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  1. I saw a lot of boats off the Catt today, but pretty much spread out. I haven't seen any posts here about the early perch bite, so maybe it hasn't started or guys are just keeping quiet. Anyone got a report?
  2. Was out yesterday 78' off the Catt, limited in about 2 hours. All fish caught off riggers around 68-70'. Bottom 20' loaded with fish. Those eyes...chartreuse harnesses have not produced for me this year and try adjusting sensitivity like rvan suggests cause the fish are there. I agree with Thechad, purple was the go to color. Was using a purple reef runner ripstick called Eriedescent, eyes loved it. Was a beautiful day on the water for October.
  3. I was out Sunday, east of the creek, 65-75’, 2 man limit in 6 hrs. Slow start, we were dragging silver bass & perch a lot. Bottom 30’ just loaded with fish, dipseys 2 setting 135’ worked the best. Did better than the riggers, which for me that’s a first this year. All on harnesses 1.8 SOG. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  4. Went out at 8, 2 man limit by noon. Gold & purple worm harnesses on dipseys 2 setting 120', riggers with cranks between 45-60'. Harnesses did better. 65-75' of water off Evangola State Park, 2.5 SOG. Beautiful day on the water, except for the bugs. Lots of huge marks just outside the creek, must be Steelhead coming in. Also a lot of perch guys around 52'.
  5. Way to go R78, 1st limit report I’ve heard since the lake turned. What setting were the dipseys? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  6. I was out, fished 65 - 80' water, weird current east to west, quite a few boats in the area, did not see 1 fish caught. Had 1 release in 5 hours, no fish in the box. Tough day at the office.
  7. Tuesday or Wednesday might be a return to fishing for me. I go out of out the Cattaraugus and if we get 2 or 3" of rain like they're predicting, that might not be possible. But, i hope to get out there soon and try some of these things I learned here. Great source of information for walleye guys.
  8. Puking dog - Do you run the Bomber Long A shallow off dipseys? What size and colors are the most productive?
  9. I think I'll try the "cold turkey" approach. If I go on the main motor instead of the electric, i can idle about 2.4 SOG minimum, but I'll try different speeds too. I usually can't drive straight so the turns may help the bite. i'll run all cranks for a few hours and see what happens. if that doesn't produce, I'll go back on the electric and worm harnesses.
  10. I don't have any "bottom bouncers", but I'm going to get some because I'd like to try it. I did Goggle it like you suggested and watched a lot of videos on it. Most of them were trolling, but I did see a couple where they were drifting. Your explanation of how you do it was well written, and makes me want to try it just to feel that bite. I spent alot of money on down riggers & equipment, and you probably catch just as many fish. Thanks for the information and an excellent article.
  11. I've been fishing that same area off the Catt, 2 riggers with worm harnesses & 2 dipseys with Renoskys. I don't have any rods with lead core. The worm harnesses catch the most fish, only one on the Renosky. SOG was 1.8 most of the time, but I did try 2.0 , 2.2 and 2.4 for about 15 minutes each. Maybe I didn't give it enough time. I just can't get the Renoskys to work for me as well as i'd like. Thanks for the info.
  12. When using the Renoskis, did you get more on the dipsy's or the lead core? What speed?
  13. Hi Stillwater- I'm new to the site and trying to understand how you're your fishing. Are you drifting and bottom bouncing with worm harnesses? It seems to work good for you.
  14. I've been following this site for awhile, and decided to join. Just started walleye fishing this year, and I'm hooked. I mainly fish out of the Catt. I've done well for being a newbie, but from what I've heard and read on the site, walleye fishing has been exceptional this year. Thanks to all the members for their insight and ideas.
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