn things! I've recently switched over to a sweet selection of deep diving Bandits, which never require tuning. I also found an "Artist" in Iowa that does custom paint work. Awesome work!!!
  14. By now, most of us have knowledge of some decent estimators for the running depths of various lure setups (like the Precision Trolling data- and/or other dive charts etc). Use of this information can be critical to presenting your bait of choice in the strike zone. Right now I am only invested into a few 5 color lead core rigs and a ten color (as I've heard that the 5 color seems to get used the most with success). I've got dipsey's, snap weights, bottom bouncers, jet divers & riggers bla bla bla.... but I am wondering if anyone has come across a fairly reliable method to estimate the lure depth if you put on a deep diving plug, say onto a leadcore rig? we have a pretty good idea where say a shallow Renosky is running when added to a 5 color. But what if your graph is showing some good marks a little deeper? can you look up the dive curve for your deep diving plug and simply add that to where a 5 color should run? i'm sure its probably not that simple. I am just considering other "depth" options instead of spending more money on more lead core, rods/reels etc. anyone with experience running deep diving plugs on leadcore, please chime in. thanks
  15. Dcra..... over the years, we have made friends at these other westerly locations. So, its also an opportunity to visit with them, break some bread & steak together (with a cold beer), swap fishing stories.... and learn "anything" new about our fabulous fishery & our quarry. BTW, it also seems like many of our western neighbors in Ohio have that "mid western hospitality" that is not always that common here in NY. So YES, we will head west next week and spank em hard if the weather cooperates and fish our NY ports when the catching gets better
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