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  1. Do you just leave it on or what?? Yea I have a terrible case of the wandering eyes. LOL thanks for any feedback!!
  2. If you go into the LOU website Store you can buy the stickers and other LOU paraphinallia, unless your talking the store is empty??
  3. No there's something wrong, his mailbox is full on his phone I left text messages called all hrs. He had some issues before family wise but he called me back. Yea I gotta batch of cranks I wanted him to do also. I got a apb out on him with both sites to no avail. With all this shyt going on out there I'm more worried than anything!!! Yea he did do me quite a bit of stuff. This guys the absolute best guy with a airbrush I know. Simply amazing what he can do!!
  4. Hybrid lures??? I know this isn't about lures but about those that make them. I'm trying to get a hold of Nick from Hybrid lures? I have exhausted all my avenues of reaching him. Does anyone know what's going on with him, I'm supposed to be getting a batch of lures from him and need other stuff done. Kind of hard to do if you can't get ahold of him. Really I'm a little worried, he's usually pretty pronto on getting back to ya. Any help getting in touch with him is greatly appreciated!!! PAP
  5. Holy crap, man you guys got on some brutes!! Congrats!!
  6. Yes you are correct in 2 ways, I didn't add water intentially, I know it has to go in full strength, but I thought this was a sure fire way to rid the water in the block that are hard to get at such as my power steering cooler and the water in the water pump hose, where you mentioned you used the pink juice such as your sink and wash down, are according Peak this is the only place they recommend using the antifreeze, the person I spoke to said that at no time should this RV antifreeze be used in the engine itself period!! I said well why does it say marine on the damn bottle, he told me its to be used in the toilets, sinks as MR 49 says where he uses it. I never used in the block until I joined this site in 2012, the guys said this is the way to keep rust from forming over the winter. Since I just happened to lose an engine due to rust clogging up water jackets ect. I couldn't help but jump on the band wagon, till now.
  7. I couldn't agree with mr580, this is just a teaser from Mother Nature!! Towards the end of the week it's going to get cold again. I just rebuilt my motor this winter because it cracked, I used the pink antifreeze, I never did this till I over heated a motor due to rust clogged the holes"water jackets" in the block. So I drained my block, manifolds ect and put the pink stuff in like everyone else does. I ran 5 gallons through just to make sure it pushes all the water out. This winter I needed a multimeter that l left in the boat so I pulled the tarp back to get in, I thought I better take a look. I saw a pink stalactite hanging out the side of the block, at first I thought it must be water getting in somehow and running down the side. So I broke a peice off and tasted it its antifreeze. I pulled the hoses off and the juice is bone hard. My heart sank down to my knees, wtf I did everything the way I've been doing this for years. To read the whole story go to LOU thread when can I put my boat in. To make a long story short, this RV antifreeze gets slushy at 28* and freezes bone hard at 13* but the RV antifreeze doesn't expand when froze like water does. I was under the impression that it stayed a liquid as the green stuff, this is not the case. As I explained in the beginning I thought this was a sure fire way of ridding the water in the block such as the water pump hose the power steering cooler ext. not so I think I diluted the pink to much and it took on the properties of water and pushed the block enough to crack it and the pink juice came out. I did a little testing with a pint canning jar with a rubber lid and a metal ring to hold the lid on tight, by adding a half cup of water to the juice and put it in the freezer, it pushed the lid up and cracked the jar. Here are some pics. of strait RV antifreeze in a jar I had to pound the screwdriver into the m
  8. I would like to add, this is a wonderful idea, whoever thought of this?? I got a Pm saying I won a gift certificate for cold water tackle. Want to think Chad for emailing a shut off date!! I filled the form and sent it in. Saturday I won a gift certificate for cold water tackle!! My hats off to those who put this wonderful idea togethe!!! PAP
  9. I've never fished the eastern end of Erie, but have fished from Port Clinton to Turtle creek area, out that way I never encountered this nonsense, but maybe it's just the lay of the land? If the shoreline in built up what can you do? You would think they would make better accesses so the folks stay in that area. The people are going to spend money in the place they can access the water. That's my way of thinking, that itself can be scary well keep us posted on the best ramps, after June I'll be making the run out there for some Erie Gold!! PAP
  10. Sent from my HTC Desire 610 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  11. Man that's going to be a tough one, the only place your going to find one is if you come across someone sell one they have. Mark Romanack has discontinued the the book type, a few years ago. They now have an online version that you can purchase, I think it's around or slightly more. Sounds like a lot but you can't buy 1 book for that now that he has discontinued his hands on version. You can get the app for your phone now, and a lifetime membership gives you all the newer lures and devices that come along. As we that have all the books are stuck with what we got. Hope this helps you!! PAP?
  12. AAHH gotch ya, yea I can see that being very effective!!! Thanks for the fast return Larry, soon time for you to switch over to Muskies?? or are the eyes keeping you busy!! Best regards Larry, sounds like a banner year?!!
  13. Hey guys been out of the link lately, what is popping off spoons, is this like bouncing the ball off the bottom, like for lakers? how do you pop a spoon without getting hung up. thanks pap!!
  14. Absolutely windburn, it's like grandma'scookie recipe, you can try it yourself but they just don't taste the same. Why do we always thing a change might be a good thing!! LOL!! Tight lines to all
  15. Exactly, a half hitch on the line with a rubber band then to a release,, I prefer the Blacks!!
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