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  1. Starcraft 75

    Rayzurs Big Dawg Walleye Tournament

    Thanks, in Georgia check it out when I back.
  2. Anyone know where I might find the results of the tournament from this weekend? Down in Tybee Island, Georgia and just curious of how it went. Thanks....
  3. Where are you located? Would like to try on.
  4. Starcraft 75

    Okuma White Diamond Rods

    Okuma told me to try some ferrule lubricant that they use for fly rods. Couldn't find it around here. I ended up sanding male end just enough to fit being very careful not to do too much. Very fine sandpaper. Good luck
  5. Starcraft 75

    Hanover Boat Ramps

    FYI Hanover boat ramps are open with there docks in and clean. Also State ramps have there side docks in, but had a sign across the entrance saying Road Closed. Not sure what's going on there. Let the fishing begin. Good luck to all, and don't forget to always be courteous to others.
  6. Starcraft 75

    Okuma White Diamond Rods

    I have 2 White Diamond rods 2 piece 8'6", and they are very difficult to put together. Way to tight. Has anyone else had this problem and know of a solution? Appreciate any come back...
  7. Starcraft 75

    State boat ramp at the Catt

    I heard they were putting 2 more ramps in there, but couldn't tell you when the ramps will be open.
  8. Starcraft 75

    How many of you paint/make your own

    Nice looking patterns.
  9. Starcraft 75

    Ice Fishing out of SP

    Just wondering if anyone has been fishing deep out of Sturgeon Point? Looking for productive grounds for perch or walleye. Thanks for info in advance.
  10. Starcraft 75

    Perch Perch Fishing

    Has anyone been fortunate enough to be out perch fishing? If so, how have you done? I've been busy chasing venison with no luck yet. Merry Christmas to all members.
  11. Starcraft 75

    Perch Hanover boat launch

    Thanks jimski2, I'm afraid I put the boat away for the winter. We went out of Dunkirk last Saturday for perch and marked some small pods,but they weren't eating. Cold and windy with 3-4' swells. Lasted till 12:30 and had enough. There isn't toilet to be had there and they still charged me......Tight lines and Happy Holidays. M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S.....
  12. Starcraft 75

    Perch Hanover boat launch

    Hanover boat launch Anyone know if the Hanover launch ramps are still in? Looking to get out Saturday if anyone has any info they would like to share. Thanks and tight lines to all..
  13. Starcraft 75

    Lake Erie Fall Perch

    Went out of Catt this morning. Bite was great first light for a couple of hours in 53fow. Slowed as the morning got later. Ended up with 60 quit at 1230.
  14. Starcraft 75

    Perch Perch,mid summer

    Haven't been on sight for a while and just wondering what stingnose spoons are and what they look like? Fished out of Catt Tues and caught bunch little eyes and noticed either a lot of bait or schools of perch out in 85-90 fow. Can't wait to get out there for perch. Hopefully Friday. Any emeralds at foot of Ferry? Thanks for reply.
  15. Cannon Downrigger Covers Looking for a set of Cannon downrigger covers...call Bob 7166469724. Thanks