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  1. you can get daiwa accudepth plus brand new for 49.99 at franksgreatoutdoors.com then check out the daiwa wilderness trolling rods at fishusa.com about 20.00 for the rods.
  2. sherman brown

    26' Thompson Fisherman

    congrats are in order. nice big water boat.
  3. sherman brown

    The Fence

    I went to the wed sight and didnt see any pink frog harnesses. they had an iris colored blade that looks good. but then I like the blades on other harnesses. but I didnt like the price. I get almost all my harnesses from galeforcetackle.com for a lot less money. dr death and reverse muffin has been great for me up on erie. I am just a satisfied customer of them and nothing more. if you want double blades let vicki know.
  4. sherman brown

    new member

    welcome to the sight. I caught my first walleye ice fishing for crappie through the ice back in 81. been hooked on them ever since. it was a 9 1/2 lb 29 1/2" monster and I caught her on light tackle with 4 lb line.
  5. sherman brown

    Chamberlain releases

    i don't know much about doing pictures as im a little computer illiterate. i'll try to post something if i can figure everything out. but its pretty simple to do. just picture the diver and tie to the front trip arm. take a 12" to 15" piece of heavy braid and tie to an O-ring. take the other end of the line and thread it through the little block with the hole in it between the front and the lite bite arm. just like the line would go if using the slide part of the diver. now just pull the O-ring up against the front of the little block. now put the line in the lite bite arm. tie on a swivel and attach to rubber snubber. take a 6' to 8' fluro and tie a swivel on both ends and attach to the back of the snubber. now attach spoon, crank, or harness and your ready to go. i don't have long leaders on my harnesses only about 12". so the fluro leader is my leader for whatever lure i want to use. i set the front release just tight enough that im not getting false releases. then i loosen the lite bite as loose as it will go. that way even small fish will usually trip the diver. hope this helps i explained it as best as i could. make sure and use the plastic tubing for the end of the lite bite arm to keep the line from slipping out.
  6. sherman brown

    Chamberlain releases

    the chamberlain has 2 tension adjustments on then. one adjustment for tension on the rod where you set it just like a blacks. set it as tight as you want to crank your rod down as far as you want. the 2nd adjustment is how much tension you want on your lure. for spoons and harnesses set it very light so it'll trip on the smallest of fish. for deep diving cranks you may need to tighten it down just a bit. i have mine set to release on small white perch with harnesses. it take a little time and effort to get them dialed in to release on small fish and not get false releases. but once dialed in you'll love them. they are the best release out there today, and I've tried most all releases. i was using the red rubber bands thats made for releases when i found some info on the chamberlain release. did some research even contacted keith the inventor of the release. ended up buying some. now i would never give them up. in my opinion for walleye fishing on erie they are a must have for all the small fish caught there. I've fished erie for some 35+ yrs and tried many other releases over those yrs. now with the chamberlain release downrigger fishing on erie is fun to do.
  7. sherman brown

    Chamberlain releases

    yeah i didn't like twisting my line at first but after some time i got over it. i had been using rubber bands for some yrs when i ran across a thread about these. i had always thought they needed something like them for fishing eyes and here it was. i just had to check them out. now i would be lost without them. another story here. i started fishing erie's central basin with dipsies some yrs back. loved the way they worked and could run 3 per side. but ended up dragging a lot of smaller fish. switched to the deeper diver because they had no rings. i had tried rigging up some way for them to release on smaller fish with no good results. even thought about the release on the chamberlain. then i started reading about the lite bite slide diver. got some but didn't like the slide part with braided line. but i loved the lite bite feature. so i decided to use them like a dipsy. i tie to the front then tie a short piece of 65# braid to a 0-ring lace the line through the back going through the lite bite arm. then tie on my snubber and then tie on my 7' or 8' fluro leader then my harness. i do use good swivels at all connections. now i drag very few small fish around on my divers or my riggers. they will both trip on most small fish. i thought if it works on the chamberlain why not on divers. i love them both. i run 6 divers and 2 riggers on my boat and it would take a much better mouse trap to get me to switch from the lite bites or the chamberlain. sorry for the long post. just wanted you to know about the lite bite divers for future knowledge.
  8. sherman brown

    Fishing Maumee Bay during walleye run?

    i have 36" bags for trolling with my 21' cobia with a 350 mercruiser. it slows me way down. i thing you could get by with a much smaller bag than 50". if its windy enough to need 2 50" bags then your not going to be on the water. i would contact amishoutfitters.com and tell them what you have and what you need them for and they'll sell you the right size bags.
  9. sherman brown

    Fishing Maumee Bay during walleye run?

    what size boat do you have? i wouldn't go out on erie in anything less than a 16' or 17' deep v. and them only on good days. as for weather apps theres some good ones out there but i don't know them off hand. you can do a search on the web for lake erie weather. i just use the weather channel on my radio and the weather forcast. but mostly i use common sense. once you get the safety gear you can launch and be fishing the reefs in 10 minutes. you'll also want a good drift or trolling bag to slow your drift if needed.
  10. sherman brown

    Fishing Maumee Bay during walleye run?

    if you have a boat the reefs are a good way to catch fish without bumping shoulders with the guys on both sides of you. i recommend you try to find a couple of open seats with others that can teach you reef fishing. i use 20# braid main line with a 3' 15# seaguar fluro leader with a jig anywhere from 3/4 to 1 oz with a stinger hook and a shiner.
  11. sherman brown

    Chamberlain releases

    I've been using them for some yrs now and wouldn't even think about another release for eyes. i have mine set where most white perch will trip them so I'm not just dragging them around. I've had no problem with hook ups with them. the forward movement of the boat with the jerk on the line from the rod flipping up when released seems to hook them. i like setting them light to start then tighten them up a 1/4 turn until I'm not getting false releases. as for attaching the ball you just attach the clip on your cable to the top of the release the attach the clip on the release to the ball. i believe the owners name is keith. but its been awhile since i talked to him. i was in contact with him when they 1st came out even before the stacker was ready to market.