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  1. Hey guys it's easy out there right now don't over think it too much. Find the fish on the graph and fish right through them. Lake has been flat so there is not much current and the water temp doesn't change a lot this time of year. We have been trolling spoons and chatters at higher speeds 2.5 to 2.7. Good luck and if you have not been catching fish the past few weeks you need to hire a charter because you are doing something wrong.
  2. Your fishing to high in water column. Get it down 70 to 80 ft and you'll be in business.
  3. Heck even when you tell people exactly how to do it. Sometimes they just do what there gonna do. As of this year you could do a lot of things wrong and still catch em. Fishing is phenomenal from sturgeon point to west of Erie.
  4. Yes completely correct but we had 43 lbs plus on Friday and 40 on Thursday. Too not be able to get the same bites on tourney day is tough. It happens. What's disappointing is having the bites and not landing them. On Saturday we had our bites and lost em for no good reason.
  5. Crazy to go out and catch that many and still feel disappointed. Unreal fishing. We might of done a dozen steel head and 18 lakers and so many Walleye it's crazy. Fishing is no less the phenomenal. Freaking big ones are tough. Whats nice is all the neighbors and friends have Walleye for the winter.
  6. Good we will buy you a beer. Gonna be a good weather weekend
  7. Innovative outdoors guess they have over 40 boats. It's a well run tourney big pay out. Out of Dunkirk. It will be neat to see if anyone can target big fish. We get one 6lber plus per 20 eyes. So that means we need to catch a 120 in 8 hrs to win. On saturday we kept 27 eyes two 7 plus and a 5lber. Big fish are right mixed in with little ones. Strange going out there and focusing on how not to catch small eyes. They are everywhere which is wonderful. We tournament fish and prior to sunset shootout I had big fish located bouncing bottom in 60 ft off vanburen. Gave them 3hrs and had one decent fish. Boat traffic can kill that bite in a hurry.
  8. Oh Lordy the tournament guys pre fishing in there for this weekend just lost there lunch! Lol.
  9. Oh Lordy the tournament guys pre fishing in there for this weekend just lost there lunch! Lol.
  10. It's a laker. Still a nice fish.
  11. Secret spoons are anything pink, green or purple in wd on a light leader.
  12. We ended up with 30 total eyes caught out of Dunkirk yesterday fishing deep like that also. I meant to introduce myself to you Larry but ended up getting side tracked. Ron
  13. I'm not out but I don't think there is enough cold water to screw anything up. Plus Walleye don't mind a little cold water. Heck you catch em ice fishing. Temp for Walleye is overatted.