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  1. I was out for a couple of hours south of Port Colborne, caught 3, lost 2. Seventy feet of water, 40 feet down with riggers and crawler harnesses.
  2. When I joined the Navy in 1965 we were taught drown-proofing, how to survive on the water without a lifejacket. The following is a video that explains how easy it is to do. It could save your life. Navy Skills for Life – Water Survival Training – Clothing Inflation
  3. When out again for a couple of hours the following last night and caught 5 more using the same technique.
  4. Left Port Colborne (directly across the lake from Silver Creek) at 4 pm, fished 45 feet down in 75 fow +/- and limited out by 7 pm. All fish were caught fluttering on downriggers using purple and watermelon crawler harnesses.
  5. Left the dock at 6 pm, returned at 8:30, all I caught were too sheepheads.
  6. This website has webcams listed for all the great lakes. http://www.lakerart.com/links.htm
  7. There is still too much ice on Lake Erie, the only ramp I've used is the one at Port Colborne, it can handly 4 boats at a time, two launching and two returning. It also has a large parking lot.
  8. I had a place on Rice Lake for 17 years, sold it 3 years ago and started fishing Erie. Stick around, you'll learn a lot just reading the posts, many members run charter boats and know what they're talking about. I usually use worm harnesses, I've copied the patterns and blades many members post photo of with success. Port Maitland is one of the best places to fish on the north side of eastern Lake Erie. I keep my boat at Sugarloaf Marina in Port Colborne, I live in Fonthill, it's easier to drive to the marina, park my car get in my boat and go fishing, than hitch it to my car, drive 21 kilometers to the boat launch etc. etc. etc. The downside my boat is a mess when I take it out of the water in October.
  9. I fish out of Port Colborne, both Port Dover and Port Maitland are excellent areas for walleye. One of the best features of this forum is that when you ask a question you always get a reply from knowledgeable fishermen. There is no such thing as a stupid question. I started using Chamberlain releases based on the recommendations of several members and never regretted it.
  10. I switched to Chamberlain last year, I've never regretted it.
  11. I'm waiting for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday before ordering anything. It clearly states on their website they ship to Canada.
  12. I was chosen for the Lake Erie United Giveaway this month, thank you.
  13. The weather buoy 45142 is reporting the waves of 12.5 feet high. .
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