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  1. copper does get you deep, but it is also less manageable than single strand ss wire. I like using 15# best if and when I use it. for running harnesses in warmer weather, late June through summer the best speeds I've run is 1.8 to 2.0, but I have had good luck at 1.6 when faster just wasn't getting it. but for spoons or cranks speeds of 2.7 to 3.0 have been good to me. but I've read some guys catch fish with spoons with speeds up to 3.5. the only time I run over 3.0 is when trolling with the wind and the waves push us faster than 3.0, be sure and try faster with spoons and cranks and then post how it worked for you.
  2. sounds like you pretty much already know what you're doing. you wouldn't want to run to many dipsies when running a full set of inline boards. but 1 or maybe 2 would work. I like my lite bite divers much better than boards. I run 3 out each side and 2 riggers. I suppose I could add a board to the mix, but I just don't care that much for boards. I think wire with big boards is the best way to put fish in the boat, but it gets old reeling in so much line. at times it's best to run 300' of 15# wire plus 50' of backing plus another 50' out to the release. then start reeling fish in 400' can be more like work. I like to enjoy my fishing, so I'll settle for taking longer to get my fish. when we used dipsies and brought our lines in there was so many times, we had small fish on them. but now with the lite bites we have eliminated most of that. a small white perch will usually trip the diver if the lite bite tension is set very loose.
  3. I agree that you need info on the area you plan to fish. the western basin can be as simple as using different diving cranks. back when i fished the western basin our hot baits were hot n tots in standard sizes, and wiggle warts in standard size also. but at times we used deep diving mudbugs and other times the hot bait was the wee warts. but mostly the hot n tot and wiggle wart was what we used. now they have bandit deep divers, husky jerks, reef runners, and many other new deep divers that catch fish. blue chrome, sunspot, perch, are just a few hot bandits that work well. but the old cranks still catch fish. and the make clip on weights to add to cranks to get them deeper. there are other ways to get down to the fish. bottom bouncers, diving weights that i think are called tad poles, divers like true trips, and even dipsy type divers are used as you fish deeper water. the central basin is a whole new ball game. i fish out of Geneva Ohio when I fish now. during the warmer months the fish move to deeper water. then you need divers, inline weights up to 3 oz or more, heavy clip-on weights, up to 300' of wire line, inline boards are used to spread lines and get more lines in the water. some guys use big boards with wire line and run a gazillion rods. but I started with dipsies, but the rings kept coming off, so I switched to Dreamweaver divers that are the same size without a ring, but then i tried the lite bite slide diver. which has 2 adjustments one that adjusts the rod tension just like the others but then it has a second one. the lite bite tension can be set to trip when a fish hits which should be set as loose as possible so it will trip on very small fish so you're not just dragging them around. I use them like a dipsy with about a 7' 20# Fluro leader and don't use the slide part of the diver. when I moved from the western basin, I had no clue about divers. so, I went out on a charter with friends for 2 days of going to school. we had a great teacher. in those 2 days we learned more than we could have learned in yrs. on our own. we could run 3 divers per side on our own after just 2 days of going to school. we are still learning new things even now after yrs. of fishing divers. we did have some tangled lines for some time. our biggest thing that tangled lines was letting out lines on the wrong side of the boat. you set the divers to run left or right. we sometimes let left divers out on the right side. you can mark the rods to each side. what I did and do now is use different reels for left and right. I recommend that if you are new to fishing Erie's central basin a trip on a charter is well worth the little investment. you want to make sure the caption knows it is a learning charter. but if you want to use divers don't charter an inline board charter. they have small charters for 3 people or less usually in smaller boats. but they have charters for 6 people also. another thing you can do is watch for open seats or even post a thread for open seat wanted for the type fishing you plan to start with. usually, a charter caption has many yrs. of fishing Erie under his belt and can teach you so much more than the casual fisherman. I think a guy has a better chance of catching fish in the western basin without going out on a charter than the central basin. but still, it wouldn't hurt to learn what's going on from a charter caption. and you may even make a new friend that will help you out once you are on your own by giving you a starting point. i have an old friend at Geneva that I made before he started running a charter. a couple of days before we go up, he tells me what depth and the gps lines he uses to get fish. this really helps so much for a starting point. even though he uses big boards and wire he uses a couple of dipsies also. so sorry for the book version on advice without something to help you catch fish.
  4. W.O.W. what a boat! it really looks awesome! welcome to the site. if you fish walleye on Erie there is another great forum for sharing info. but i don't know if I can post it or not. so, I'll just send you a pm and you can check them out if you're not already a member.
  5. hey harborcraft are we going to do this? just give me a total with shipping and i can do friends with pay pal or i can mail you a postal money order.
  6. i would like the gun and case. but it would be illegal to ship the flares. if it wasn't for that i would love to have the flares as well.
  7. hey buddy if you will ship the case to me i will buy it and pay for shipping. but I can only pay by pay pal or mail you a check. it will probably be just as cheap to mail it priority mail as to use 1st class. but you can just ask the cheapest way to ship it as I'm in no big hurry to get it. i just thought i would get it to put my expired flairs in and use the one i have now for the light. i live in Muncie IN 47302.
  8. hey, I went back and seen i had only looked at battle of the blades, so I looked at the rest of them. but I do like ladder backs with purple with pink or black ladder backs. I did put a few in my cart but there is a couple more I'm thinking about. I see a few that looks good but a have enough of those type spoons. now I'm looking mere for blends of pink or purple. i realize i may just be too particular and miss out on a lot of fish catching harnesses. but I can't buy or use so many rigs ar a time. I'll be back on your site later to finish my order. have you ever thought about adding a few small and large spoons to your site?
  9. I checked out your site but didn't get caught by all the pretty harnesses. after all lures are designed to catch fishermen not fish. and if they do catch fish, it's just a bonus. but i am looking more for harnesses with pinks and purples mixed in them. I liked a few of your designs but I didn't like the colors. and your prices for double blades is great. but I will keep check your harnesses and if i find a few I like I will buy off you.
  10. are you wanting help on the big water or inland lakes and rivers. i have fished Erie for about 45 yrs. and still haven't learned much. but I have drifted and trolled the western basin but troll the central basin now. it is almost imposable to be of much help without knowing more on where you need help and what you need help with.
  11. i don't have a clue where Westfield is. i do a lot of fishing out of Geneva Ohio the end of July. by this time most of the fish are in their summer pattern. unless someone gives me numbers, I'm going out blind. I'll go straight out to 72 feet of water and fish north unless i have a north wind. then I'll go out close to the border and fish south. i use large spoons on divers to get me down. then I'll run bandit cranks on my 2 downriggers.
  12. i grew up around guns, i hunted squirrels and rabbits all alone from the time i was about 8. i never had a dad to teach me anything about guns or hunting. asi grew up i was safety minded. but joined the marine corps at 21 yrs old and learned so much more about gun safety. but i have took it a step farther with safety. when i started deer hunting with my boys and my brother i hounded them about gun safety. and the last thing i asked them before heading into the woods was what's the most important thing you take with you. they would reply gun safety. we sometimes hunted with a friend that took his 17 or 18 yr old son with us (my nephew) one day i had walked out of the woods and was waiting on my brother when he walked up and started talking. but every time i looked over he had his muzzleloader pointing at my head. i asked him to move it a few times and he did, but after a few minutes it would be pointed at my head again. I got grumpy and told him to move over to my other side. i said don't you know you never point a gun towards anyone. after he moved i noticed his hammer was all the way down on the cap (we were using cap locks) and not on half cock which was the safety on these type guns. i come unglued on him. i raised he** about him not having his gun on safe. he asked what safe, muzzleloaders didn't have a safety. i told him about the half cock being the safety. i asked didn't your dad teach you these things. his dad had hunted all his life. but a few times rabbit hunting i caught the barrel of his shotgun pointing at me. but anyway, the boy answered no his dad just handed him the gun and said go get a deer. so, the age of the hunter isn't near as important as them being taught gun safety. his dad was an unsafe hunter which in turn made his son an unsafe hunter.
  13. when i took my 10 yr old sons in the deer woods here in indiana they were a heck of a lot safer than most adult hunters out there. however, they were accompanied by me until they were 14. we only hunted with shotguns and muzzleloaders. but they had safety pounded in them from the time they were 6. but everyone doesn't stress safety like i did. at 12 they should be allowed to hunt if accompanied by an adult hunter. but this is just my opinion.
  14. willows are more speed tolerant than Colorado blades. but i troll at 1.6 to 2.2 and have had great luck using double Colorado harnesses. i start fishing at 1.8 to 2.0 then if i know i'm on fish but not catching them i slow down to 1.6 if that doesn't work i'll speed up to 2.0 to 2.2. but i started out using double willow blades. but as time went on i was doing better with Colorado blades. i was buying all my harnesses from bait shops with a high mark up on price. then i bought a few off eBay that turned out to be gale force tackle when they were just getting started. but now i buy all my harnesses from 2 places, galeforcetackle.com and challengerlures.com and get the 3D worm harness in nuclear green. the gft i love the jawbreaker, but dr death is a close 2nd then reverse muffin has been good but so have several other colors. a lot of my large spoons have came from gft. i troll them around 2.6 to 3.0.
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