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  1. Trolled around in front of Dunkirk today. Saw anywhere from 59.5 to 63 for surface temp. Warmed up the further west we went. Ended up with 8 walleye between 20" and 26" all on deep divers on planer boards, most came from 40-55 fow.
  2. Went out yesterday around 8:30am and got our 2 man limit in a few hours. Purple spoons 50' down seemed to be the best producer most of the day. 10 color leadcore with a worm harness and a 300 copper with an Erie Dearie took quite a few fish as well. They were at or near bottom anywhere from 55 to 80' of water, with the best being around 60-65'. Caught one fish on the planer boards. Covered quite a bit of water, mostly straight north of the marina.
  3. Thanks everyone! 28-35 feet of water seemed to work best for us. 35-45 produced some fish, but right around 30 seemed to be the most productive. There's a steep drop off from around 25 to 35 about 0.4 miles straight north of battery point that was loaded with walleye and baitfish. There was a lot of gobies in the fish we cleaned. Might try jigging next time.
  4. Thank you! I definitely wasn't expecting 3 of that caliber on my first trip there lol
  5. Hello, I frequent the Lake Ontario United page quite often when I fish there, and decided to go fish Erie for the first time out of my boat today, so I figured I'd join here as well. I live a couple hours southeast of Buffalo, so most of my fishing trips have been to the finger lakes or Lake Ontario. I went on a charter trip on Erie out of Walnut Creek to celebrate my father's retirement last year, and did pretty well. Yesterday we finally decided to take a trip back to Erie, this time out of Dunkirk, to try it out instead of the typical Ontario salmon trip that we usually go on this time of the year. Most of the walleye fishing I've done has been in Chaumont Bay. After today, I feel like I'll be taking a few more trips to Erie soon. Today we launched at Dunkirk around 5:45, went North East out of the marina and started trolling NW of the first set of bluffs you can see heading east in about 30 feet of water. We picked up what ended up being the biggest fish of the day while still setting everything up. We had 2 lines in the water at the time. Trolled around there for a while, ended up turning around and trolling across in front of the marina, then went back to where we started. This was my first trip to Dunkirk, second trip ever to Erie, so this is brand new water to me and we felt like doing some exploring. We fished from around 6am to 12:30 or so, and landed 12 out of 14 walleye, 3 sheepshead, and a white bass. 3 of the eyes were over 28 inches, only one was under 20. We tried flicker minnows, flicker shad, bayrats, worm harnesses, spoons, just about everything we had in the boat, and the go to setup was a berkley flicker shad 7 perch color about 60 feet back, add a 1 oz clip on weight, then send it back another 40 or 50 feet. A bayrat wonderbread deep diver took a couple big fish too. As you'll see in the pictures, I picked up a Zebco Dock Demon rod at Walmart just to try something different. This caught 2 of the 3 biggest fish and was an absolute blast. Flat lined it out the back with a snap on weight and it caught more fish than any other rod. There was a lot of cottonwood fuzz on the water, and with it being dead calm in the morning it was difficult to manage at times. Fleas aren't terrible yet. I added a few photo's of some of the bigger fish. Based on the reports here, it sounds like not many people are fishing. The parking lot was pretty empty when we launched this morning. If I lived closer I'd be out there more often for sure. Sorry about the long story, this is my first post here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I don't know a lot about Erie, but I'll share what worked for us today.
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