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  1. Canuknucklehead

    Walleye rigger releases

    I switched to Chamberlain last year, I've never regretted it.
  2. Nice boat, well looked after.
  3. Canuknucklehead

    2018 Lake Erie United Giveaway!

    I'm waiting for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday before ordering anything. It clearly states on their website they ship to Canada.
  4. Canuknucklehead

    2018 Lake Erie United Giveaway!

    I was chosen for the Lake Erie United Giveaway this month, thank you.
  5. Canuknucklehead

    The Current State of Lake Erie

    The weather buoy 45142 is reporting the waves of 12.5 feet high. .
  6. Canuknucklehead

    Downrigger Techniques

    I only started fishing Lake Erie using a downrigger last summer. I use a Chamberlain Release set up so the smallest walleye would set it off. I have caught quite a few walleye by releasing my crawler harness from the cannonball and slowly retrieving it, stopping for 5 or 6 seconds and then continuing while my boat is travelling at 1.8 mph. Yesterday I took my neighbor fishing for several hours and were successful using this technique. I usually run my crawler harness 50 - 75 feet behind the cannonball. Has anyone else tried this?
  7. Canuknucklehead

    Walleye Buffalo Small Boat Harbor- 2018 Reports

    Looks like you have one salmon in that bunch.
  8. Don't feel bad, I've been fishing for sixty-eight years and I'm still terrible.
  9. Canuknucklehead

    Hi new guy

    Lots of member of this forum fish Port Maitland, Port Colborne and Crystal Beach. I'm Botchegalup on Niagara Fishing. You should do well in 60 feet of water
  10. Canuknucklehead

    Hi new guy

    Welcome, I too fish the Canadian side out of Sugarloaf Marina, Port Colborne.
  11. Canuknucklehead

    Walleye Barcelona

    Here is an accurate weather site. https://www.windy.com/?43.000,-79.266,5
  12. Canuknucklehead

    Walleye Barcelona

    I'm also a Shellback, crossed the line four times. I have a 16.5 boat and quite a bit of experience on the water, I regularly go out 10 - 12 miles or more out of Port Colborne. You're pushing it on Lake Erie once the wind reaches 18 mph.
  13. Canuknucklehead


    I've never gone out at night, how late do you fishing into the evening? What water depth and are the fish near the surface.
  14. Canuknucklehead

    Great Lakes Temperature

    Here's the article. Great Lakes Temperature
  15. Canuknucklehead

    for sale fivips.com

    Check out the 'About Us' page, it's all about the Home Depot, this website was probably created by scam artists that don't understand English or too lazy to use Google Translate. Its owner country is the Czech Republic, the website is located in the US. The website states it supports SSL; however, the site's security status in my browser address isn't preceded by a lock symbol/Secure and does not have https. There is also no company e-mail address shown or telephone number.