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  1. Canuknucklehead


    I've never gone out at night, how late do you fishing into the evening? What water depth and are the fish near the surface.
  2. Canuknucklehead

    Great Lakes Temperature

    Here's the article. Great Lakes Temperature
  3. Canuknucklehead

    for sale fivips.com

    Check out the 'About Us' page, it's all about the Home Depot, this website was probably created by scam artists that don't understand English or too lazy to use Google Translate. Its owner country is the Czech Republic, the website is located in the US. The website states it supports SSL; however, the site's security status in my browser address isn't preceded by a lock symbol/Secure and does not have https. There is also no company e-mail address shown or telephone number.
  4. Canuknucklehead

    Hello from Ontario

    Welcome to Lake Erie United, I'm also from Ontario and fish the same areas you do. My boat is docked at Sugarloaf Marina.
  5. Nice boat.
  6. Canuknucklehead

    Walleye Walleye this weekend

    Caught a 5 or 6 pounder this afternoon in 70 feet of water south of Nickle Beach, Port Colborne. I was fishing 6 feet off the bottom using watermelon colored crawler harness with green and black beads. This was the first walleye I caught using a Chamberlain Release. The line released and set the hooks the moment the walleye hit the crawler harness.
  7. Where exactly is the windmill grid?
  8. Twenty-three years ago I towed a boat from Point Abino on the Canadian side to Buffalo Harbor. I could have dropped him off at the yacht club a half mile away, but his car and trailer were on the American side. I'm retired Navy, you never ignore a boater in distress.
  9. Canuknucklehead

    Dunkirk on Friday

    This is an accurate weather service. https://www.windy.com/?43.000,-79.266,5
  10. Canuknucklehead

    Lake Erie North Shore

    Thanks, I have a couple of Big Jon Side-Liner In-Line planer boards, I'll try your suggestion in a couple of days by flatlining a crawler harness 100 - 150 feet behind and out from my boat.
  11. Canuknucklehead

    Lake Erie North Shore

    I went out from Port Colborne between 8 am and 2 pm, fished in 40 - 50 FOW between 20 and 35 feet using 2 downriggers with crawler harness, didn't catch a thing. The surface temperature was 58°F. I'll try trolling with crankbaits around the breakwater in a few days, the bottom is rocky, and the water is about 10 to 15 feet deep.
  12. Canuknucklehead


    Nice boat.
  13. Canuknucklehead

    Late nite fishin

    Thanks, I hope to have my boat in the marina by the weekend.
  14. Canuknucklehead

    Late nite fishin

    At what depth were you fishing?