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  1. i've been using seaguar 20# premier fluro for yrs now and it works great. 6' or 7' leaders is all I use for eyes on erie. I tried using longer leaders but my catch rate didnt improve. and the 12' leaders was more trouble than they were worth. I use 20# invisz fluro line on my riggers. probably could go lighter but you just never know when that trophy will hit. and it doesn't seem to bother the fish. may be just as well off with 10# or 12# mono on the riggers but I don't like playing the odds.
  2. have you removed the gas line to see if your getting fuel. or just remove the water/fuel separator if you have one and crank the motor over with something under the separator base to catch fuel. if my motor sets for awhile I need to prime it to get it started and fuel to the carb. I have an electric fuel pump that only works when I have oil pressure. have you tried spraying starting fluid in the carb to see if it fires. or just pour about 2 ounces of gas down the carb. is should start and run for a few seconds. I use gas and once it starts I keep pouring gas in real slow to keep mine running until the pump gets gas to the carb. but all you need is starting fluid to see if it starts. if it starts either your line is blocked or the pump is bad. please let us know if the starting fluid works for you.
  3. I have never seen those before i'll have to put that sight in my favorites. I want to try them next yr as i'm not going this yr.
  4. you can run fixed or free on your rigger. but I would recommend using fixed for walleye. I have never tried it but may give it a try. walleye usually school close to the same depth so having both lures in the strike zone would be better. I would use a swivel and bead a few feet above the bottom lure to keep the slider from going down to the bottom one. I guess a cloths pin would work to fix the slider. but I would get a bag of small electric alligator clips then get auto vacuum hose just a little small than the jaws on the clips. then push the hose over the jaws and cut it off. drop the ball 5' or 10' hook the swivel of the slider to your line and clip it on with the alligator clip. but a slider will run about half way down. if your catching fish down 40 to 50 feet the slider would only be down 20 to 25 feet. but a fixed slider would be very close to the depth your getting fish. I think a 6 or 7 foot 20# fluro leader is all you need.
  5. I would highly recommend going out on a charter that runs divers. I started out with 2 days on the same charter before I went on my own. it was the best money I ever spent on fishing. I didnt know anything about running dipsies. but after the 2 days I was able to run 3 per side with a tangle here and there. by the end of the 1st day we was running things with the help of the charter caption. he set the divers on the 2nd day then we did the rest. 1 I use a 6' to 7' 20# fluro leader. 2 if I get a fish on an outside rod I move to the middle of the boat and wait while keeping the line tight until the fish comes over the inside lines then start reeling it in. 3 if you get a fish that don't release the diver the rod should be back farther than normal. if the fish trips the diver it will either be pulled back more or less than normal. but sometimes its really hard to tell. if a small white perch gets on the only way you can tell is by watching the ends of the rods for small jerks on the rod tip. its a lot of work but unless you use the lite bite slide diver which has a lure tension adjustment on them you should check for small fish or missing worms on harnesses often. you'll learn how often to check them. I could go on all day about using divers but its not practical. one thing I will say is the dreamweaver deeper diver is much better than the dipsy and is the same as the dipsy with the ring on but it doesn't use a ring. the dipsy rings are a pain because they keep coming off. I use the lite bite slide diver now which has rings but they don't come off. I also use it like a dipsy and don't use the slide part. but I would never give up the lite bite feature. it has 2 adjustments 1 for the rod and 1 for the lure tension. I set it very loose so it trips on most very small fish.
  6. its going to happen. it may not be a done deal but i'll venture to say it will be soon.
  7. I fish the central basin of erie with lite bite slide divers. I use 65# power pro main line with a 6' or 7' 20# fluro leader.
  8. I would recommend anyone take a charter out on erie at least once before going out on there own. I was fishing the western basin when a guy I worked with bought a boat from a erie charter caption. part of the deal was to take him out on the central basin. I had been wanting to try the central basin. but I knew nothing about fishing it. so when I got asked to go on this trip I was all over it. I had never even seen a dipsy up close. the capt used 3 dipsies on each side and we had a great time. by the time we was about 3/4 of the day the captain was just laying back and we was doing everything. learnt a lot that day but just not ready yet to go on my own. so I got a trip together where part of us went up thurs and chartered him again for fri. then the rest of the crew came up fri after they got off work. I thought that I was ready for erie's central basin. we headed out sat morning but was only out so far and the boat had already used almost half of our gas. so we turned around and went in. bought 4 gas cans and stored them under the bow and headed out again. but we hadn't checked the weather. it was rough out there so we went back in. so we didnt get to fish on that trip. but bought another boat with a larger gas tank. but the point here is I knew enough to run 3 divers on each side because of the charter we fished with. I still fish the central basin and can get by. I still learn something new just about every trip. but I can fish now. if you've never fished erie I say take a charter out. what you learn is priceless.
  9. check around on the net and see if you have any boat salvage yards close to you.
  10. there is a simple way to see if your getting power to your plugs. remove a plug wire hold it about 1/8" from the block and have someone crank the motor. if its getting power the spark will just from the wire to the block. the throttle position sensor could be bad. it shuts the motor down for just a second while its going into gear. or the sensor could be bad. this would cause it not to start. another way to see if its getting a spark would be to get a can of starting fluid spray some down the carb then crank the motor over. if it starts its a fuel problem. if it doesn't at least you know it not getting power to the plug.
  11. I guess thats why mine wont pump if it doesn't have oil pressure. once the engine stops so does the pump.
  12. I always love it when father and son makes memories with each other. but my dad passed away when he was 39 yrs old and I was just a tot. I have no memories of him at all. but when i'm gone my sons will have good memories of hunting and fishing. kudo's to you for making good memories with him.
  13. are you making sure the choke is working. motors are extreamely cold natured if the choke isn't working. I have a 5.7 mercruiser. I don't think it would start before it run the battery down without the choke. make sure its working when you try starting your motor.
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