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  1. Like everyone else said, you really have to pick your days. Not sure how far you have to travel. I fish out of a 16 ft tiller but have off all summer and live 20 minutes from the lake so when it's nice we fish and when its not we stay home.
  2. Pretty sure that photo was going around last year...
  3. The Port Colborne weather buoy is a pretty good indicator of lake conditions. Not sure how big your boat is but anything over 15 out of the W SW S is going to be pretty sporty.
  4. My dad has been checking the river and has not seen any
  5. As of about 2 weeks ago, there was only about 18 inches of water, about 15 foot wide to get in and out of the harbor.
  6. I don't think many have been out, the wind has been relentless
  7. Ran spinners and meat @ 1.0-1.5 all year with great success off bottom bouncers and inlines. It's all about repeating your pattern. Linecounters are pretty essential to success with this type of presentation.
  8. Did you bother to read back a few posts? Sounds like it.
  9. I did. I said use your graph and fish the hooks. That's helpful.
  10. Use your graph and fish the hooks. Its not that complicated.
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