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  1. Yep, more opportunity for CORRUPTION. Count on it. When will Preet indict this clown?
  2. What is the preferred size of dipsey?
  3. We fished perch out of Sturgeon today, 10a-4p. Really had to work for them in 53FOW west. Set anchor once and stayed there. Had to "feel the weight", most all were hooked in tip of upper lip. Fresh perch for supper and a few pounds for the freezer. Most were struggling today. Bite was slow.
  4. Grillin' King fillets for supper tonight. Would have tried this recipe but Mama already had them soakin'. Recipe is saved for the near future unless she finds some 'eye fillets in the freezer.
  5. Well, I guess there are benefits to fussin' with the rubber bands. I have been half hitching and then clamping in a pinch pad, either cannon or offshore. Guess I'll pick up some fresh bands. What size do you guys use?
  6. Well, I'm tired of messin with rubber bands, doubling them up, dry rot, ect. What is the best rigger release for eyes? Been thinking maybe the cannon light (white) releases. What is your favorite walleye rigger release? I'm very familiar with blacks' releases as I run them on my other boat on Lake O and they perform well. Maybe I should invest in a couple more blacks? Advice?
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