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  1. National weather service says waves one foot or less this afternoon...port colborne weather buoy reading at noon is 1.3 feet...so my guess is 2-3s +
  2. Went out of the Catt and started off Eagle bay in 75 fow and trolled to the Purina up to 90 fow ..tons of fish on the screen, worked hard for 5 fish...saw the biggest one foot waves with white caps I've ever seen before..fish were tight to the bottom..lots of bait too .no one lure out did the other ...guess five is better than none or one. A light south wind around 5 mph would be a nice change of pace
  3. I look at the port colburn weather buoy and what ever wave height reading it gives,I double it and it's close to actual wave height but different wind directions can change that too
  4. Bumpy ride this morning..went out to the line and went east..2 man limit..lost around 6...all harnesses on dipseys and mich. Stinger on riggers down 62+68 in 70-73 fow... dipseys back 190 on #3 .firetiger and copper watermelon harnesses
  5. Good morning out front of the Catt in 72-77 fow..double limit most on 5 & 7 color with bandits a couple on spoons off riggers..only a couple off dipseys ..nice day on the water
  6. Tried bouncing shallow..got a sheepshead and a small small mouth...moved out tried dipseys...boards..lost one off the dipsey in 55 fow then nothing so I trolled out to 106 feet...I worked the area in front of the Purina.. screen was spotty ..I got the skunk
  7. We did good on harnesses a bit west in 85 to 90 fow ..our best lure was a firetiger single big blade Colorado run off the dipsey..that lure took 8 of our 12..the fish seemed to have moved out to deeper water ..talked to some back at the docks who boxed out in 100 feet ..and some who did good in 60 fow .. guess it depends on how you fish them ..was a nice day on the pond
  8. Nice morning out of the catt. Looks like nobody wants to put their boats away just yet ..best walleye bite I've seen in the 32 years I have been fishing Erie ..ya they aren't all slobs but there are lots of different age class fish and that is a good thing..might have to postpone the first couple weeks of bow season
  9. We are going Saturday also..that 78+84 foot depth has been good for us too and harnesses over plugs for the past month or so has worked for us .. chartreuse and firetiger and copper have all been good
  10. Not sure if the wind and waves will make too much of a difference with the walleyes being so deep and that there are so many walleyes in the eastern basin right now...we went to Dunkirk Monday for a change of scenery and the screen was loaded there ..quick double limit running harnesses 60 feet down to the bottom in 77-86 f o w and yesterday we launched at the catt with same results..lots of bait balls in both spots and many of the fish we boated were barfing up small bait fish..looked like emerald shiners and a few shad mixed in ..D E C was at Dunkirk Monday asking the usual questions..how many..how big..how long did you fish..did you release anything and the DEC guy said it's been the best walleye bite in over 25 years..I thought last year was pretty good too and he said this year was way better.
  11. Nice morning ..went west out of the catt and set up in 74 feet to around 83 f o w when we finished up ..good screen the whole time
  12. Another nice morning ..ran same thing as Tuesday..same place finished around the same time
  13. Fished Tuesday morning headed west out of the catt 5 miles and set up we worked 84 -93 f o w and trolled just about to the Purina when we finished up ..really good screen the farther west we went.. ran harnesses .. copper watermelon and chartreuse worked for us ..no slobs..all nice eaters
  14. We ran just 2 dipseys ..one at #3 175 back and one at #2 145 back and 2 off the riggers ..just 4 rods..all harnesses
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