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  1. Thx MuskieDreams you got it right!!
  2. Lineman, your right the mouse pad is more than likely my problem. However this is the only site and area this seems to happen. I am steering starboard and clear of the mouse pad. Lol Thx
  3. MM good job of identifying the issues and finding a positive way to take action. Look for the areas with heaviest and most scuff marks. Example far curb on right turn to exit the parking lot. You got to be a Jedi Knight to get out of there without running over the right curb. Guys/Gals push their cars towards far curb to make Right turn and not hit right curb almost impossible. BIG BRIGHT SIGNS NEEDED to hopefully get people to load their boats in the prep area NOT in FRONT of the LAUNCH AREA. They should Man UP and DO THE RIGHT THING!! Childish bad behavior STINKS!!!!! Yesterday I had a run in with a jerk who had a fancy fishing boat & truck who drove by us in the get ready prep area. Then proceeds to park his boat in the early am right in font of launch and get his boat ready not a pleasure boater but a fellow fisherman. I told he is suppose to make ready in the proper area he got offended and as I walked back from parking he confronted me and started an argument . I go there to fish and enjoy not argue with inconsiderate idiots. Yes it's easier not to say anything but this old former Marine knows nothing said to these people will just continue there Bad behavior.
  4. I find this website aborning at times had a reply 99% written and it closed and reopened loosing everything and other times it scrolls up on it's own and I have to stop typing and reposition the cursor. Hate it!
  5. MM how did your conversation with Vince go? Did you nail down the issues, did he offer support? Thx CiscoKid
  6. MM that's the kinda support and good action ideas we need!!! THX
  7. MM, I agree I think your the man for the job good thinking.
  8. No kidding it gonna take time. If you want change U got start somewhere sometime but no one is replying that they called Vince so it like peeing into the wind. Good thing fish are dumb.
  9. That's not what Vince told me today. Do you have 1st hand info or is this your best GUESS??? Do you have a better CONTACT for us??? No one person makes a change like this a smart guy like you should know that. Vince works for NYS and is the manager of the whole Buffalo Harbor State Park. With out him on our side we get nothing!!!!!
  10. Please feel free to vent but then follow up with some positive comments or solutions. Call Vince, bitching among ourselves accomplishes nothing. He's a key to one of the locks. It's a PROCESS!!! Vince thinks there's no problem and it was designed this way to prevent speeding. I talked to him today. I told him it was one of the worst designs in the state system. Action gets results we all know just talk is cheap. Go gem em Ivo.
  11. Pure negativity will not produce results. The $tate built it the state can fix it!!! Stick together don't just bitch.
  12. Ok ladies and gentlemen HERE's the PERSON to CALL at The Buffalo Harbor State Park to voice your opinion & Concerns regarding the entrance and exit at the SBH!!! Silence is golden but not in this case, he told me I am the 1st person to contact him this year. He's the manger of The Buffalo Harbor State Park, AKA the SBH Please Contact and ask for : Vince @ 716- 822-1207. If we you don't make waves they'll never know and things will never change. Thx, The KID
  13. How true Mike. How about a tire that gets compromised and scuffed at SBH but doesn't blow out until the T way at 65 or 70 MPH when heated up NIGHTMARE!!!! It's gonna happen unfortunately someday to someone, some family. To many fools designing things from behind desks " a dangerous place from which to view the world"
  14. Who do ALL of US have to contact and complain to in order to get the ball rolling to make the necessary improvements!!!! To just talk amongst ourselves accomplishes nothing. I hit a curb yesterday and really try hard not to mostly while trying to exit the SBH. Need to widen the roads and make the pretty center median narrower or gone with something else in else smaller as divider. It just might be the New York State parks department? Nothing is going to happen unless we make it know there are serious issues. Like your tire blows out at 60 mph on T way because it was compromised at the SBH. With all do respect to the Thunderbird Pilots that can get though everything cleanly every time the black scuff marks on the curbs and the crushed curbs say it all!!! I hit a curb and scuffed a tire yesterday and I try hard not to, I am a former U.S. Marine not a T Bird pilot. Lol If anyone knows who are where to complain to let us know, address phone number. Lets be a band of brothers and getter done!!!!
  15. 1) You can vary the size of any speed bump my friend. 2) When U drive over any sized speed bump slowly your tires will never go airborne unlike dropping off a curb. Driving over the curbs because of the poor entrance exit design can cause and will cause more damage than any speed bump. I see people dropping off the curb by the collection booths every time I fish. The black scuff marks on the curbs visually state how poor the design really is!!! Take a LOOK next time.