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  1. lol.....we saw the barge heading towards us Sunday morning.....no way was I getting in its way. It was an absolute zoo in 40 to 50 FOW. People heading every direction. Did you get to see the regatta heading out right around 6:am ? I was so glad they didn't head west off of the point. We took a 2 man ticket of 18" to 22" fish in about 3 hours. First hour was trying to locate them and set up a program. Took 6 off riggers with pink backed hammered spoons, and the other 6 on a dipsy with spoons. No plug bite, and no lead-core hits. The lake laid down and the bite peckered off. It was a great day on the water, one of the few where the lake was almost too calm !
  2. My boat never sees fuel with ethanol in it, and it is made to handle it. I always go for ethanol free, even if I have to pay more at the marina. I won't trust my $15,000 motor with regular pump gas. The problem I see is, the price of ethanol-free is going up as the demand is going up. It used to be 20 cents higher, now it is 50 cents higher per gallon. As the government allows us to buy what we want, they realize there is money to be made. Try getting ethanol free in Indiana though, the gov't keeps bailing out farmers by allowing the ethanol plants to produce an abundance.
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