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  1. Great job ! In front of the city ? do you mean Dunkirk or Buffalo ??
  2. Went back to Barcelona again. this Sunday. Pretty much right in front again . Little bit east and then alittle west. Caught eyes in the 60's,70's ,80's and even out to 90fow. Five color rods off one side and seven colors on the other side with inline boards. Hot baits were bomber northren lights,and Storm tequilla glow. We were boxed out by noon with a couple extra eyes that came in on the breakdown. Extra eyes went back. Also caught about an 8 lb brown trout. Beautiful day on the lake. Sure wish we could get more sharing on this website. Plenty of Walleye out there for everyone. Why not help each other out? Would like to hear some good reports out of Dunkirk or the Catt. Its to long of a drive to Barcelona from GI.
  3. Slapshot thanks for your report. Sure wish we had more reports on this site. We went to Barcelona on Fathers day based on a good report. Fish were right out front approx 80 fow. Just what I was told. Ended with 13 eyes and a steelhead in the box.Lost 6 or 7 due to over excited kids on rods. Alll Sticks. Five color was best off boards. The usual colors, northern lights, fire tiger, pink lemonaide . gonna hit it again tomorrow. Would really like to see some good reports coming from closer to Buffalo. Come on guys lets help each other out !!
  4. Thanks for your reply. I did talk to Jake Romanack and couple other captains at Niagara Fishing expo. They use Tuff line Micro LC and highly recommend it.As far as the leader knot goes I stopped using the insertion knot a couple years ago. The VQ knot is a lot easier and never failed me. You can find it on Youtube under Vision Quest Sport Fishing. My 10 colors right now are on Penn 330's with 30lb power pro backer. Do think I could drop down to a Daiwa 47H switching to the Tuff Line micro LC. Could I get enough backer on a 47H ??
  5. Been using traditional LC for many years. Mason,Cortland,Stealth core all pretty much the same. Dacron I believe is what they use to cover the lead. Its thick line and takes a big reel to set up a 10,8,or 7 color with 30 lb power pro backer. Tuff-Line Micro and Suffix Advanced LC use material similar to Power Pro for the sheating covering the lead. Like Power Pro its thiner and stronger. Suffix advanced LC claims it gets 30% deeper then traditioal LC. Anyone have experience with these 2 LC lines ?? I have alot of rod/reel combos set up with traditional LC. Have 4-10color,4-7color,6-5color. To make the switch will cost some $$$. BTW we pull mostly stick baits with inline boards for Eyes between Buffalo and Dunkirk. Any opinions/experience ?? Thanks
  6. We fished Sunday NW of Catt 80-85 fow right next to the border. Had our 3 man limit by noon. Released 2 more on the break down. Ran 4 diver rods. The #3 setting out 200 to 210 on high divers. The #1 setting out 160-170 on the low divers. On church boards we ran two 10 colors on one side . Other side we ran two 300 weighted steel rods.All rods had stick baits. Best colors were Bomber long A in Northern Lights and Blind Ambition. Can't believe it but caught no sheephead, no white bass. Only Walleye ! Finally got a good weather day !!!
  7. We run almost all shallow dive sticks. The 4.5 to 5.0 inch. Bomber long A, Renowski shallow diver, Storm thunderstick madflash shallow diver. We're getting them down where the fish are right now using dipseys (4) .Off the boards its 300 weighted steel, 7 color, and 10 color lead color. Some sticks won't catch fish at 2.0 to 2.5 but these will. Also find these particular stick baits pretty much run true right out of the box. Deep dive sticks alot of time are not running true and straight. Reef runners are the worst IMHO. Bay rats shallow runners are quite good too, but are expensive.
  8. Roughly 2.0 to 2.5 . We will vary speed plus make turns to get em to bite. A slow down to 1.5 then speed up to 2.5 also produces bites.
  9. Thanks for a good report Randy D. Sounds like you troll alot like we do. Mostly Divers and board rods. The last rod I'll put in will be a rigger, if I put it in at all. We also run mostly sticks. Bomber long A Northern lights has been smoken hot .The weather is killing us this year. Every time we get a chance to go Mother Nature say not today.
  10. Thanks for a good report Randy D. Sounds like you troll alot like we do. Mostly Divers and board rods. The last rod I'll put in will be a rigger, if I put it in at all. We also run mostly sticks. Bomber long A Northern lights has been smoken hot .The weather is killing us this year. Every time we get a chance to go Mother Nature say not today.
  11. Why is this site so dead ?? I go on LOU all the time lots of shareing info etc. Lots of traffic on LOU. GO on LEU very little traffic and shareing. We fish Erie and Ontario. See lots of boats on both lakes when were out. Why do the L. Ontario guys share so much and Erie guys hardly at all. I just don't get it. We're all fellow Fisherman we should help each other out and wish our fellow Fisherman have the greatest day ever, tomorrow. Thats my HO.
  12. I fished Fathers Day morning with a rookie friend. Hated the wind coming straight out of North. Ran all stickbaits 7color and 5color of inlines,also small dipseys back 100-120. Best area was west of Seneca 40-50 fow. Put 7 eyes in the box. Should have been more but some rookie mistakes. There moving to deeper water. Back at it this weekend.
  13. BTW We are not in the tournament so happy to share info with those who are in it or not in it. Good luck to all !
  14. Saturday we fished the high banks area little east of Meyers then moved to Seneca area west and north of red buoy. We put 13 eyes in the box lots of Bass and Sheephead too. Also 2 catfish. About 30-35 fow. Five color with stick baits off inline boards was best rod. Small slide diver took some also.Our eyes were bigger on average then ones we caught last week, biggest was 27.5" 8.5 lbs.
  15. Sunday we trolled between Ford plant and Hambug town park,29 to 32 fow. Ran 5 color off inlines with renowskis. Put 10 eyes in boat and some Bass and Sheephead too. Also ran 2 small slidedivers on #3 out 80-85 ft. ,They caught a few too. All eyes were 16" - 22" probably all males. Friends nearby bottom boanceing with harnesses way out fished us. They limited out by mid morning. They were using electric bow mount motors. We'llsee where the Eyes are this week
  16. We picked up 6 eyes last Sunday in departure buoy area. All came on 5 color off boards with fire tiger renowskis. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  17. W Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  18. We were out yesterday too. Had high hopes since previous trip we had 18 in box by 11am. Worked same water75-85 fow North to NW of the Catt. At noon we had 1 walleye and called it a day. Screen was not anything compared to last time out. We had 65 surface temp and 65 down 70 on the rigger. The 1 we got came on the rigger on a stickbait. We never do well when temp is warm top to bottom. Like to find that thermocline this time of year . Baitfish are usually hiding out in that cold water and eyes are right above. If we were going again I'd try deeper water off Dunkirk, 90-110 fow. Anyhow we're done for the year. Good luck to anyone stll fishing !!
  19. We had 3 man limit on saturday fishing out of the Catt. Started NW in about 80 fow. Trolled westward. All sticks ,7 color and 10 color off the inline boards. Divers out 110-140. Almost all our action was trolling west with light waves at our back. Tried trolling east into waves very little action. So we turned back to west and action picked up and we finished our box. Also found they wanted it alittle fast. Speed at ball 2.4-2.7. When we finished we were about 100 fow in front of Dunkirk.
  20. We put in a long day to get our 3 man limit Sunday. Basicly off Center Rd. in 85-75 fow. Best rods were 7 color with stickbait . Divers on #2 out 110-120 with a stickbait.. Rigger down 60-65 with a harness and fluttering it. Light wind from N. in morning and the bite was good. Wind shifted to W. about 10mph and we struggled to get our last couple fish.
  21. We use 20 lb big game or P-Line for our leaders on all lead core rods. At end of leader is a #2 duolock snap. About 6-7 ft up the leader is a 35 lb spro power swival. Its real tiny. This setup works good for stickbaits. If running a harness the duolock snap is replaced with a ball bearing swivel. The 20 lb is more durable and less likely to twist then 15 lb. Don't think line shyness is much of a factor that far away from boat.
  22. Looking for the Saturday results of the Sunset Bay Shootout ? Any one know where I can find them ??
  23. Nice job Gamecock !! Mind if I ask how many fow ?
  24. Note that i care, but aren't we supposed to stay out of Canadian waters till this thing is over ??
  25. We came out of Dunkirk sunday for first time this year. We were only boat to go east out of harbor. Had a 2nd hand report of eyes in the Hill area NE in 55-60 fow. Lumpy 2-3s out of west. Got there set up didn't like what we saw. Had temp in 70's right down to the bottom. No picture. Headed for nearest deep water NW of the Hill about 3 miles. WE call it the ditch. Set up in 95 fow trolling east with waves. We started picking away at them at 90 fow. Dipseys # 2 out 130, 7 colors with sticks off boards on 1 side. other side 10 colors off boards with sticks. WE had a thermal cline down about 65 ft. We ended up with 12 eyes. We were in front of center road when we finished in about 65 fow. Good luck to everyone in the Shootout!!!
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