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  1. Lake Conditions Anybody drive by the lake know how muddy it is? Between wind and rain I gotta think it's stirred up pretty good.
  2. Lake Erie Fall Perch

    Pick a port, start around 50 and watch your graph. Could be fish from 45-80 fow.
  3. Last fall I caught a number of undersized eyes. We had 2 excellent hatches in 2014 and 2015. The 2015 hatch may rival 1983, which was a record breaker.
  4. We have been taking fish throughout the water column. Took some of our better fish in the top 35 feet the other day.
  5. Read the thread last couple pages. Plenty of tips and info.
  6. Sticks, spoons, and harnesses. Cores, divers, riggers. Didn't matter. Mostly 17's with a couple 20's and 16's mixed in.
  7. Dunkirk is HOT, 3 man limit in 3 hours. Slightly east of the harbor 85-90.
  8. Crawler harness starter kit $15 shipped
  9. for sale Combos

    What model is the heartland rod?
  10. Lake Erie Fall Perch

    Wasn't to bad. A little sporty for my 16 foot tiller but manageable.
  11. Forecasted northeast winds and buoy readings at 4 am kept me outta Buffalo. Boy were they wrong. Lake glassed out. Usually goes the other way. Did manage a few fish, dropped a few, and a couple shorts. Not the action we were looking forward to heading west but a nice day on the water.
  12. Any size outta Dunkirk?
  13. Always did well with copper backs.