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  1. Goodday Locoman What I meant they are no worse then the harm freighters , two stroke motors And evasive species are. They do create habitat in the gulf the radio towers are fish magnets? Eyesore is an opinion? Dependence on foreign power is a fact? Thanks for the reply Jojoworkingfortomorrow Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. BOARD MEMBER Big can of WORMS by jojo wilczewski BOARD MEMBER Goodday i was wondering what everyone thought of the wind turbines on lake eria They are saying there will be environmental harm to the fishery. i don’t see it. i do see the turbines but not as an eyesore. i do see clean free power that will lessen our dependence on foreign oil, and power. there will be some harm due to oil leakage and bases being built. the freighter leak oil, crate junk ( habitat) in the bottom of the lake and bring in evasive species. Nobody complains about skyscrapers or grain mills which to me are just as much an eye sore. lets built American independence and keep American dollars in America please post your opinion in comments jojoworkingfortomorrow
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