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  1. You're a good guy Ten Percent for taking the time to tow in a fellow fisherman with a electrical storm coming. I'm sure those guys were sweating it until you came along.
  2. Fished off the Catt today, got a 2 man limit in 3 hours. Not as many fish showed on the graph as it did just a week ago, but the bite was hot. Riggers between 50-60' with watermelon and chartreuse harnesses worked best, dipsys on 2 setting at 125' with Renoskys (especially rainbow color tipped with 1/2" worm) was on fire. Trolled between 70-80 fow. Did not see many fish on the bottom. Lots of boats fishing off the area, surprised that there's not more reports here.
  3. Bud, did you limit out or just catch some big fish at 60'. Also, were they on the bottom or suspended?
  4. Fished 11:30-4pm. Noaa & the app windy were so wrong. When we got to the marina, boats were coming in saying the lake is too rough 3-4' waves. My 18' boat has enough trouble in 2' waves, but we decided to check it out. The lake was rough, but the waves were not quite 3 footers. It took a long time to find fish & it was a slow ride all the way. It was a NE wind as we found some good marks off Evangola State Park in 72' of water. As soon as we got there, the lake started to lay down and the waves got smaller as the day wore on. We got a 2 man limit. Riggers on the bottom with gold harnesses were hot, most other colors didn't product. Dipsys on 2 setting 145-150' back with sticks, Renoskys & Reef Runner 800. We saw only 2 other boats on the lake.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. Many of the ideas I have given some considerable time thinking about. I will try both ways, sliding and fixed. So far this year, I haven't fished in more than 60' of water so I haven't tried it much. If and when the walleye move deeper, then I'll try it consistently, at least off one of the riggers. Looking forward to getting that 1st one on a slider. And when I do, I'll be sure to give a report.
  6. Thanks for a couple of great reports JS. Pink is the one color I haven't tried yet this year, will have to do that when the lake settles down this week.
  7. Welcome to LEU, nice looking cooler of fish. Great report!
  8. Nice looking fish! Got me beat.
  9. As fisherman, we all know the marine forecast can't be trusted. I only go out if the forecast is 10mph or less, or waves a foot or less. Many times it's twice that. If the forecast is for waves 2 feet or less, I don't even bother. The ice boom camera looks great, but it is useless for predicting wave heights. It's too bad there's not more weather cams on the eastern end of the lake, like at the Small Boat Harbor, or Sturgeon Point (there use to be), or Cattaraugus Creek.
  10. 2 man limit off the Catt, 56' of water. Threw back 5 shorts. All fish between 18-23". Riggers on the the bottom with harnesses. Dipsys on 2 setting 80' with sticks. Bottom 20' loaded with fish. A lot of boats were out deeper, maybe a half dozen fishing this area.
  11. I fish the eastern end of the lake, anywhere between Dunkirk & Sturgeon Point. I like the Reef Runner Ripstick 700 series. I caught a lot of walleye last year on Eriedescent & Purple Demon colors. I've used them both off down riggers and dipseys.
  12. Definitely a couple of slobs there. Wanna enlighten the rest of us where you found that limit catch?
  13. Thanks for the help. I will try it on one of the riggers this summer and see if it puts any more fish in the box. I take it than not a lot of guys use sliders by the lack of responses.
  14. I'm looking for some help using a slider on a downrigger. I don't want to use a stacker, don't need the extra pole to add to the pole count. I'd like to use a free slider rather than fixed. How effective are they for walleye? Has anyone tried using something other than a spoon? What length of leader line is used? Ever catch 2 fish at the same time? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  15. I agree with Ten %. There are regional walleye that stay here year around, but the majority of walleye swim back to the shallow rocky waters on the western end of the lake to spawn. After spawning, & when the water temperatures warm there, they migrate back to the cooler deeper waters on the eastern end of Lake Erie. This has been a cooler rainy spring which may delay that process a bit. A week or 2 of 80 degree temps will help the process. It's almost July and soon everyone will be limiting out again. I'll be patient and still continue to fish off the Catt. You can travel to the west if you want, but I'm still putting fish in the box and the numbers will only get better.
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