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  1. Sorry you didn’t find them in Barcelona Fyshon. I drove the 120 miles to Dunkirk today and managed to get there a little after 5:00. Fishing was slow but steady for me. Went 8/11 and kept my 6. All fish came west of Van Buren point in 60’. No pattern. Half on harnesses and half on plugs. Two on the rigger, two on the wire dipsey and the rest on the lead core set at 6 color.
  2. Thanks rvan . I’ll head to Dunkirk. My buddy has been doing good there in 55-65 west of the point
  3. Appreciate your post Rvan heading out tomorrow and have to decide whether to drive to Dunkirk or buffalo.
  4. I was one of the 20. I was fishing in a friends 19’ alumacraft since I am somewhat limited with a new knee replacement. We only had half a limit out there but we were the last ones there. That DEC boat escorted the 14’ boat with two guys in it right back to the dock. Ouch! We had some problem on the way in. Batteries were dead and had to come back on the 9.9 kicker. Again, not my boat🙄. Finally, alternator put up enough charge to at least tilt up the main motor. Too bad we couldn’t connect out there. Might go out Tuesday.looks like a good day.
  5. I try not to fish weekends too. We got to the Hanover launch this past Saturday at 6:15 and had only a couple boats in front of us. There wasn’t much of a wait. I noticed after we put in, no one else was there for a good ten minutes.
  6. Sorry you didn’t get out further. I drove around searching for a half hour without seeing anything until I reached the line. Fish were from 40-55 down over 58. We limited out there and were back at the cleaning station before 11:00.
  7. Interesting. I fished the same area yesterday and a few days ago and saw the same marks. Never fished up there and did not have to. 5-6 color on lead core, wire dipsey setting #3 and 85’ back did most of the damage, a couple on the riggers at 43. We only had two fish until 10:30, then they just showed up and we boxed out.
  8. Different day, different results. 1 fish in four hours. Tried 45-60’ about 3 miles east of Dunkirk. We did not see any nets moving in any of the boats near us. Some good marks on the screen but they were not interested. Ran spoons and plugs on bottom bouncers, riggers, lead core, wire and mono dipseys.
  9. Nice job. I’ve only been out once this year in buffalo and had our two man limit there. We are trying the Cat today in a few hours. Hopefully, have something good to report.
  10. I heard some guys were jigging up Walleye’s is the same area. Anyone here get into them.
  11. Knowing this governor and this legislature I am afraid it will happen eventually. They want them and there is nothing the minority in both houses can do. What I fear the most is if they do go in will there be an exclusion zone around them. Could you imagine entire areas of the lake where you can't troll for Walleye’s. What kind of legacy is that to leave behind for our children and grandchildren.
  12. Makes a great if not tedious at times read. Some good news and some potential bad news in there about the eastern basin. I read the forage base, walleye and perch reports. The forage base was bad as far as smelt were concerned. They make up 25% of the walleye diet. Walleye size and weight/ length has gone down in the past two years possibly because of the lower smelt numbers. Emeralds, especially the 1 yr olds, have gone up dramatically though. That might offset the smelt problem. Perch population looks pretty good. I hope that holds true.
  13. I was made aware of the situation a few days ago by friends that were told to leave. Even though I am not in senator Gallavan’s district, I sat down with his aid in Warsaw , Mark Rieman. We spent 45 minutes discussing the situation and I gave him a few pictures of the new no fishing signs and the security person asking the fisherman to leave. Mark will inform the senator and they will both address the situation. I will keep everyone informed. Please help by contacting your local legislators and informing them too.
  14. NW winD Wednesday and Thursday. I guarantee good weather Friday . I will be out of town!
  15. The last time the lake was fishable for me was Oct. 8. That stinks. I remember getting out a couple times a week a few years back in the fall. The perch were in 55' straight off the Cat but who knows now. Miller must be a real lonely guy the past week. No bait sales for a while for him.
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