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  1. Went out of Barcelona yesterday...80-95' our limits for 4 guys, with only 3 throwbacks and NO JUNK !!! Grape Jelly wormburners ruled the day (purple w/pink dots over copper), also caught some on a pink Lindy Lil' Guy off downrigger 70' down. #1 size dipsy 2 - 200' back Mag size dipsy, 1 - 140' back, 3 - 165' back
  2. Got out of Dunkirk yesterday afternoon..fished 80-94' straight off the my 6, most on wormburners, 1 on a deep Reef on LC, 1 on Renosky off dipsy.... Mag dipsy 1- 115 back, #1 Dipsy 3 - 210 back. Size was 16 - 21" Only 3 throwbacks.
  3. Anyone got a report from yesterday?
  4. Does running 2 different sizes prevent the inevitable tangles when running 2 per side ?? I run all #1's (inside set on #1, outside set on #3), but still get tangles sometimes, whether it's an unintentional tight turn or a strong current.
  5. We went out of Dunkirk yesterday..started in 65-70fow a few miles east..1 short 'eye...moved NW to 80-95fow...scrounged 6 small keepers and 8 throwbacks...we threw everything at them to no avail. #3 setting 160 back on dipsy was most productive. We did not mark a lot of fish...our friends went W down to the shoals and only managed a couple shorts, 1 keeper...they moved out deeper to the N off shoals and were not marking hardly any fish....SLOW DAY all around!! Anybody got a line on where they went???
  6. Any one fish Dunkirk yesterday?? Reports?? Going out of there Tuesday AM...anyone who wants to work together, let me know. Thanks.
  7. If you want an accurate wind forecast, try They are MUCH more accurate than the NWS !!!....they don't give wave height predictions, but most of us know what certain wind speeds translate into for seas.
  8. Cheezman

    Sturgeon point

    Thanks man...I'll have to get over there and give it a try. Tom
  9. Cheezman

    Sturgeon point

    How deep are you getting the crappies? North or south end? Thanks
  10. If anybody wants to fish Kinzua this year, I have a 17' boat and I'm only 30 minutes from there. If you have some knowledge of this water and want to go, shoot me an [email protected] Not looking to steal anyone's spots, just want to learn the reservoir. Thanks Tom
  11. Cheezman

    Perch Perch

    Man, I hope this spring (March) is as good as last spring was for the perch !!! The average size was unbelievable !!! Here's to an early spring !!!!