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  1. Canuknucklehead

    Late nite fishin

    Thanks, I hope to have my boat in the marina by the weekend.
  2. Canuknucklehead

    Late nite fishin

    At what depth were you fishing?
  3. Canuknucklehead


    When moving it lights up the bugs, the air is saturated with them.
  4. Canuknucklehead


    It really comes in handy at night, you can shine it directly into the boat whenever you catch a fish.
  5. Canuknucklehead


    I have a GoLight, I purchased it about five years ago when I had a camp on the Trent River in the Kawartha Lakes. Returning to camp in the dark was dangerous because the river has lots of buoys. The first night I used it I came upon a guy fishing in the dark in a paddle boat with no navigation lights. About a month later I stumble upon a couple making out in the middle of the lake with the navigation lights turned off. This light is powerful, it would easily light up two buoys ahead of me. It operates remotely, turns nearly 360 degrees and moves up and down. GoLight GoBee Stanchion Mount Remote Spotlight
  6. My neighbor was out on Erie looking for perch, his brother-in-law caught a 17 lb lake trout, wrecked his reel bringing it in.
  7. I've been fishing for sixty-seven years, I'm new to fishing Lake Erie, they were legitimate questions.
  8. What time of day, what were you using?
  9. My neighbor's friend's boat got 100 perch off Point Albino this morning.
  10. I hope to put my boat in Sugarloaf marina on Friday, I bought a couple Chamberlain releases, look forward to using them.
  11. Canuknucklehead

    Harness making

    Thanks, I fish off of Port Colborne.
  12. Canuknucklehead

    Harness making

    How long are your harnesses, how far apart are your hooks, do you ever use 2 blades on a harness?
  13. Canuknucklehead

    Chamberlain releases

    First Class Service... I just order two Chamberlain Releases but inadvertently ordered three. I immediately sent an e-mail message advising of my error and asked that they correct the order. One minute later I received an email message from Keith Chamberlain stating "No problem" followed by another e-mail one minute later from PayPal advising that my order had been corrected. One-half hour later I received another e-mail from Keith Chamberlain advising my package had been shipped. In my opinion, this is first-rate service.
  14. Canuknucklehead

    Greater Niagara Fishing Show - Show Program

    My neighbor and I are going on Saturday.
  15. Canuknucklehead

    What kind of rod and reels

    Thanks for the quick reply.