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  1. 30 lb PowerPro for me
  2. overthelimit

    Walleye Barcelona

    Says how spoiled we are!
  3. overthelimit

    Fishing this weekend????

    Typical winds for August. Never get out as much. Sunday is looking good.
  4. overthelimit

    Walleye Barcelona

    That's a long trip to take with a 16 foot boat. Blowing out of the northeast could be pretty bumpy and make for tough conditions.
  5. overthelimit

    Walleye Barcelona

    You can run willows well over 2.0 SOG.
  6. overthelimit

    Where to go this weekend? Help

    What kind of meeting?
  7. Post spawn transition to summer haunts
  8. overthelimit

    Lost inline board

    Youngblood, send me a PM with the description of your lost board.
  9. overthelimit

    Perch Early Spring Perch

    I took my 5 year old out Saturday for a couple hours, managed a dozen. Very slow, same thing very small scattered schools. You'd catch a couple from a pod then nothing and move onto the next one.
  10. overthelimit

    Hamburg night bite

    Anyone fish last night? Pulled the plug with the fog threat.
  11. overthelimit

    Sunset walleye shoot out

    It brings in some of the best fisherman from the east end of Lake Erie who make 40+ mile runs to get their fish. Not sure about registration cost, thinking $500+ with additional calcutta's. Best bet would be to contact tournament organizers, event may already be full for this year.
  12. overthelimit

    Lake Conditions

    Lake Conditions Anybody drive by the lake know how muddy it is? Between wind and rain I gotta think it's stirred up pretty good.
  13. overthelimit

    Lake Erie Fall Perch

    Pick a port, start around 50 and watch your graph. Could be fish from 45-80 fow.