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  1. i turn my clicker on and adjust it to where it just lets the line out. if you free spool them out your just asking for it to tangle.
  2. a lot of guys use willow but i bought some colorado blades from galeforcetackle.com and i've had great luck with them. i just picked out the colors i wanted then contacted them and asked them to tie me up some tandem harnesses. dr death, reverse muffin, jawbreaker has been some of my favorite colors.
  3. its the only harness i use any more. better at slower speeds but works at normal speeds also.
  4. where do you get blood worms? don't they cost a lot more than nightcrawlers?
  5. early in the spring i run cranks at 1.0 to 1.6 as the water warms i try a little faster. as the bite slows and the water warms i switch to harnesses at 1.6 to 2.0 or all spoons at 2.5 to 3.0. a lot of time in the spring i've found fish shallow. but if there deeper a lot of guys use deep divers and let out line then attach clip on weights to get them down. if there deep you can use shallow cranks behind divers ( dipsy, deeper diver, lite bite slide divers) to get them down.
  6. these baits don't run great together. spoons need to run at least 2.2 but work better at 2.8. harnesses run better at 1.6 to 2.0 but can be run 2.2. i'm not sure where cranks work best. but this time of yr i'd run all spoons at 2.8 to 3.0. the spoon bite has been awesome the last couple of yrs. if the spoons aren't producing i'd move. right now in the central basin anywhere from 35' to 60' has been producing fish. with 50' to 60' being hot.
  7. go to fishusa.com and get the wilderness trolling rods in 8' med or med/light for 19.99 each. they are what you need for trolling. then get a good reel to go on them. try to get daiwa accupepth plus reels or a step up to the okuma convector or a step higher and get the daiwa sealine reelst stay away from the okuma magda reels if possible..
  8. i'll buy the angled rod holders if you'll change your mind about shipping. i live in muncie indiana so shipping is my only option. they should ship for about 12.00 which i'll pay. i can just pay you 77.00 and you ship or i can pay 65.00 then pay shipping after you ship. i can pay any way you want. please ship them to me.
  9. I totally agree. as long as this virus is around I think restrictions should be tighter than they are. people in places like Indiana that has a lockdown should enforce it. I went to the drug store on the 3rd and traffic was about normal. that many people could not have needed to be out.
  10. as long as things are better by july it doesn't bother me. but we rented a house in Ashtabula the last 2 weeks of july. but I feel for all the others that have made plans.
  11. thank you for posting this. the walleye fishing looks great for yrs to come even with a few bad hatches. we were still getting a large number of the 03 hatch when the small fish took over. we've had 3 awesome hatches out of 4. with the 18 hatch being the best on record. plus we are getting fish early to the east from the resident hatches. just hope i'm able to keep fishing for the next 10 yrs. i'm 68 now and not near as healthy as I was 10 yrs ago. I fish Geneva ohio on the central basin.
  12. i'm with justfishin. what would you take for it? what are you looking to trade for?
  13. are you guys catching fish trolling on erie? haven't ever trolled this early but thinking about it. any info would really help?
  14. sherman brown


    just got home from church and fully charged. this is my new boat I got off ebay for 220.00 for the boat motor and trailer. 17' tri hull open bow with 85 hp Johnson motor and roller trailer. it was sold by rawhide charity. sorry guys but I cant figure out how to get to my pictures. but its a nice old boat, motor, and trailer. I have added an electric winch.
  15. I assume you know how to wire the batteries for 24v. but just in case you hook the neg of one battery to the pos of the other battery then use the unused posts to the trolling motor. if you have any questions about this feel free to message me. I always wire my ff to the starting battery.
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