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  1. We ran just 2 dipseys ..one at #3 175 back and one at #2 145 back and 2 off the riggers ..just 4 rods..all harnesses
  2. Good morning out in 73-82 feet didn't run leadcore or sticks at all ..we picked up everything 50+ deep..28 inch a 26 in some 18+23s lots of different age class fish.
  3. After I fillet the walleyes I haul the carcasses out by the woods and I set up a trail camera over them..got this pair of bald eagles having a snack..they made short work of the carcasses too... not the greatest picture but I thought it was worth sharing
  4. Not too bad. Took the sweat shirt off by 830 tee shirt weather..I like these temps over the 90s we had..no ankle biting stable flies either.. Sunday looks good so far ..tomorrow looks like a good day to mow the yard
  5. Saw some bait balls out in 75-80 fow today and the eyes belched up a bunch of bait in my cooler too..didn't run any leadcore or stick baits and ran only 4 rods
  6. We chugged 12 mph out of the catt to 80 fow. Was bumpy for sure but fishable..had 2 foot rollers occasional 3 but it wasn't capping when we were there ..my boat is only a 18 ft closed bow but I didn't think it was bad at all..took longer to chug out to the fish than some days ..quite a few boats out there when we headed in ..going back Sunday if it is decent out
  7. Not too bad at all. Double limit by 10 am one was a 29 inch 7.9 lb slob one 26 and some 18-22s
  8. North 5-10 knots Friday waves two feet or less..we are going out...the weatherman is never wrong
  9. I tie up harnesses with 40 inch leaders for bottom bouncing they work good and have your main line at a 45 degree angle with the water when bouncing
  10. In Wyoming county there are hundreds of these eye sores and it seems the only people who benefit are the land owners whos property they are on, no tax breaks or lower electric cost here! Cuomo sucks!!!
  11. Depending on the diver and boat speed you can pick up an additional 10 - 17 feet if the lure is tuned right and trolling with the waves they will run a bit deeper opposed to trolling into the waves according to precision trolling data Mark H
  12. Did you put new points in when you did the cap and rotor? Also you might have to drain the fuel tank completely if you had ethanol fuel in the tank untreated when you winterized last fall then run reg. unleaded fuel only. I had a similar problem with my mercruiser 120 I ended up pulling the fuel tank from a closed bow boat which involved pulling the seats and kick panel and drained the tank completely, there was lots of sediment and separated ethanol I then cleaned and re lined my tank with p o r 15.. it came with cleaning solvents and a re liner which hardens and coats the inside of the tank. I put the tank back in, ran new fuel lines new fuel water separator new fuel filters new mechanical fuel pump and I only use regular unleaded fuel now and it hasn't missed a beat in 9 years, touch the key she starts, 35 year old boat and I use it all the time. Hope this was helpful to you
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