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  1. We took 2nd and the 1st place Calcutta money. Fished west of Catt off center road ran 3 7 colors and 3 8 colors with husky jerks on 7. Rynowsky on 8 color. Only caught 6 walleye we could wiegh. We caught around 70 walleye plus Friday and Saturday. 50 to 60 ft with walleye coming off bottom in 75 degree water. Crazy amounts of a sheep some which were giants.
  2. I also hate the rod weight classification best to shop in person and get a good idea of feel. The 8’3” rod you referenced is a good all around rod. I run a mix of different rods for different applications. I like the Daiwa Great Lakes series. 8 ft medium action is a good rod for all applications beside dipsey.
  3. Lot of good options, but Dances with With Charters catches em good. Fishing out of Dunkirk gives you the option of also catching various species of trout. PM me if interested.
  4. So I noticed this year that when cleaning walleye and lakers out deep say July till October the fish had lots of smelt in them. I remember catching a lake trout with giant smelt in them. There where many more emeralds in Dunkirk harbor this fall then years past. Did two limits of perch out of Dunkirk this fall and they are packed with gobies. Also our early summer in tight walleye are packed with gobies. I just believe yes there is a baitfish problem but I also believe our bait is more bottom oriented because of water clarity. Capt. Ron
  5. Hey guys I report pretty regularly on my face book page Dances With Fish, Dunkirk NY and occasionally on here. My opinion is that you guys are fishing east of Dunkirk to Buffalo are just in a less productive area. Fairly simple. No secret. Launching out of Barcelona, Dunkirk, NE Pa it would increase your catches dramatically. I would suggest that the Catt is the best location for Perch and one of the least productive ports on Erie for eyes the months of May and June. Now later in the year that is not the case. For the month of May or June it’s just how I see it. If I believed differently my boat would be there, which is way closer to my house.
  6. 2 and 3 color lead core directly off spawning structure in 25 to 30 ft of water during the day time.
  7. Thanks but they just ain’t the same.
  8. I know it’s a long shot but I’d pay well if anyone has any of these 7ft rods. Thanks Ron
  9. Fire Tiger rynowsky. Clear pink rynowsky. Three inch black and silver chatters.
  10. Fishing is stupid hot out deep off Dunkirk 100 ft out.
  11. I love them all. I had a great experience at the 444 in port colbourne. Well run tourney and lots of fun. Plus the fishing is different then I’m used to and I got to learn a lot. Sunset is cool because of the money and venue. Tourney got big fast. Don is working on making improvements on various things for next year. Rob Ray tourney have a good payout little more relaxed but a lot of fun. Jim and Diane on the Innovative Outdoors Tourney Run a great tourney and it’s got bigger every year. Payouts are good and they are on the ball. I fish the Con Club and it’s a great run tourney. I just don’t prefer a big fish format. (Or maybe I’m bitter because we led for two days and blew it on day three for a third place finish) I’ll be honest I really miss the two day 5 or 6 fish tourney. So much strategy after day one and putting together a 6 fish box two days in a row is hard. Ron
  12. Guys you are lucky this isnt a beauty contest. Look 👀 at them legs.
  13. Yes I did get my money. Hope you guys get it worked out.
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