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  1. Way to go Ckawski, you seem to get fish whenever you go out. Surprised to see a screen like that in 56 fow with that surface temp. Looks like that haven't moved deeper yet.
  2. Fished Tuesday 11-4 right off the creek. Got 5, lost 2 on the fight. Also got 3 shepherd, and a smallmouth. All in 55' on harnesses, various colors, but with copper backs. One harness had a skirt which caught 3 fish. All suspended between 35-45 fow. Nothing caught off the bottom. Walleye 18-22". All slow trolling 1.1 to 1.3. Feels like it's starting to pick up.
  3. I''d probably do the same thing. I really like that they have 3 rod holders on each rigger. Thanks.
  4. That is the base I use. I have a pair of Mag 10's that are pre-2006. I'm not sure if these would be newer or older than mine. Are these slow retrieve & do they have auto stop? Thanks.
  5. Joe would these fit in the the older mag 10 bases?
  6. I used a 25' setback from the release.
  7. 2 man limit straight out off the Catt, wind was out of the SE later swinging around out of the NE. Best area was between 78-84 fow. Sticks were not working for us, all fish caught on harnesses. Fish were suspended between 50-60', did not see much on the bottom. Riggers caught 2/3 of the fish, dipsys on 2 setting at 90 took a couple. Lots of boats in the area, surprised there are not more reports. With that being said, I did talk to another fisherman at the marina who said he limited also.
  8. I have noticed that there's not as many emeralds the last few years. not as many in the river in the spring for dipping. I agree that the way that the walleye population has exploded may have an effect on the baitfish. The NYSDEC Lake Erie Annual report from 2017 shows low numbers for emerald shiners since 2014. 2017 Lake Erie Annual Report: March 2018 (PDF, 5.1 MB) But on the brighter side, I'll take 40 million walleye any day. As long as they keep the windmills & asian carp out of the lake, we should have great fishing for years.
  9. My main line to the dipsy is braided, from the dipsy to the lure/harness I use 10' mono. I'll probably shorten it to 8' to make it easier to net fish. You won't get tangled reeling it in, only letting it out. I agree with P dog that your letting out the line too fast. If you let the line free reel, your dipsy will fall and spin & twist the line. I keep my finger on the spool and let it out slowly. It might take a couple of minutes. A lot of fisherman have problems with dipsy releases. I get releases about half of the time, the other half I'm dragging a small walleye or a perch. I have my release set as light as possible. I use a medium light 8'6" pole so I can usually see a little more bend in the pole when I'm dragging a fish, or else you might notice there's not as much movement in the pole. The big thing is you have to watch rod tips and get use to the movement of your pole. Check your lines often. When you check your line and give it a slight jerk, you should feel the dipsy release. If the line feels heavy and the dipsy doesn't release, and you don't feel any head shakes, most likely your line is twisted. If the dipsy does release and there's no fish on, you'll notice there's hardly any bend in the pole. If you get a release with a fish on, the pole will be bouncing around. Sooner or later, you'll get the hang of it. Good luck Fishy.
  10. Went straight out off the Catt about 7:30 am to 83 fow & started trolling west. Lake was weird early on, wind was out of the north, rollers were out of the west. Didn't catch anything for 3 hours. We were marking fish, but they were closed mouthed. Went into 70-75 fow, and the bite was on. Got a 2 man limit in the next 2 hours, all on harnesses. Sticks were not working for us. Copper backed watermelon harness was the best producer. Riggers were 3' off the bottom, dipsys on 2 setting at 135. Best area was about 2 miles west of the creek off Silver Creek bay. No slobs, all good eaters 17-20" Home for the 2nd half of the Bills game, which was the best half to watch.
  11. Nice report JS. Fished the same area Sat. & saw the same marks, but the fish had closed mouths. Only got 5, might have been trolling too fast.
  12. Fished the 25th off the Catt. Started out at 3:30 pm, wind was out of the SE. Dropped 1st rigger to 50' in 63 fow, started setting up 2nd rigger and noticed 1st released within a minute. Pretty slow until we got to 78 fow. Picked up a few more on dipsys 2 setting 125' back. Trolled out to 83, turned around to troll into the wind, had a rough time, at least 2' waves, hard to maintain constant speed in a 18' boat. Pulled up everything and powered back to 62 fow. Turned around and trolled with the waves pretty much on same line, this time got busy between 64-68 fow. Had a 2 man limit by 6:30pm. All fish caught on harnesses, chartreuse, purple, orange, yellow variations. All fish 18-22". Great afternoon on the water, home in time to watch the sunset.
  13. You're a good guy Ten Percent for taking the time to tow in a fellow fisherman with a electrical storm coming. I'm sure those guys were sweating it until you came along.
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