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  1. Erie Rookie....hope you have decent sonar....it is a must for consistent success. Once targeting deep water, the fish are usually suspended in the water column somewhere and sometimes right near the surface.... gotta place lures where they can see them
  2. I STRONGLY second that..... I don't set rods until I find fish Period! the only caveat might be if I see a pack of boats with nets coming out. Then they have already told fish are present. Don't waste your time trolling on a blank/white screen
  3. YES....by the lighthouse...there's fish out there...try West....look between 60-80 fow.....
  4. And a lot more fish too Sent from my SM-G970U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  5. Fish are coming Boys...if yer not into traveling, you will have to wait some for the BIG migratory schools....i fished 7 days last week in the central basin...i knew fish were further west than our port, so we trailered as far west as Geneva to get on em good..trust me they are sometimes moving quick...we got some beauties..NY ports will light up soon enough...hey, but don't be afraid to spend a little time and money in Ohio...good people out there Sent from my SM-G970U using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  6. Hey Ghauser....when you went a few weeks ago, were you targeting perch? how did you do?
  7. Hey Frank who is the manufacturer of the "R&R Superlite" spoons? thanks
  8. i just check mine often.... even with all the "gizmo's", some of these small fish just don't trip the dip. and it sucks when you drag em around all day because you don't take the time to look. everyone can use a little more exercise :)
  9. Just my Luck.... the spoon in your pic on the top, left was our "Hero" spoon for 5 days when we fished the central basin over the 4th of July. That was before all the fish showed up in NY waters. we couldn't keep fish off this lure. It's always a good walleye fishing trip when I have electrical tape wrapped on at least one finger...LOL
  10. here is my walleye spoon box...Dreamweaver SS's, WD's & worm burners, Scorpions, NK28s, Suttons, Evil eyes & another new, smaller one that I forget the name of right now. And YES small spoons will catch Big fish too. I've had great luck on the larger spoons sometimes too. when the spoon bite is HOT, many will catch fish
  11. just as an fyi.... a few years ago i set up my dipsey divers with light fluoro leads (and NO snubber)...say 12 lb leader.... i did end up losing a shit ton on lures...sometimes as simple as trying to get dipsey close to bottom oriented fish in 40-60 fow. This year i switched to the smaller, clear snubbers and 20# fluoro leaders. I don't think I can say I haven't lost a single lure.... but very few... and I catch plenty of eyes on them. Sucks when you start losing some of your Hero lures, esp when you only had 1 of them
  12. I hear ya there.... if you fish the big lake long enough, you will have a day where you Nads are sucked up high inside and if yer not one of those God fearing folks...trust me you will say a prayer in hopes of standing on shore again!
  13. Jimmac..They supposedly were "down" for about 2 hours before we came thru.... and were waving a red t-shirt...so I would say YES to attempted signaling of others. I kind of wondered if they even had a flare kit onboard. The BIG Lake is NO joke. Gotta be prepared
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