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  1. Brother and I did well this morning out front and east a little. Fished strictly 60-64 fow. Most fish were taken within 10 feet of bottom. 7 color was really good with a lime/chartreuse reef runner. Spoons on riggs were great 50 to bottom. Fish and bait in 78 degree water? I'm still learning. There was one hog in there we took 8 or 9 pounds.
  2. Thanks Kramer93. I think I'll shake off some rust tomorrow morn
  3. Lets keep in touch. I can volunteer to type it up next year.
  4. Perhaps they have their reasons, I didn't ask straight out.
  5. Thanks. I called the STWA VP, Jim and had a nice converstion with him. He was able to fill me in over the phone. I don't think the info is posted anywhere.
  6. Is there anyone that can directs me to, or send me info regarding the calcutta winners and weights? I was directed by the SWA to go to the website, I was unable to find anything. Thank you.
  7. I wasn't able to fish this weekend but I heard the winning box from the Rob Ray tourney out of Dunkirk was hefty, but only half of 31 boats weighed in. They always seem to be out there somewhere🤔🤔🤔🤔
  8. Good haul ghauser. Yeah Sunday we committed to the wrong area for sure. Not my call but we gave it hell. West of Dunkirk was not productive for us. Looking forward to Saturday.
  9. Saturday was good. Sunday not too hot for us. Moving now, we'll see
  10. I camped right up the road from the boat and wasn't able to slip away to take it out😢😢😢 The lake looked awfully fishy Monday
  11. Happy Spring! I'll be fishing vessel Godzilla this season, starting tomorrow. Anyone try any daytime drops off Van Buren?
  12. Thank you Gamekilr. I believe there's great value there! Hope I can make a deal with someone.
  13. I kept it up nicely and took care of the hull. I have owned the boat for about 7 years and am not the original owner. The engine is original as far as I know. If you would like to see it let me know. 585-317-4391 Rich
  14. 1999 Trophy 2352 with 305 i/o I have taken great care of this boat. Starts and runs but needs engine work (Boat Only) $3500 I will drop it off. Boat includes raw water pump head, new marine grade vinyl berth and a Dragonfly 7. Trailer updated in 2017 with heavy duty axles, brakes, wheels, tires, and electric. (Boat and trailer) $6500. This boat has a perfect great lakes layout and is a beast in unaccommodating seas. Almost all parts on the engine are new, with a rebuild this boat and trailer will likely serve someone well for a long time.
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