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  1. 10' 2pc Heavy action Gander Mtn. Dipsy Diver Rod in very good condition. $20 or BO Located near Olean, NY
  2. Like new planer mast, reels, collapsible boards and releases. It's a 5' mast. Asking $200 for this nice complete setup. Please PM me any questions. Located near Olean, NY, but my son lives near Rome, NY so I could have him take it over that way after the 4th of July weekend for those who live on the eastern side of the Lake Ontario.
  3. 2 - like new Okuma 453D Coldwater linecounter reels for sale. They are lightly used, nice condition reels. These are the high line capacity reels ( 580/20lb (0.42), 430/25lb (0.48), 330/30lb ) looks like they are filled with 20lb mono currently. I didn't own these reels...they were on a friends boat when he bought the boat. $140 for the pair + shipping
  4. I ran 20lb Seaguar fluoro 6' leaders behind my dipsys 30lb braid for main line for dipsy rods 15lb mono for my 30' leaders on all my leadcore setups 12lb Sunfire mono for my crankbait/ planer board and downrigger rods
  5. What linecounter reels are you looking for?
  6. I'm hearing the same things over and over about Lowrance,...terrible CS and not good quality in their newer units, if it breaks out of warranty, you're screwed!!! I think my next unit is going to be a Garmin...hearing lots of good things about them, their units, their quality, their CS !!!! My 2 cents...
  7. If he doesn't have 1...I have a reel I'll sell reasonable
  8. The DR rods still available? If so, are they 2pc? What action are they?
  9. Fished Monday (8/20) and Friday (8/24) out of Barcelona....3 man limit Monday by 12:30...50-62' ...dipsies 75-100' back on a 3 setting...harnesses and Renoskys...also pulled some on boards, Reefrunner 800's + 4oz snap wts back a total of 150-200' behind the board. Friday, 2 man limit by 12:00...60-92'...dipsies 135-140' back on a 3 setting...mostly harnesses (copper/watermelon & purple/pink/copper)
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