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  1. check around on the net and see if you have any boat salvage yards close to you.
  2. there is a simple way to see if your getting power to your plugs. remove a plug wire hold it about 1/8" from the block and have someone crank the motor. if its getting power the spark will just from the wire to the block. the throttle position sensor could be bad. it shuts the motor down for just a second while its going into gear. or the sensor could be bad. this would cause it not to start. another way to see if its getting a spark would be to get a can of starting fluid spray some down the carb then crank the motor over. if it starts its a fuel problem. if it doesn't at least you know it not getting power to the plug.
  3. I guess thats why mine wont pump if it doesn't have oil pressure. once the engine stops so does the pump.
  4. I always love it when father and son makes memories with each other. but my dad passed away when he was 39 yrs old and I was just a tot. I have no memories of him at all. but when i'm gone my sons will have good memories of hunting and fishing. kudo's to you for making good memories with him.
  5. are you making sure the choke is working. motors are extreamely cold natured if the choke isn't working. I have a 5.7 mercruiser. I don't think it would start before it run the battery down without the choke. make sure its working when you try starting your motor.
  6. I went back and read your post again. now I know it has a volvo . my mercruiser has an electric that was put in with the new motor. but it wont start pumping without oil pressure. so if it sets for a time it is a bit** to get it started. what I do is start it by priming it and keep the motor running long enough for the pump to start fueling. so it is important to know if it has electric pump? if yours has the electric pump that only starts pumping with oil pressure then try priming it by pouring about 1 or 2 ounces of gas down in the carb. and if your bold enough to keep pouring enough gas in the carb and see if it will keep running on its own after about a minute or a litte longer. but you may not have an electric or it may have an electric that doesn't need oil pressure to pump. take a gas line loose and have someone crank it over while you watch and see if its pumping gas.
  7. i'm still guessing its not getting fuel or your getting to mush fuel. tapping the carb pretty hard with the handle of a large screwdriver might fix the problem if the needle valve is stuck. another thing that might be causing your problem is the fuel pump is bad. what motor are you running?? is it a outboard or mercruiser?? either one being bad could cause it to start up and run the gas out of the carb but once it does then it wont get any more gas causing it to die and not start back up. do you have a mechanical or a electrical?? all the mechanical fuel pumps that i've seen uses a rubber diaframe. if they teal or gets a hole in it your motor will starve for fuel.
  8. I think I got the icom radio with built in gps. its about the middle of the pack radio. I used it out of Geneva and talked with guys as far away that I hadn't been away to before. but I also use a n9'.6" antenna. I got it off ebay when the seller had a big discount. it is the Shakespeare 5399 9.5 antenna.
  9. if you have the old type gas line you might want to replace them. some times the old line will get stopped up from the inner lining gets stopped up from using regular gas. when the lining comes apart inside the line stopping the gas flow to the motor. what you should do is to take a small gas tank with gas and bypass the main line. hook up the portable tank and see if it will run. i
  10. the antenna is the heart of not getting good range .just about any radio will work as long as you have a good antenna. I recommend the Shakespeare 5225 xt. they cost a little over 100.00. I forget the brand radio I bough last yr. but most of the radios the cost of the radios I checked before I bought and the cost is depending on the bells and whistles you want. I bought a new one with built in gps. and registered it through boatus.com. the one I bought off ebay was on sale for 189.00. I just wanted to get one with built in gps. and I was well pleased with the one I got.
  11. the water separator can be cause major headaches. sounds like a fuel problem. and the water can be your problems.
  12. just checked cabelas web site and the sealine sg lc5 reels are only 69.88 each with free shipping for any size you want. you cant beat this price.
  13. I like to throw a couple of galeforcetackle.com walleye spoons on when running harnesses. when I have 4 people or more on the boat I run 6 divers with harnesses and 2 downriggers with spoons back about 25'. the short leads gives a better action running at harness speeds usually 1.8 to 2.0. doctor death, reverse muffin are my best colored spoons.
  14. are you looking for trolling reels? I use daiwa sg17lca and sg17lc3b reels for erie and they serve me very well. if you want top of the line it would be tekota reels. the 17 is small light and easy to handle but big enough for erie. you can get the 17 reels off ebay for around 80.00 with free shipping. right now cabelas has a sale on the sealine lc5 reels at 75.00 to 79.00 each depending on the size you get. and I think anything over 50.00 is free shipping.
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