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  1. just checked cabelas web site and the sealine sg lc5 reels are only 69.88 each with free shipping for any size you want. you cant beat this price.
  2. I like to throw a couple of galeforcetackle.com walleye spoons on when running harnesses. when I have 4 people or more on the boat I run 6 divers with harnesses and 2 downriggers with spoons back about 25'. the short leads gives a better action running at harness speeds usually 1.8 to 2.0. doctor death, reverse muffin are my best colored spoons.
  3. are you looking for trolling reels? I use daiwa sg17lca and sg17lc3b reels for erie and they serve me very well. if you want top of the line it would be tekota reels. the 17 is small light and easy to handle but big enough for erie. you can get the 17 reels off ebay for around 80.00 with free shipping. right now cabelas has a sale on the sealine lc5 reels at 75.00 to 79.00 each depending on the size you get. and I think anything over 50.00 is free shipping.
  4. harnesses can be run with inline weights on big or little boards. I prefer divers like dipsy, dreamweaver deeper diver, or the ones I use the lite bite slide diver. I started with the dipsy but had trouble with the rings. so I switched to the deeper diver which doesn't use rings. then I read about the lite bite that has a lure tension release. I don't use the slide part of the diver just the lite bite feature. I recommend the lite bite because the lure tension can be set loose and the diver will release on small fish. I even get releases on most white perch. the next one would be the deeper diver (fishusa.com) then last would be the dipsy. the lite bite has rings but i've never had one come off. when letting out divers with harnesses you want to let them out slow (use the clicker on your reel) or they will tangle. I recommend going out on a charter that fishes with divers, or filling open seats to get as much schooling at fishing them. spoons was the hot ticket this yr trolled at 2.8 to 3.0 mph. we fished harnesses at 1.6 to 2.0 1st but catching was slow. we had heard about the spoon bite and switched to spoons. with 6 divers we had a 5 man limit in just under 5 hrs.
  5. in the water! just kidding, lake erie is usually hot in april.
  6. thanks for the dates. I should be back by then. so I might try to make it.
  7. those are some awesome looking cranks for those who fish cranks. can you tell me the dates of the Columbus show?
  8. nothing like jawbreaker, dr death, reverse muffin, and all the other great colors at gale force tackle to fill your box. just click on store then walleye spoons then pick your colors. I could list more that has caught fish for me but the ones listed above have worked best. the paint stays on like glue.
  9. I have a 21' cobia glass boat with 350 mercruiser now that will actually troll down to slow with the 2 36" bags I have. in calm water I only use 1 bag to get me down to 1.5 to 2.0. I troll with the wind on rough days using both bags. still have to bump the motor up just a little to run 1.8 to 2.0.
  10. for early trolling use cranks with snap or inline weights and troll slow 1.0 to 1.5 seems to work good. when the water warms then spoons and harnesses come into play. by mid july the fishing in the central basin is usually hot. but we usually do good on harnesses running 1.8 to 2.0 but this yr it was all spoons at 2.8 to 3.0. we were getting 5 man limits with 6 rods in just over 4 hrs. but we heard of guys getting limits in much less time. early to mid july this yr the fish were in close. we got our fish in 58' to 65' of water fishing 25' to 45' deep. or 100' to 150' leads on our lite bite slide divers.
  11. I have never heard of lake yuri. but for catching eyes on erie it would help to know which basin your planning to fish. you can start fishing the reefs in the western basin as early as april. you can drift and cast 3/4 oz to 1 oz jigs tipped with emerald shiners. or you can join the trollers. by mid may you can start drift fishing weight forward spinners or trolling crank baits around the cans or islands in the western basin. by mid july the bite in the central basin gets going good. you can get earlier fish in the central basin. but I like later in the yr.
  12. when I switched from the western to the central basin I didnt know anything about fishing the central basin. and I had never even seen a dipsey used. I went out on a charter 2 times that used dipsey's. I learned more in those 2 days than I could have learned in yrs by myself. after the 2 trips I was able to go out and run 6 divers. we did get our share of tangles. the worst tangles came when we would get the diver on the wrong side of the boat. money spent on a charter is the best money you will ever spend on fishing erie. if you know how you want to fish take a charter that fishes that program. dipsey's, inline boards, big boards, or drift fishing the western basin are a few of the ways to fish erie. if you want to do inline boards going with one that does dipsey's isn't going to teach you anything about inline boards. I started with dipsey's with rings. but the rings kept coming off. they were a pain, I even tried gluing them on. then I think it was walker that came out with the deeper diver which was the same size as the dipsey with rings, but the deeper diver had no rings. so I switched to the deeper diver and it was much better. I think dreamweaver has the deeper diver now. later I came across the lite bite slide diver and switched again. I don't use the slide part of the diver. I just tie to the front then take about 12" of heavy braid and tie to a split ring then lace it through the back and in the lite bite arm. I tie on my snubber then use about 6 or 7 ft fluro 20# for my leader. if you don't use snubbers you can tie your leader to the split ring and lace it through the back. the lite bites uses rings but in the yrs i've used them i've never had one come off. set the front tension just tight enough to not get false releases. then set the lure tension as loose as you can and not get false releases. how many times i've reeled my lure in and had a small fish on it. well the lite bite trips on most small fish even small white perch.
  13. yeah I fished erie's western basin with a 16' deep v for awhile. picked my days for sure. the thing you have to remember if you get caught in rough water is slow down. i've been out when the weather gave 2' or less. then after fishing awhile the waves was at least 3'. erie has a mind of her own.
  14. welcome to this sight. reels in order but there is other reels I have no knowledge on. shimano tekota lc daiwa sealine lc3b daiwa accudepth plus lc okuma convector okuma magda pro i've heard good things about okuma cold water but I know nothing about them myself. I use the daiwa sealine sg17lca and the sg17lc3b and they work great for walleye. you do want to use the same brand and size reels for trolling. you want to fill then with the same amount of line. if you run 30# braid in will work for boards or divers. but you want a mono backing on you reels before you put the braid on. you just want enough braid on top to fish. ujse as much mono backing to fill the reel up to where you attach the braid with a double uni to uni knot. I have 300' of braid on top of 17# mono. rods, you don't need anything fancy for trolling rods. I recommend the daiwa wilderness trolling rods in 8' med action. this rod works great for boards or dipsy's. they are 19.99 at fishusa.com
  15. a fulton 2000# 2 speed winch is 145.00 on ebay. if I still used a manual winch I would be all over this winch.
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