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  1. One of the few boat launches I've seen in NYS to have this problem. God bless our NYS it getting better all the time. Especially after last election. Bring on the POT that will make every user a better driver on and off the water. Lol
  2. Thanks for the up date. Man they sure went OVERBOARD fixing things up I guess a little grinding better than nothing. Pun intended. :) PS: someone must have stock in a trailer tire company. It's far from done. "a desk is a dangerous place from which to drive a trailer" I think the guy who designed it a won't completely improve it should be nick named "SCUFFY"
  3. EVERYONE MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!!! Get out and vote Grab your FRIENDS, RELATIVES AND BUDDIES. Probably the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION of OUR LIVES!!!! God Bless America, Semper FI. Cisco Kid
  4. Away on 3 setting but bottom (down fish) or up (suspended fish) the size of dipsey and amt of line all make a depth difference when using a dipsey. Haven't used one in years and a lot of eyes seem to be suspended this year so just curious what was working and how?
  5. What size or what number Dipsey? Fish em High or Low?
  6. WE MUST ALL VOTE, a NO VOTE IS a vote for the NON SPORTSMAN PARTY. If you've never voted before vote. If you hate voting VOTE THIS TIME. It's that IMPORTANT!!!! Lets KEEP AMERICA AMERICA. CiscoKid USMC Ret
  7. FLASH! FLASH! Here is a CURRENT LINK to a current PFOS fish article put out by the NYS DEC. The east end DEC people recognize the chemical issue now we need to make sure our Lake Erie west folks recognize the gravity of the issue and are also on the ball. IMPORTANT!!!!! https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/110848.html
  8. Had Wayne from the DEC in 518 area code called me yesterday and told me in 2011 & 2012 three walleyes yes only 3 walleyes were tested from Lake Erie for the Michigan Huron River Chemicals. Yes there were those specific chemicals in those walleyes but not at a high enough level to cause concern. However he admitted 3 walleyes was to small a sample to be significant. He suggested we fisherman continue to follow the current NYS L. Erie advisory for the consumption of fish. Wayne said now that he was made aware of the Michigan situation he has already talked to Michigan DEC people. He told me there is current netting going on in L. Erie and some of these fish will be tested but the results won't be known for months. I suggest everyone call their local Dec offices to discuss this situation this will keep their feet to the fire. Yes it is very wide spread nasty chemical that is water soluble in lakes, rivers and ground water it is a "forever chemical" and doesn't break down for a long long time. It is also very volatile so it can get airborne so it can travel and be spread by clouds and rain. Is it currently banned from use in the USA??? I'd like to know. The Next BIG issue is HOW MUCH Roundup is being sprayed on current food crops and is now in our food supply at stores. Roundup also evaporates when sprayed and is spread by clouds and rain. Do you know anyone one who has had cancer or died from cancer? I personally have had cancer. Now your beginning to know why!!! To many chemicals in our environment that simple. Google crops sprayed with Roundup if you want to learn more. Good Fishing and tight lines.
  9. Jimski and everyone else keep the good ideas coming there are good people who are listening. I am a Jimski too AKA the Ciscokid. :)
  10. Just talked with 4 different NYS DEC people from 716, and 518 area codes as those are the contamination people in 518. There were clueless regarding the Michigan Huron River no eat fish advisory extending to Lake Erie. They haven't tested for this chemical in fish but only in drinking water. I had to tell him that fishermen at the cleaning stations would volunteer to provide fish for testing. They just hired a chemist and purchased a new spectrometer and are developing a protocol. I told him call Michigan they probably already have a protocol. The chemical is a fire retardant and is used waterproofing materials. It is one of the main chemicals used in the manufacture of GORTEX. They all admitted that Michigan was way ahead of NYS. What else is new????
  11. Great Job but all you have to do is look where all the black tire scuff marks are, you don't build or design anything when it's public except for the average person. It's that simple. We all appreciate your help. The exit right to the road is one of the worst the angle is almost impossible to line up. Tight lines. Thx again.
  12. THIS IS THE LINK TO THE MICHIGAN DO NOT EAT FISH WARNING HURON RIVER TO LAKE ERIE!!!!!! https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/08/31/do-not-eat-fish-warning-extended-huron-river/1159464002/
  13. The SBH is a state owned facility with Liberal politicians ruling the roost in Albany you can bet a dollar to a donut that all those tax dollars go into A GENERAL FUND. So you can kiss the money bye bye for sportsmen and women. It doesn't exist once it gets there!!!! The actual boat slips are owned by a private company. Stop by the SBH office on right side just b4 the cleaning station and talk to the state dude in there if you want results. His Office located just across from parking lot so easy to access. Says people don't show enough interest in his opinion.
  14. How does this affect us L. Erie east enders are local fish in NYS & migrating fish contaminated with those chemical? Google Michigan no eat fish advisory Huron river to Lake Erie!!!!
  15. What are Sallies never heard the term b4 except yellow sally, mustang sally???