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  1. I heard some guys were jigging up Walleye’s is the same area. Anyone here get into them.
  2. Knowing this governor and this legislature I am afraid it will happen eventually. They want them and there is nothing the minority in both houses can do. What I fear the most is if they do go in will there be an exclusion zone around them. Could you imagine entire areas of the lake where you can't troll for Walleye’s. What kind of legacy is that to leave behind for our children and grandchildren.
  3. Makes a great if not tedious at times read. Some good news and some potential bad news in there about the eastern basin. I read the forage base, walleye and perch reports. The forage base was bad as far as smelt were concerned. They make up 25% of the walleye diet. Walleye size and weight/ length has gone down in the past two years possibly because of the lower smelt numbers. Emeralds, especially the 1 yr olds, have gone up dramatically though. That might offset the smelt problem. Perch population looks pretty good. I hope that holds true.
  4. I was made aware of the situation a few days ago by friends that were told to leave. Even though I am not in senator Gallavan’s district, I sat down with his aid in Warsaw , Mark Rieman. We spent 45 minutes discussing the situation and I gave him a few pictures of the new no fishing signs and the security person asking the fisherman to leave. Mark will inform the senator and they will both address the situation. I will keep everyone informed. Please help by contacting your local legislators and informing them too.
  5. NW winD Wednesday and Thursday. I guarantee good weather Friday . I will be out of town!
  6. The last time the lake was fishable for me was Oct. 8. That stinks. I remember getting out a couple times a week a few years back in the fall. The perch were in 55' straight off the Cat but who knows now. Miller must be a real lonely guy the past week. No bait sales for a while for him.
  7. We did exactly that. Limit walleyes in 73’. Just used renoskis and caught most on wire dipsey set back 125’. Went inside to 58’ and just about limited on perch. Great day.
  8. Didn’t know that. Check out the FishUSA web sight.
  9. Eyes are still out there. Straight out, 60' down over 80' of water. All renoskis today. Lead core at 9 color and 110-120 on wire dipsey and 175 on mono dipsey.
  10. we could not get bait. Millers was out when I got there. Got stuck trolling for eyes. Easy limit and came back in.
  11. I will be there tomorrow. Do the eyes first and then look for perch
  12. I don’t do sundays but’s if it is not windy Monday, I’ll be there"
  13. I wonder if I talked to you today and tuesday. Did you use the Hanover launch? We did the same as you but my go to lures have been rainbow renoskis , and Michigan stingers. I have the black Alumacraft.
  14. I have a 16 1/2 almacraft escape. Narrow beam. No problem for most of my fishing but have to pick days on Erie. Anyway, I hope the weather lets us get out a few more times.
  15. I made the same trip from Rochester too that day. Got out by 7:30 and had about two hours to get 8 fish. Too much for my boat and headed in . Another great forecast. I hope the wind forecast for tomorrow is correct. Going to give it a try.
  16. i started in the wrong are and it took us some time to get our two man limit. We went slightly east of the Cat close to the border in 75’. We did run in to steelhead out there and got 6 and lost a few. Ran in a bit and found a nice school of eyes. I think the guys that crushed them were further east and not as deep. We saw a lot of boats there. Everything was the top 40’. Renoskis and Michigan stinger spoons..
  17. It was 44 deg at 50’ at the cat. No it will settle in a few days. They will be back
  18. I was there and between four boats, we caught four eyes, 2 lakers and one steelhead. Fished from 70-90' Ice water and a strong east to west current. Not good at all.
  19. Great sharing on info. A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I could not get a fish on the renoskis. Everything on the harnesses. The trick is to go “ cold turkey” . Run all plugs/ spoons and kick up the speed. I had a lot of hits on turns too. That tells me they plugs were going faster or slower than the 2"2average speed depending on the turn.
  20. Hard to say. Just about equal. SOG was around 2.2. I always use one dicey with wire set at 2 1/2 and the other side has mono set at 3. If I had a bigger boat, I would probably run 4 dipseys and forget the lead core just because it is easier for me.
  21. Basically straight out of the Cat in 75-81' today. Finally got rid of the worm harnesses and did a three man limit on renoskis. Dipsy's , lead core and a nice 28" fish on the rigger set at 53.
  22. That’s great news. Maybe it will be a good fall perching.
  23. Wow, what a day. We had doubles and triples out there. Never slowed down. 75' straight out, 50' down. We were finished at 10:30 and looked for perch. Couldn't find any.
  24. Pretty cool. One question - Where were the gobies?
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